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Why are CBSE Schools in Dubai Especially Focusing on Secondary Education?

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Aug 24, 2021

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow, belongs to those who prepare for it today." — Malcolm X.

This quote reigns true as a good foundation, for a quality education ensures a child’s development in personality with positive morals and values that not only help their careers but also turn them into ideal individuals of a community.

And CBSE Schools in Dubai understand the importance of transitioning to a secondary school. Secondary schooling acts as a base for high school and as we all know high school is one of the main pedestals a student has to go through in their academic evolution. And this is why they put a grave focus on secondary education.

If you read further in this article you will understand how exactly a CBSE school in Dubai depends on different aspects within secondary schools as well as what factors should you expect while choosing a school for your child.


Why Exactly Do CBSE Schools in Dubai Emphasize Secondary Education?

CBSE schools in Dubai understand the importance of evolving their education systems, to keep up with the times and adapt to the advanced knowledge that is all around us. And, to make sure that this reformation is implemented, the Ministry of Education has been adopting various curriculums and programs from all over the globe that not only target a student’s academic progress but also their personal well being and skill development.

Many public and private secondary schools in Dubai have already adopted such reforms that promote holistic education. 

Let Us Take a Look in Which Aspects CBSE Schools in Dubai have  Implemented these  Said Reforms

● Mental Maturity: Since in secondary education children are starting to enter adolescence, their minds have just started developing understanding and coping with various information and emotions around them. It becomes vital that a school teaches them independence and values them as unique individuals with their own innate strengths.

An independent environment helps them make their own choices and decisions within their lives and  gives them a chance to acquire knowledge in various fields of education such as society, literature, history, mathematics, politics, and other numerous subjects. Which in turn contributes to cultivation in the thought process. When one is exposed to the influences coming from various cultural sources, his/her own world and existence becomes vast and also prepares the students  to be mature mentally.

● Social Interactions and development:  Schools are considered to be one the few places wherein a child learns how to socialize within various groups throughout their academic years. So it is important that a school teaches its children’s the values and skills needed in different social settings. And, make sure the children are exposed not only to new ideas but also to same-aged compatriots. This instils sociable practices such as empathy, friendship, participation, assistance which turn out to be important in their adulthood.

Due to the holistic learning experience, secondary schools, specially CBSE Schools in Dubai make sure that their adolescent students are well taken care of by encouraging them for regular counselling sessions, wherein qualified professionals assess their socializing abilities which not only helps them figure out their path in a group but also take these abilities into consideration and use them to their advantage in a professional setting. 

Physical Reinforcement: While home provides a restricted outlet, in school, a child can channelise his energy into more sociable avenues.

Activities like sports or arts not only develop the student’s talents but also use them as a tool to teach productivity and the  physical energy that is needed to overcome everyday tasks. And during their teenage years, it is extremely crucial that the students are at the peak of their health considering the busy lifestyle and the important exam preparations

● Overall Development: Earlier, schools were considered as places to learn events in history chapters, solve tough mathematical problems or recite poems and sonnets. In the current educational scenario, a child learns to go beyond the traditional way of rote learning.

Secondary schools in Dubai teach to develop a mind of their own and through the flexible curriculum, curiosity is promoted. The child is freed from the shackles of mental blocks and lets his/her imagination run its course. The importance of imagination is stressed extensively. Play activities and an encompassing curriculum lead to a well-developed cognitive system.

So, now that we have taken a look at why secondary school education is focused nationwide. Let us move on to the points you should take into consideration while choosing a secondary school in Dubai with CBSE curriculum for your child.


What Should You Expect from a Secondary School in Dubai?

 A typical private secondary school in Dubai is already equipped with the needed aspects to be a high-quality educational institution. But, recently, schools have been developing their infrastructure as well as their teaching and learning aims that make the quality of education better than before, So, here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing the right school for your beloveds.

●  Are the children well-presented?

A good school with a CBSE curriculum makes sure that its students are presented in the best light. And this only happens when the students learn various values that make them vibrant, knowledgeable and polite with their peers and elders. So as parents/ guardians of a teenager it becomes even more important to look after the influence your child will be receiving.

● Are the facilities well equipped and maintained?

Look beyond the obvious teaching areas for real indications of how a school is maintained. A quality secondary school in Dubai maintains every little detail within their campus. And, also provides the students with the latest technology and equipment for use in various school activities.

What kind of progress do the students make?

As a parent/ guardian you have to keep in mind the student’s yearly progress. Because, as the years go on each student should make some kind of progress in every subject that they learn. And, if you do not see that happening, it usually means that the school is not putting much effort into their students' progress.

How will the CBSE school in Dubai cater for your child’s needs?

If your child shows an aptitude for certain subjects, look for a school with high standards in those areas. Bear in mind, too, that your child needs more than good grades to succeed.

But not only that, a school should provide other facilities like counselling,  in campus clinics and security systems. Providing facilities like these within their institution not only ensures the students but also the parents/guardians that their children are in a safe environment.

What is the learning environment?

It is important as a school to foster a positive and progressive learning environment for their students. It conditions them to adapt and learn from this environment and use it within their everyday lives. This can be learnt from a quick tour of the classrooms, a typical modern classroom uses an open concept wherein the main focus of the students is not only on the educator or the board but learning through interaction with their peers.

Do they help in career-related opportunities?

A reputed secondary school not only prepares them for high school but also university placements. These placements are based on the students’ progress and career counselling sessions wherein students are advised the line of study especially suited for them in order to  help them jumpstart their careers.

 As you’ve read in this article, secondary schools are one of the crucial bases of higher education and this is why CBSE schools in Dubai are putting a grave focus on improving the quality of education for their students.

So, I hope this article helped you understand and evaluate what factors to look out for while selecting a secondary school in Dubai.

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