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Top 12 Characteristics of Best International School Dubai

GIIS Author
Aug 24, 2021

Unlimited opportunities to explore, exposure to new cultures and various experiences, personal growth etc are some benefits of an International School in Dubai which is essential for any student to excel in life and get the necessary skills of this century. 

The main concern of parents is how to identify the Best International School?. This article will help you in your research and in understanding the characteristics of an International school Dubai and what makes it exceptional. 

So Here are the Top 12 Characteristics of the Best International School Dubai


The curriculum of International School is challenging and rewarding and it is also according to international standards which means it is accepted worldwide, therefore, students of these schools are accepted by all top universities abroad and they do not have to struggle if they plan for higher studies in any country.

Dubai Secondary School offers the world-renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme, an excellent program that encourages critical thinking, develops exceptional knowledge and experience which can be helpful for your higher studies.

The benefit of  International Curriculum

● It makes students critical thinkers, excellent communicators and risk-takers

● Helps students to ask  challenging questions

● Develop research skills

● It helps students to become global-minded, confident and independent learners.

Global Educational Networks

International School Dubai has global networks which help students with various opportunities that can help in expanding their global perspective and to connect to their peers around the world. The international schools give students experience of different cultures which help them to enhance their ability to adapt and grow. Having a global network connection can be a great asset to any student who wants to learn and socialize with new people from a variety of backgrounds as it is a great skill that is useful  in their career or job opportunities.


The best part of an International School in Dubai is that they provide a Multilingual program where students can learn core subjects in the main language and gain knowledge of the other language as well. Most international schools have a multilingual program that helps children in learning the local and other foreign languages, helping them to communicate with others easily. 

This can be beneficial to students in their career perspectives as it opens new doors of success and offers a competitive edge over others in any field.


The international school has tie-ups with many organizations and businesses which can help students in gaining industry insights and placement through campus selection. There are many job-related courses provided to students that can help them add skills to their resumes. Not only that, students learn to participate in volunteering work, sports affiliations programmes and other community services. These collaborations will make sure students experience and learn new things and conquer challenges by gaining valuable skills.

Personalized Learning

The international school provides personalized learning where each student can explore their interests or follow their passion. Teachers of a Dubai Secondary School have a deep understanding of each student’s individual strengths, weaknesses, needs, and interests. These profiles are updated frequently which help teachers make decisions to positively impact student learning.

Excellent Facilities

International schools have exceptional campuses that are designed in such a way as to foster interaction and collaboration. It also inspires students to learn and have an exceptional world-class educational experience.

Best Faculties

International School Dubai has faculty that are experts in their field, holding advanced degrees and who undergo rigorous training sessions in core programmes to make their students' jobs easy. Students get complete guidance on educational needs throughout their school period and assistance is provided at every step so that students can move toward a better future. 

Smaller class sizes

The best thing about International schools is their small class size which helps teachers in providing more individual attention resulting in better bonding of student-teachers where they can discuss on one to one basis. Also, there is no competition to speed students to understand concepts at their own pace. 

On the other hand, teachers also get enough time to spend with each child helping them to understand each child’s strengths and weaknesses so that they can help them accordingly.

Academic results

The academic results of the International school are exceptional with consistent student’s performance over the years. Dubai Secondary School has excellent and spectacular results that have recorded 100% distinction in Grade 10 results with more than 85% of students consistently scoring A+.

Extracurricular activities

International schools believe in providing more opportunities for extracurricular activities so they can have a balanced life. They focus on nurturing and developing a child’s creativity and imagination through extracurricular activities. Schools include extra co-curricular activities with academics so that students develop skills beyond the subjects and pursue their interests.

Personality Development

International School gives focus equally on all 3 important areas; academics, extracurricular activities and the personality development of children. Interacting with students belonging to other backgrounds develops confidence, and nurturing an environment in school that inculcates good values helps in the development of a child’s personality.

Career Opportunities

Most of the International schools have a multi-linguistic curriculum and 21st-century skills are taught from the foundation years itself which makes children all-rounders. Therefore, students have chances of good career opportunities. Even businesses nowadays prefer candidates who have studied in an international school as they definitely have a skillset that can be an asset for them.

Education is a very important part of a child’s life and by sending them to International School parents can take a sigh of relief as their child's future is secure and the learning and skills they would receive would be uncomparable.

GIIS Author

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