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How private schools in Dubai are shaping the lives of future generations?

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Jan 23, 2023

Dubai is the most populous and one of the wealthiest emirate of the United Arab Emirates. It houses the architectural marvel Burj Khalifa and is most famous for luxury shopping.
Dubai has been serving as a centre for regional and international trade since the early 20th century. In the past two decades, the population of Dubai has steadily increased with local inhabitants crossing the two million mark.

Private Schools In Dubai 

Dubai’s population majorly consists of students from across the world and as a result, one can find some of the best private international schools here. All the private schools in Dubai are under the jurisdiction of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority(KHDA) and account for 90% of the education provided in Dubai. Every year KHDA rates all the schools in Dubai on the basis of regular inspections and internal assessments.
Over 64% of enrollment in Dubai private schools is due to the presence of British and Indian curriculum. Primary education is compulsory, so Primary Schools in Dubai take students from the age of 5 as regulated by the Ministry Of Education in the UAE. Most of the private schools offer primary and secondary education in Dubai and all international students must take Arabic classes till the age of 9. 

Facts about Primary Schools in Dubai

For every parent choosing the right primary school in Dubai is a very important task. Let's check out some interesting facts about primary schools in Dubai to know what to expect from primary schooling:

Extracurricular activity

Private schools in Dubai have been gaining constant recognition internationally with their proven track record. Primary schools in Dubai are focused on the holistic development of students with equal importance on extracurricular activities. The best part is that private schools provide necessary equipment, courts, fields and coaches to train students in their interest areas on a professional level.

Academic Session

All private schools in Dubai start their academic session from September till June except for schools following the Indian, Pakistani, and Japanese curriculum which starts in April and ends in March. Parents can plan their child’s admission and enrollment activities considering this factor as their child might find it difficult to settle in mid academic session. 

Parent - School Contract

All private schools in Dubai give parents an option to draft the Parent - School contract, it is responsible for a transparent relationship between schools and parents. The objective of this contract is to develop clarity towards the responsibilities and duties they have towards each other and students. This contract also ensures that all parent’s queries and complaints are addressed as soon as possible. The contract is usually drafted at the beginning of the academic session.

Parent Report

All the reports published by KHDA , Dubai contain a parent report section that  gives detailed and comprehensive information about the quality of education provided by individual schools. This report can come in handy for new parents looking to gather all the possible information about private schools in Dubai. 

Gap Year Entrance Exam

Many private schools in Dubai take entrance exams followed by a personal interview if your child was homeschooled or has a gap year in their academic tenure.

General Stream for Primary School in Dubai

This is a new form of education that was imposed in the UAE since 2015 where the entire academic session of a student is divided into streams beginning with the General stream for the primary section. This stream involves a balanced approach towards arts, science, and maths. After this stream students are focused more on science and maths. 


Dubai has a majority of non emirate population which gave rise to many international private schools offering various curriculums leading to a diverse set of students. Students are exposed to different cultures on a daily basis. This gives students a fair idea of diversity and helps develop an understanding and respect for different cultures.

Enrollment in Private Schools in Dubai - Primary Schools

Enrollment in private schools in Dubai is an easy process,although there might be a waiting list so it is always advised to enroll as soon as you can. The Primary section in Dubai commences from Grade 1 to Grade 6. You can fill out the application form online from the school’s website after which you have to pay a registration fee which is nonrefundable.

One must also submit documents like Emirates ID for student and parents , birth certificate of your child , immunization records and for grade 2 or higher you need to have a school leaving certificate and trader certificate. 

The school fees for the primary school in Dubai can range from AED 2,000 to AED 96,000.

There is no doubt that private schools in Dubai offer the best quality education and are raising the bar continuously improving day by day. There are a variety of options available when it comes to private schools in Dubai. One can make an informed decision of selecting the primary school for their child with government reports being publicly available.

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