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How to have Effective Healthy Communication with your Little One: Steps and Analysis of How Schools in Barsha are Doing it

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021

If you are a parent who is looking to forge a healthy as well as empathetic relationship with your child then you have to understand that it is imperative that you involve good communication into the process. Apart from that, listening to your child open up about their problems and tribulations would also help you to get close to your little one. If you listen to them and talk to them in an open manner they will be encouraged to relate to you and listen to your ideas as well. 

However, communicating with your child is just like any other skill. It will take a lot of practice and will only get better once you do it on a regular basis. Out of all the parenting skills which makes parenting more enjoyable, good communication skills is the most important one because it creates positivity and it is an important foundation of a parent child relationship. When your child takes admission in Dubai school, you want to ensure that he/she can come back home and share whatever happens at school.

The most effective way to begin having good communication with children is to show them that you are interested in their matter and are involved not only mentally but also physically whenever they will need you. Many schools in barsha recommend and sensitize parents about maintaining a healthy communication with their children. These schools leave no stone unturned and encourage parent engagement even at school.

Let us see what are the points that schools in Barsha recommend to parents about to take admission in Dubai schools:

You Will Have to be Present as a Parent

You will have to ensure that you are available for your children whenever they want to have a talk with you. There are triggers which you will have to identify and know when you think that your child is emotionally drained out and needs you as a guardian or a friend. 

Make an Effort to Start the Conversation

When you initiate a conversation with your child, it makes them understand that you care about what is happening in their life. Try to be genuinely interested in their problems and be invested in their difficulties because children understand when you are not invested in their problems.

Be Attentive When you are Listening

When you are talking to your child you should avoid getting distracted by your mobile phones or any other things like calling or texting. Whenever the child is telling you something that is important, give them full attention and listen to each of their details. 

It is important to understand their whole point of view and that is the reason it is suggested that you listen as a friend first even if you disagree with whatever you are hearing and then, after you are done with listening the whole thing properly only then give any suggestions to them. It is important that you let them complete their whole point before you respond to anything. 

You Must Know How to Respond

When you are responding to your child do not try to be judgmental and talk to them in a manner that they relate to. Understanding what way they are most likely to accept your opinion or suggestion is imperative. For instance, use examples that they will identify with and the ideologies that they would be able to recognise. 

Telling them stories about some ancient history would not make them invested in your communication and their attention will drift away. Teach them life skills and life lessons in their own language, of recent pop culture references, which they know about. While doing so you must keep aside your biases and judgmental thoughts because children are very sensitive in these matters.

Clarify about their needs from this conversation

Be free to ask your children what they require from this conversation. 

● Do they want any advice?

● Do they want just a friend with whom they can discuss their problems?

● Do they want someone who would simply listen about their emotional condition?

● Do they want your help in dealing with their feelings or not?

● Do they require any help from you to solve any kind of practical problems that they are facing?

Being Careful About the Choice of Words

When you are talking to your child make sure that you do not use any kind of abusive language and be conscious about the words that you choose. Words such as dumb, lazy or stupid could ultimately lead your children to feel inferior or have lower self esteem, unless these words are used for description of an action and not for any person. If you have taken admission in a Dubai school for your child you will know that many top schools arrange parent- teacher meetings where these kinds of things are effectively discussed. 

Acceptance of your child

Gain the confidence of your child and show them that you are a parent who will not abandon them in the time they need you the most. You have to show them that you will accept the child, irrespective of whether they have done anything wrong or right. You have to ensure that you support them in their problems but also make them understand the difference between right and wrong. The teachers of the schools in barsha report that when a parent is supportive, then the child is confident and understands their faults in a much better way. 

Learn to Laugh with Your Children

While laughing with your children is an absolute must, always remember that laughing at them is a bad idea. You must teach your children to observe situations with good spirited humour and to have a happy, positive approach to things.

Avoid Any Kind of Blame or Criticism

In case you are angry about anything with your child, try to explain to them that you do not want them to repeat the offense. Teach them what is right and what is wrong and inculcate values of sheer goodness in them without being critical or blaming them for their actions. 



Following these basic rules of healthy communication will not only help your child open up but it will also strengthen your bond. While it is difficult to be the perfect parent, knowing what to do is the first step in the right direction.

GIIS communications team

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