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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider International Baccalaureate Schools For Your Children

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021
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As a parent, we know the responsibilities you have towards your children, while trying to secure their future. This is achieved by choosing the right curriculum for the children from a very young age. 

The school, the education they receive, the group of friends they make all have a deep impact in shaping the children and deciding what kind of adult they will grow up to be. International baccalaureate school’s know the importance of unconventional education and the faculty takes equal part in ensuring the student's success.  

This article is for all the parents who are worried about the education board, the curriculum, and the facilities of an international baccalaureate school. 

Most importantly, this article will help you understand why sending your children to an international baccalaureate is the best choice for you.

1. The choice of subjects is endless

The best thing that many parents will agree to is that the children sent to an international baccalaureate school are not forced to study particular subjects. They are given the freedom to choose among the subjects that they like. The international baccalaureate curriculum gives your kid a chance to learn different things from different subjects. 

The subjects that students are offered as per the international baccalaureate curriculum are psychology, theater, visual arts, language acquisition, etc. This provides the child with abundant opportunities to identify their strengths and weaknesses and choose the field of their liking. This helps the children pick their favourite subjects early in life, helping them in being an all-rounded child.

The children are encouraged to think practically which improves their problem-solving capabilities and helps the children learn a lot of things on their own. It creates inquisitiveness leading to a habit of wanting to learn more.

2. High acceptance rate

Students who pass out from an IB board are more likely to get selected when it comes to applying for top colleges and scholarships. That's the biggest advantage of the international baccalaureate curriculum, their students can easily get admission into other leading universities globally. They have an upper hand when it comes to admissions as compared to other curricula, since the diplomas from the international baccalaureate school holds greater value.

An IB diploma helps put your child on the world map of education. Comparing your child's performance with other children from international baccalaureate schools makes the competition fair and equal. Although the process of school admission in Dubai is strict, it guarantees the best quality of education for your child. 

3. They learn important skills from a very young age

It is crucial that your child learns decision-making and problem-solving skills from a very young age. This ability of decision-making and problem-solving will help them in the future, and you can be sure that the international baccalaureate curriculum is designed to help your child develop these qualities from a very young age. Also, the personality development that they undergo will help them in their future endeavors.

When your child is exposed to different situations outside their comfort zone, they tend to adjust to the new circumstances and find a way to make it work. That is exactly the reason why completing the international baccalaureate curriculum is a challenging task. 

The curriculum helps students become thinkers, communicators, open-minded, risk-takers, and inquisitive. They learn all the skills that are needed in the 21st century to succeed.

4. They perform better than other students

The students in international baccalaureate school perform better than any other students of  other curricula. They excel at sports, academics, social, emotional and networking skills. This is because they are not restricted to any schedule or any study materials. They are trained to handle uncertainties, be independent, explore new strategies and be expressive enough to defend their beliefs.  

The study pattern is based on research and learning. Therefore the teachers are also well educated and experienced in handling such types of students. The teachers also undergo special provisions and training workshops to ensure that they maintain the high stand of the international baccalaureate school.

Also, the student teacher ratio is low compared to other curriculum helping the teacher focus on every student. The students are taken care of and do not have to worry about their career options. The students are not taught by forcing them to sit in the classrooms. They are permitted to roam around the class and pick up items and learn from them while observing them.

5. The children learn about other cultures with their classmates

When it comes to a classroom in an international baccalaureate school, not only the local students study there, but also international students. These students are taught about various cultures, and since they have friends from different cultures, they learn to respect and value other cultures.

Having international students also helps them make friends on an international level, meaning they are already familiar with the way children from different cultures behave. They are able to break free from stereotypical attitudes about people and culture.

By the time a child from an international baccalaureate reaches sixth grade, they can write essays and take up project work. The students who have studied from an international baccalaureate school tend to drop out less and easily adapt to the changing scenarios.

Wrapping up

Only by helping them stand apart from others will we help them compete in this world and be strong enough to handle the defeats. The most crucial thing it teaches is to be sure that after they fail or face defeat in life, they get up, dust themselves off and then move on to learn new things.

Children need to be collaborative in order to lead a stress-free and responsible life. That is exactly what an international baccalaureate school teaches the children.

There are a lot of benefits of sending your child to an international baccalaureate school. These points will help you understand how IB can help your childs development.

GIIS communications team

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