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Advantages of CBSE Schools in Dubai

GIIS communications team
Sep 1, 2020
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Indian expatriates in the United Arab Emirates can rest assured that their children’s education is well taken care of. The kingdom has many international schools which cater to the needs of expat students who may want to pursue a certain curriculum.

For Indian expats, the CBSE curriculum is the most popular choice, not just for the ease it provides to the students to settle in when they change domicile, but also because the Indian pedagogy is world renowned for its academic and non-academic excellence. CBSE has produced alumni that have gone on to lead companies in Silicon Valley and have an overall successful career path. Some of the advantages of following the CBSE curriculum for expats include:

● Standardised textbooks and curriculum will help expats better prepare for major university examinations

● Provides academic rigor and non-academic pursuits in the right balance to mould students into critical thinkers and compassionate individuals who thrive in their chosen fields of interest

● Inculcates learning among students to make them high-achievers in specialised fields like Medicine and Technology

● Helps them become morally upright individuals following universal values of brotherhood

● Emphasis on vocational skills and cocurricular activities that give students a well-rounded education

Through CBSE education, parents feel deeply connected to their roots and are assured that if they were to go back to India, their children would not miss out on continuity of education due to cross-country relocation.

Besides these obvious reasons, there are nuances that CBSE provides which is essential for parents to know when it comes to schools in Dubai.

The CBSE Board

The CBSE is recognized by the Indian Government which is a huge advantage over any other boards providing education in the country. CBSE prioritizes experiential learning which mixes oral, written and practical methodologies.  Students learning the CBSE curriculum at reputed international schools are sure to be groomed both academically and non-academically and emerge as all-rounders.

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Holistic Pedagogy

International schools in Dubai follow a holistic CBSE curriculum which provides a perfect balance between academics and cocurricular activities. Such skill-based learning makes students academically sound and gives them an edge over their peers, thus helping them become more competitive and distinguished in their academic and extracurricular engagements. The learning is divided between arts, sciences, sports and other activities. This balance between learning and having fun facilitates layered development of students who grow in confidence and become critical thinkers through knowledge and experience.

Higher Learning

A holistic approach to education lays the right foundation for overall growth among students. Students develop a portfolio of skills and academic knowledge that lends weightage to their applications when they apply for higher studies in reputed universities. CBSE education has already equipped students with the right academic credentials, alongside exposure to other activities that build a strong personality - like art, community and social work, ethics and universal values and leadership roles. Universities look for such multidimensional achievements in students, and are inclined towards those who show interest in activities apart from academics. Moreover, CBSE graduates are known to be well-accomplished academically. They come with a reputation of being collaborators, communicators and confident individuals who think out of the box and are sharp and innovative. Teachers also groom their writing skills and prepare them well for interviews which allows students a great head start right from school level.

Values-Based Education

The CBSE syllabus is well rooted in the tradition and culture of India. CBSE schools are also very sensitive to the cultural aspects of expats and provide a very balanced environment where universal values of brotherhood and tolerance are practised. This is the essence of the Indian culture which states that  the whole world is one big family.

Parents are assured that the values taught in schools are synonymous with beliefs of kindness, respect for teachers and elders as well as acceptance of diversity. This eliminates the doubts of students growing up in an alien ambience which is non-conducive to home-grown truths.

Not only are the students at CBSE schools in Dubai acquainted with the national heritage and emblems of India, they are also in touch with the spiritual side of Indian culture irrespective of religious beliefs. Linguistic and traditional methods are respected and accepted with open arms. A harmonious blend of cultural attachment and moral values is visible in the schools which helps address the anxiety of parents in a positive way.

One of the best international and CBSE schools in Dubai that follows all of the above rules and provides an extra touch of world class education is the Global Indian International School.

GIIS Dubai follows the award-winning 9 GEMS holistic framework which is a great blend of Science, Art, Languages, Values, Sports and Leadership. Each GEM, as they call it, emphasizes one aspect of a student’s learning that helps develop a unique aspect of the child’s personality.

GIIS uses the CBSE approach and enhances the experience through great facilities and opportunities for students to excel in whatever they do. Students  get national and international platforms to showcase their talent, encouragement to participate in competitions and contests which will allow them to showcase their knowledge and capabilities.

GIIS provides state-of-the-art technology and amazing facilities through studios and workshops to help students achieve small goals which ultimately grow to become bigger accomplishments. Skills are taught through photography club, journalism club etc, to give that something extra to students very early in life. In a rapidly changing world, GIIS provides classroom technology that helps in communication and interaction with teachers and peers, as well as gives students the tools to experiment and innovate.

This prepares them for the 21st century and equips them to face potential future challenges with confidence. Teachers provide the spiral learning method which means that as the students climb higher in their educational journey, their learning becomes deeper, making them knowledgeable and smart.
Such nurturing at an affordable tuition fee is a welcome message for parents who want to give the best to their children. GIIS prides itself in teaching students to be thinkers and entrepreneurs who will go on to be leaders of tomorrow. In addition, they also provide scholarships on the basis of merit, to ensure that every capable student gets the adequate boost from an early age to pursue their dreams. GIIS alumni have gone on to make a mark in the fields of their choice - starting venture capital companies in India to being part of the space programmes in the US. With schools like GIIS, the future of an expat student is always in good hands.

GIIS communications team

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