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Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at GIIS Dubai

At GIIS, we understand the needs of expatriate parents. That is why we offer flexibility of admission subject to availability of seats.

Admissions are open for new students all year long for academic sessions starting in April each year.  The registration process opens from August the previous year, while the application reviewing process by our Admissions Team commences in January each year.

Co-Curricular Activities

Activities outside the curricula which helps in the physical and emotional development of students


RISE (Robotics-Innovation-STREAM-Exploration) is a multi award winning , KHDA  Dubai appreciated ,holistic learning module for next generation Coders , AI, Robotics,Designers, innovators and Space Explorers. 


An annual international award winning inter-school competition fostering creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. 


An incubator programme designed to guide and handhold budding student entrepreneurs.

GIIS Radio

Run by talented student RJs, this curated school radio programme is by the students for the student community.

Summer and Winter Camps

Signature Summer and Winter Camps connecting Astrobotics & Robotics with NASA Science, Metaverse and AI Robotics .

Quality Circles

A weekly activity where a small group of students meet to identify, analyse and resolve problems related to their class or school by applying tools and techniques of total Quality Management. 


A club where students from Grades 6 to 12, teachers and staff implement the best practice  to turn the better to best at GIIS Dubai, the Kaizen way.

Ideation wall and Makerspace

A weekly program to challenge real life problems and develop solutions through Design Thinking. 

VR, AR & Space Explorations 

A dedicated space for VR, AR content creations connecting all STREAM subjects and for exploring space with NASA, ISRO and ESA Science.