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What is CBSE?

The Central Board of Secondary Education is a national-level Indian curriculum offered to private and public schools across the world. Dubai is a popular educational hub catering to well-known CBSE schools. GIIS is one of the best Indian CBSE schools in Dubai offering a conducive learning environment with its modern facilities and high-quality education system. The school aims at the overall development of the students through its well-structured award-winning holistic pedagogy. The co-educational school offers proficient curricula that are interesting and interactive.

Our professional faculty is well-equipped with the highest standards of teaching methodologies to deliver outstanding learning experiences for students that will give them a solid platform for future education.

Why Choose CBSE?

CBSE curriculum is an exceptional and preferred one offered by the best CBSE schools in Dubai and across the globe. The curricula form an excellent basis for students to plan and pursue higher education and help in their academic and personal growth. CBSE students are given extraordinary benefits like flexibility in choosing the field of their interest, which instills a sense of confidence and enhances their capabilities.

Every Child has a unique learning path. Check if CBSE is the right fit for your child.

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Our Interdisciplinary Teaching

GIIS, a pioneer CBSE Academy in Dubai offers a blend of modern as well as traditional teaching frameworks that are well integrated with the curricula and the subjects. With our exemplary interdisciplinary teaching, we encourage students to make use of the latest technologies like WIFI, Smart devices, apps, gadgets, and more to make learning fun, enthusiastic and experimental. Through our extraordinary teaching techniques, we engage students and help them to develop knowledge, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, insights, and a passion for learning.

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The Curriculum

Recognized as one of the top CBSE schools in Dubai, GIIS is well known for its high standards of education and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The high-quality curricula is updated regularly to meet the learners’ requirements and help them face the future challenges of the world.

The organized teaching techniques at GIIS:
Increases and improves the knowledge and skills of students

Enhances the ability of the students to think practically and boost their reasoning skills

Our dynamic award-winning 9 GEMS holistic teaching curriculum cultivates unique skills in students and imbibes universal values and ethics like compassion, love, kindness, teamwork, and more in them. Outstanding academic rigor is maintained through skill-based and inquiry-based programs providing hands-on learning experiences to enhance their intellectual capabilities.

Our extraordinary curricula are well-balanced with academics, sports, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that help in developing the physical and emotional growth of learners.

Our Teachers

Our expert teachers guide the students exceptionally through unique teaching methodologies that help them to be successful future citizens and become lifelong learners. Teachers at GIIS go through intense training and ameliorate their knowledge through workshops and the latest technologies. Talk to them for expert advice on the curriculum.

The unique curricula at GIIS emphasize the need for advanced and futuristic education that would help students to adapt to the new surroundings. Students who have joined newly or in the middle of the year are offered the excellent Bridge Programme to muddle through the transformation. 

Our qualified faculty provide phenomenal support and rigorous training to students to match up with peers in academics. This outstanding programme builds the confidence of students that they can be on par with fellow students and collaborate with them efficiently.

We empower our students with excellent programmes that shape the future and add value to the lives of students. GIIS offers exemplary value-based education like STEM that gives students outstanding opportunities to better understand Math and Science through practical experiments and hands-on training. 

GIIS being the top international CBSE school in Dubai fosters a unique learning environment for students to build their skills, learn universal values and ethics and gain academic prowess through the phenomenal holistic teaching framework. With exemplary project-based learning and activities, students can work collaboratively, respect different opinions, and display presentation skills.

Extraordinary after-school programmes are offered at GIIS for students to build and support their social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development. Our excellent sports and leisure activities like tennis, gymnastics, dance, ballet, arts, music, and more are conducted and managed by professional and qualified teachers that provide opportunities for students to develop new skills and explore different areas of talent.

Parents play an integral role in their child's development, and we believe that success of a student depends upon the involvement of parents in the education of their child. We give remarkable opportunities to parents to completely engage in their children’s school lives, give their children the required motivation, and create a positive learning environment. Teachers give regular updates on the performances of students through one-on-one meetings, orientation programmes, PTA meetings, etc.

Our CBSE school in Dubai provides an outstanding platform for students to build a strong foundation for their future career path through an organized and exceptional academic rigor. Our initiatives like career counseling and various other events, prepare our students to face future challenges and opt for the best higher education option based on their interest. We proudly announce that our GIIS alumni are pursuing higher education in the leading universities across the globe. 

Our students are fostered in a thriving educational environment where our prime focus is the happiness of our students. Academics being the forefront of our education system, we also offer exceptional opportunities to students for their physical and mental well-being. We have crafted programmes to ensure students have fun while studying at school, and we track the happiness of our students through the Happiness Index.

Few top reasons to choose GIIS

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Academic Outcomes

GIIS is the best Indian international school in Dubai catering to high standards of education to primary school, secondary school, and high school. Academic excellence has been the spearhead in GIIS for the CBSE curriculum and various other curricula and with our proficient pedagogy, students are empowered with opportunities to enhance their knowledge by applying the principles and values to more than one subject.

Our students have posted phenomenal results and are among the top rankers across the CBSE schools in Dubai. Since its inception, GIIS has recorded incredible academic achievement and consistent overall performance of students.




Student scoring CGPA 10


Students scoring CGPA 9


Average score (CGPA)




School Average Score


School Highest score


Student scoring above 90%

Subjects Offered

UAE Social Studies
Second Language - HIndi/French
Additional subject


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

Applicable Curricula’s:
Applicable Grades:
5 - 10
1 Year
Eligibility Criteria:
Talent Based - Technology

9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship

Applicable Curricula’s:
Applicable Grades:
1 - 10
1 Year
Eligibility Criteria:
Talent Based - 9 GEMS

Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship

Applicable Curricula’s:
Applicable Grades:
7 - 10
2 Years
Eligibility Criteria:
91% and Above

Zayed Gandhi Merit Cum Means Scholarship

Applicable Curricula’s:
Applicable Grades:
Nursery, KG 1-2, Grade 1-10
2 Years
Eligibility Criteria:

What's it like to be part of GIIS family

Hisato Yuto
Father of Taiju Yuto

The schools emphasis on fair competition and recognising talent has instilled confidence in my son to excel.

Hisato Yuto
Father of Taiju Yuto

The schools emphasis on fair competition and recognising talent has instilled confidence in my son to excel.

Hisato Yuto
Father of Taiju Yuto
Mr Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Father of Sarah Sawhney

Methodologies like collaborative learning with peers from around the world will equip my daughter with the right knowledge and skills to excel in future.

Methodologies like collaborative learning with peers from around the world will equip my daughter with the right knowledge and skills to excel in future.

Mr Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Father of Sarah Sawhney

Extra Curricular & Co-Curricular Activities

Each and every need of a student is transformed into a magnificent opportunity at GIIS. We propel our students to participate in the ECA and CCA to ignite their talent and pursue their passion. GIIS provides the best facilities to students in the form of ECA and CCA that are well equipped with modern technologies and infrastructure. We provide a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities and skill-based clubs that will develop their physical health and emotional well-being.

Nikon Club
Dance Club
Debate Club
Model United Nations
Music Club

Interested in other Curriculas?

Student Handbook of GIIS Dubai

Student Handbook

GIIS has well-structured school policies that benefit the students and maintains the students’ safety and the decorum of the school. An excellent student guide is formulated that needs to be adhered to by the students.

Student Handbook 2020 - 2021
School Policies

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