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Referral Programme at GIIS Dubai

Join us in making a difference in education.

At GIIS, we value building a strong community and are grateful for the compassionate environment we are in. As a token of our gratitude, the GIIS Referral Programme offers a one-of-a-kind chance for our current families to access the ample resources and opportunities available at GIIS. This program is designed to help you and your child fully experience all that GIIS has to offer.

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Terms and conditions

The reference should have come from a GIIS parent with all details such as contact number/ name etc.

The referred parent should also mention the referral parent on the call or his visit to GIIS.

The lead should not have been received previously by the school via its online portal.

The student should have joined the school and completed a minimum of one full Term at GIIS before getting the reward.

GIIS reserve the right to make all final decisions regarding programme and payment

The Parent (Referrer) who refers will receive AED 1000 per child. The New Parent who has been referred will receive AED 500.

Your contributions help to spread the word about GIIS Dubai and the exceptional education we provide.