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How to Help Your Child Do Better in The Top Schools in Dubai?

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Jul 24, 2021

Parenting is a full time job and there is not a moment when your child would not need your guidance. A child, when in school learns a lot of things, however the work does not end there. When the child comes back home, you must be aware that he continues to learn even outside the class.

Being a parent means that you would become your child’s first, most impressionable and most significant teacher. It has been seen that when a parent involves themselves in the child's school and learning process, children do better and feel confident while appearing for the Dubai School admission test. 

Many studies have revealed that what a family does is much more important for a child to find success in any Dubai School admission test and getting admitted into any of the top schools in Dubai than in comparison to what is the income of the family and how educated the parents are. Once admitted, there are multiple ways parents can support a child's learning process outside the school premises beyond whatever is in the syllabus in their home itself, throughout the school year. 

Ideas to Make your Time with Your Child as Fruitful and Knowledgeable as Possible

Top schools in Dubai encourage parent teacher engagement

Cracking a Dubai School admission test is only half the battle won. One of the most important things you must do is to forge a good relationship with your teachers as well as the staff of the school that your child has been admitted to. You must meet your child’s teacher occasionally to keep a tab on your child’s development and behavioural traits. You could tell them about any special requirements. Talk to your kid's teacher and provide them with any tips that you think might help them to establish a better relationship with your child. The relationship between your child's teacher and you must be like a good partnership where both of you are working towards the same goal and try to find good results out of it. 

Understanding Who’s Who of the School

There are many people in the school who are there to aid your child's learning and enable them to improve emotionally and socially as well as navigate through the environment of the school. The teachers, staff and the administrators of the Top schools in Dubai, together forge a team who are responsible for the growth and the learning process of your child and you must acquaint yourself with all of them in order to understand the school's environment better as well as know who are the people who would be able to help you when you need any kind of assistance.

Developing Healthy Habits

In order to aid your child so that they have the best chance of doing well in their school is to ensure that they follow good and healthy habits in their house as well. Ensure that there is a fixed time when the child should go to sleep and that way your child will also get plenty of sleep. Each morning, provide them with a healthy breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. Inculcate habits of regular exercising and limit the amount of time they spend on mobile phones, television, video games and computers.

Provide Them with a Designated Study Space at Home 

In the classroom your child is provided with a desk or table where he or she works. In school it is ensured that they get plenty of light, enough room to work as well as water supplies. Why not ensure that they get the same kind of environment at their house also? Providing them with the designated study space for projects and homework makes it a lot easier and much more fun for the child. Ensuring that they have a desk or a table where the supplies are nicely kept will make them want to work there more.

Support the Child's Academic Development

You must also keep a close tab on how your child is performing academically. You might ask your teacher what are the developments that they have seen in your child in comparison to other students. In case your child is not able to keep up, especially if it comes to reading and comprehending, then you can ask what are the necessary actions that you can do with the school for helping the child. It is a very important step to act on early before your child gets too far behind the other classmates.

Not Pressurizing Your Child to Perform Better

One of the most important ways you can ensure that your child is actually doing good in their school is to ensure that you are not pressurizing them in any way. It is proven psychologically that children who are pressurized to perform better sometimes underperform due to the worries and tensions that comes along with this pressurizing. Try to support them in their studies and ensure that they have enough time for other kinds of activities as well. That way you will ensure that their brain development and all round development is happening and inevitably they will perform better in school. 

Once the parent follows these basic steps to aid their child after taking admission in Dubai School, it would be easier for the child to grasp the syllabus and also adjust in the school, eventually leading to the child performing better in the school.

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