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A World-Class Primary School in Dubai

One of the best primary schools in Dubai, GIIS empowers students with high-quality education for their holistic growth and development.

Curricula We Offer

We have an internationally-acclaimed curriculum that gives our students excellent exposure to better learning opportunities. Recognized as the best Indian primary school in Dubai, CBSE is the leading curriculum of the school that facilitates a dynamic learning environment powered by modern methodologies paving way for knowledge and skill enhancement across all academic rigours.

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Our CBSE curriculum is well-designed with innovative teaching and learning techniques that provides an excellent path for primary schooling.

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Primary Education in Dubai

Primary schooling is compulsory in Dubai and lasts for six years. Primary school is the first stage of formal education where students are promoted from preschool. Dubai Primary school is governed by the Ministry of Education, UAE and is very important for the overall development of students. Students in the age group of 6 to 11 years are eligible for Primary schools in Dubai. International Primary schools offer a great holistic education approach that boosts the knowledge, skills, physical and mental abilities of students. In the primary years, elementary education helps in building language, reading, writing, mathematical skills and a better perception of the other elementary level subjects.

CBSE Primary Programme

Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE is a popular curriculum at Global Indian International School Dubai preferred by both local and international students. Expert faculty of this famous primary school promote fun and experiential learning across all the academic rigors.

The primary school students are encouraged with exceptional reading activities, co-curricular activities to hone their inborn qualities and master new skills for their holistic growth. Students are given excellent opportunities to build their intellectual, emotional, creative capabilities and for academic growth, core subjects like English, Math and Science are taught and all this makes GIIS the best Dubai primary school.

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Why Prefer CBSE at GIIS

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Reasons to choose GIIS as a primary school

Academics and Teachers

Our expert teaching faculty with their years of experience and teaching prowess have over the years proven GIIS as the most famous primary school in Dubai. Teachers are highly proficient in their subject areas and personally assist and guide students. They are well-trained to impart teaching using modern technologies and teach in an international environment.

Spiral Learning Method

Our students are exposed to outstanding new age learning approaches at a very young age. Innovative and phenomenal methodologies like the Spiral Learning Method which is a structured way of learning and rises in the spiral shape. Students can exceptionally learn concepts in depth and get the best learning experience that makes them lifelong learners and encounter high-standards of education.

Bridge Programme

GIIS, as an outstanding international school, offers primary school admissions throughout the year and provides extensive support to students who join in the middle of the year. The dynamic Bridge Programme is an exclusive one that helps students to cope with the syllabus and be at par with their fellow students. This programme is handled by well-qualified teachers who extend complete support with the subjects and also help students to make new friends in the classroom.

Add-Ons - Value Added Programmes

We aim at giving phenomenal opportunities for students in terms of education and facilities. Excellent add on programmes help students to find the purpose of learning and add value to their lives. Amazing programmes like STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and online tool Hey Math! gives students opportunities to develop their creative, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.


Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonial - Rajiv Sawhney
Weekly Report is really a great thing for all parents I guess. It’s so amazing to see the smile and the excitement that it brings on Raabi’s face when she actually tells me the entire thing that happened in the school along with what the other students did. How the teachers helped them doing everything. I am so thankful to Ms. Khushbu for so clearly sending each and every detail that happens in the school. Thanks for the great initiative that actually helps the parent to understand what’s happening in the school.
Anubha Chadha
Mother of Raabi Chadha
My daughter Ridhi is in grade 8A in GIIS. We chose GIIS for their CBSE curriculum and we made the right choice. She is taking online classes due to the pandemic now. All the teachers are very supportive and always ready to help. They conduct many important projects like Science and Maths week and in Mission Mars students were supposed to make a presentation video to build their confidence in public speaking. In ICT classes they learn HTML programming to the latest 3D printing and modeling techniques. The student exchange program has given them the opportunity to communicate with students from other countries.
Ms. Leena Shreekumar
Mother of Riddhi Shreekumar

Our Alumnus

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Student Handbook of GIIS Dubai

Student Handbook

The superlative guide is exclusively designed to provide first hand information regarding, Exam Schedules, Holiday lists, Rules, and  School decorum.

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Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Activities

Students’ growth and success is the top priority of the leading international school GIIS. Our students are fostered in an enthusiastic environment to identify and polish their inner skills. Plethora of exceptional ECA and CCA activities are provided that bring out the winning spirit of students and facilitate outstanding physical, mental, personality, skill, and intellectual growth. This powerful platform strengthens the confidence of students to face the future competitive challenges.

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