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How are CBSE schools in Dubai reducing stress for students in online classes?

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021

Ever since the onset of COVID-19, virtual instructions have become the new normal for everyone. But online teaching is not an easy task. The teachers do feel stressed when dealing with so many students through a completely new medium of dispensing education. 

Besides the teachers, even the students get stressed due to this shift in the education paradigm. For many students, online learning is a totally new concept, and so they are looking for guidance too. 

Thankfully, the CBSE schools in Dubai have started implementing effective ways to ensure that the online learning and teaching experience goes smoothly. 

In today’s article, we will explore a list of such strategies that are implemented to reduce the stress of students learning online.

1. Setting clear expectations

As mentioned before, some of the students are new to this concept or may have little knowledge about online learning. So, they need the teachers to help them out. 

By setting clear expectations, the teachers are able to cut down the stress and successfully implement the classroom management techniques. The teachers ensure to offer a detailed syllabus for every online class just as they would when teaching face-to-face. 

This strategy can eliminate some difficulties as students have access to the learning material beforehand. 

2. Testing the technology

One of the biggest reasons for stress in virtual learning is having no idea of how to use the technology. 

That is why the teachers appointed by Indian international school attend training sessions that familiarize them with the latest technology. The better understanding the teacher has, the better it becomes for them to use the technology properly while teaching the students.

Gaining insights on new things is the best way of becoming comfortable regardless of how complex tech is to use. 


3. Using video conferencing for the human touch

The other best thing done by the CBSE schools in Dubai is using video conferencing.

We know that online learning significantly eliminates human interactions from the child’s life. Video conferencing allows the child to get comfortable with the teacher and encourages the parent to openly ask questions that have been bothering them about their child’s learning journey. 

During the communication sessions, the teachers also integrate video and audio mediums to bring a human feel to enhance interactions with the children. 

4. Encouraging risk

Both the instructor and the student will adapt to the online learning eventually and form a routine too. Even though this is a good deal, it is possible for both parties to get bored down the line. 

So, Indian International Schools are trying different ways to make online learning engaging and more fun for the kids. The notion behind this experiment is that schools are moving in uncharted territory with online learning, in order to understand what works better, it is important to take risks and learn from the mistakes so the students can stay engaged. 

5. Accepting feedback

Teachers do all the communication with the students during the online class. They also have a prime knowledge of how to use the technology at its best, along with its weaknesses and strengths. 

So, the CBSE schools are taking important feedback from the teachers to understand the problems that may be arising during the sessions. Likewise, the teachers take feedback from the students and their parents too. This way, the problems and concerns are shared, and stress is reduced effectively. 

6. Being open to changes

The other important thing schools are practising is being open to changes. Not everything that proved beneficial before may prove beneficial now too. For instance, if the LMS isn’t user friendly, then there is no problem in going for a hybrid model that meets the school’s and student’s needs. 

Online learning keeps on challenging and testing the schools, so they have started noticing what is working better and whatnot. This way, they are learning from trials and bringing the best things that have the best interest of the teachers and students. 

7. Understanding less is more, too

Fewer things don’t necessarily stress the people. But when things are in abundance, people get overwhelmed. The students do not need to learn from multiple online platforms either. 

There are many e-learning resources available for free. But it is wise to use only solid learning tools with ordinary tools and resources to avoid stress. This way, the parents and students won’t have to use four different things to reach out to the teacher and school management. 

8. Scheduling breaks

Teachers are working from home, and students are learning from theirs. This situation can result in loss of proper balance in day-to-day life for both parties, with increased screen time. 

So, the CBSE schools are practising breaks after regular intervals for the students and the teachers. This way, the teacher is able to take a breather from the sessions, and the student is able to take his/her eyes off the tech device. 

Likewise, the schools have also set clear hours for teacher’s phone and email availability. The notion here is to keep the teacher from feeling burnt out.  

9. Integrating humour

The world is going through a pandemic that has caused distress among everyone. The parents are asking more questions than ever, the students were equally confused too. So, schools are trying to integrate humour through jokes, lightheartedness and laughter in the online classes.

Humour will not only boost the teacher’s morale but decrease anxiety and increase motivation in the students too. 

10. Encouraging parent participation

Parents may prove to be of great help for the students and the teachers too to keep the stress at bay. 

With online classes, parents participation has  been imperative as it not only helps the students voice their doubts but also makes up for limitations of teachers' virtual presence. This has made parents an integral part of online learning. So, the CBSE schools are letting parents join their forums to obtain feedback from them to improve the learning process. 


Over to you

It is time to face the fact that online learning is here to stay, meaning the education system may never be the same. Virtual learning has incredibly helped the students gain education even in these dire times. So, it is important to implement the tips mentioned above to help the students adapt to this new shift so they can stress less and learn more. 

GIIS communications team

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