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Dubai Indian School Recommends Top 10 Productive Things Every Student Should Do

GIIS Author
Aug 24, 2021

Lockdowns in some countries are getting uplifted but school students are trying to get adapted to online methods of learning as there are no signs that school will start soon.

There can be a lot of boredom around; not meeting friends, not being able to  hang out outside and even the exhaustion of the list of movies on Netflix. Constantly refreshing feeds to find something new on social media platforms is not exciting anymore. So how to change this boredom into productive sessions.

Boredom can lead to eating disorders, low energy levels, and low work performance so it is important to keep yourself productive, but how?

Top 10 Productive Things to Turn Boredom Sessions into Productive Ones at School

Learn a New Language

You can start your new challenge or goal of learning a new language. If you are in a multilingual school like Dubai Indian School it can be useful to you in your academics and in future career opportunities. Download Duolingo as it has exciting interactive sessions where you can engage yourself and learn a new language. It also has a lot of different levels that keeps you motivated during the process. Learning a new language means keeping your brain sharp which indirectly helps in improving your memory, decision-making skills, increase attention span etc 

Organize Your Notes, Desk and Study table

Since you have enough time in hand, you should focus on improving your habit of organising things which can start from organising your study table, bookshelf, notes, files/folders or your bedroom.

You may find it unpleasant now but once you start the organising process, you will eventually feel the difference and thank yourselves at a later point in time. Well organised room with proper alignment of books with labels, clean and neat notes can help you in your study session and will also save your time from running around to find things at the end of the hour.

Cluttered and disorganized things affect the mood badly. This time is the best time to cultivate the habit of organising things.

Start  an Online Productive Session

The best way to socialize in a productive way especially during this never-ending lockdown is to start a WhatsApp group for productive sessions or book club with your school friends where everyone has to compulsorily share some productive things as per their turn.  It can be sharing book titles, links to a blog, a video explaining some tutorials,  a new skill, useful tricks etc. 

The thumb rule for the group should be not to constantly spam so that you or others do not lose interest. You can have a  weekly meeting and discussion over a video call to improve your group or find ways to keep your group interesting by socializing with all your friends and spending quality time together.

This activity will bring in a lot of fun, help in gaining new perspectives and will keep you motivated.


In a pandemic there are many NGOs that need a helping hand to manage campaigns, drives, provide services (online as well offline). You can be a part of their network and help them in one way or another with skills you have or by being a volunteer in their projects providing services to people. You can also join your school’s volunteering program, the way Dubai Indian School has many volunteering activities for students.

This can be the best way to utilise your time in a good way and give back to your community and people. You will also feel a mental satisfaction of helping people and you can also add it to the list of your extracurricular activity projects.


In order to be productive, you should feel healthy and you only feel healthy and active when you workout. You can do anything ; walking, exercise, meditation, yoga etc to keep your body healthy. When your body is healthy, mental health is good automatically and this will help you to be more productive.

Take virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of Top 500 attractions in the world and get to know about arts and culture and enjoy your session. Isn’t it a great way to have productive sessions where you are enjoying things without going anywhere at the same time getting information about the world and upgrading your knowledge?


Instead of wasting your time on general movies, why not turn it into a productive session by watching documentaries; where you enjoy the best of both the worlds. 

Documentaries are best to educate yourself about important things in the world and expand your mind to think critically.

Learn a New Skill

Get started with that new skill, which you wanted to add to your portfolio for a long time. This is the best time to utilise your free time to learn something new and upgrading your skill from time to time is the sign of a successful student. 

Read More Books

With books, an individual can learn from the experience of many good leaders and masters. In one life, you are able to gain experience  of many lives and understand life from their perspective. If you love books, great, but if you are someone who doesn't, try to read self help books. You can even start with a few pages or a few minutes in a day to acquaint yourself with the wonderful habit of reading.

You can even start reading blogs and articles of different topics to acquire more knowledge which are out of your syllabus. Adding knowledge even if it's not related to your studies won't harm you. It will change your perspective towards life and it will also be helpful to you at some point  in future.

Listen Audiobook

Another way to add knowledge is to listen to audiobooks (books, motivational speech, self help or some interesting topics). When we listen to things; we understand better and it is retained for a longer time. Audiobooks can be a great way to engage yourself and learn something new or to know other’s perspectives.


Make a habit of writing each and every day even if you don't love it. Make an initiative to write something; it can be anything. You will notice over a period of time that words are flowing automatically. Writing each day is like giving yourself a therapy to unwind and declutter those thoughts from your mind which had been piling up for years. This will help in clearing your thoughts and make you more relaxed which will help you in doing more productive things.

Prepare for Scholarships

Utilizing this time to prepare for scholarships can be the best way, as you will get enough time to prepare for yourself. The scholarship program value can be a great way to take over your family's financial burden. 

Even though Global Indian International School Fees are affordable; there are many scholarships for students to apply, you can apply for them too, if you wish to study in an International School.

No one is perfect in the world, but by adopting good habits and following consistently with determination and discipline, it will do wonders which you will realize later. 

Dubai Indian School believes every student is the same and they have the same hours of free time and work time but under the surface there is a collection of positive habits and mindsets and they utilize those hours for productive things and these habits differentiate them from others.

If you want to study in International School or have any queries related to Global Indian International School Fees then comment below or whatsapp +971 56 768 7040 for instant reply!.

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