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A checklist for choosing the right CBSE school in Dubai

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021
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What are the selection criterias for parents when it comes to choosing a school in Dubai? Regular surveys of parents reveal some trends that parents adopt when choosing schools for their children.

Today, parents are looking for more than outstanding exam results, like opportunities for overall development along with a good reputation and location. Parents also tend to choose their country's curriculum while selecting a school in Dubai, but the educational quality must align with the parents’ expectations.

What should parents look for?

When choosing a school for your child, it is important to know what to look for. A really great school is a combination of factors. It includes teachers, learning environment, opportunities for personal development, and educational outcomes for students.

If you are searching for a school in Dubai, which offers many options, the challenge is to identify those who provide holistic education.

Let's look at some guiding factors that you can keep in mind while assessing a school:

1. Find out how the school handles the transition

The quality of a good CBSE school is that it starts preparing students for higher studies from 8th and 9th grade itself. Students learn to write descriptive answers, focus on keywords, and develop strong study skills sessions with their training. When they reach higher grades, this practice enables students to become strong independent learners. Everything depends on what kind of guidance children receive during elementary and middle school in subjects like Math, Science, and Social Studies that helps in the higher grades. 

2. Consider the early programs

Pre-primary years are important for the growth and development of young children. The course provided by a school should provide a great opportunity for creative learning to students. Pre-primary children should be familiar with stories, poems, books, etc. and learn to speak and write more words. So to say, they should be able to improve their vocabulary. For a good foundation for students, exposure to literature and writing is crucial. If students think of getting their education from a foreign university in later years, this skill helps. 

3. Multi-Disciplinary Learning

The syllabus of CBSE School must be multidisciplinary. Students should have sufficient time and opportunities to focus on co-curricular activities and their interests during the initial years. This way, they can shape their personality in a better way by pursuing many interests. With this, the child will be able to decide his area of ​​interest. 

Physical education is an integral part of the CBSE syllabus, along with classroom academics. The CBSE syllabus includes many interesting subjects in different grades. Besides, the CBSE Board gives guidelines to the schools in terms of the subjects to be pursued.

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4. Training and experience of the faculty

It is the teachers who guide and mentor. The experience and training of the faculty directly affects the quality of education imparted. It is they who direct the learning mind towards the right path of development by ensuring that students get proper guidance. 

An excellent faculty team would consist of a blend of experienced teachers and new entrants in a good school. To help train its teachers regularly and update their teaching methods according to modern requirements, a trusted school should have sufficient resources. Faculty always matters, so do not forget to check for this in your chosen school. 

5. An emphasis on extracurricular activities

A leading school will always have a provision for extra-curricular activities for its students. You do not have to select a school by the number of options it provides in sporting activities. However, decide how much attention the institute gives to these activities. Regular participation by students in extra-curricular activities is known to build interpersonal skills among children. It also leads to better cognitive development and increases their level of understanding.

A good school will emphasize on sports activities in which students find interest and give them enough time to participate in them within school hours.

6. Check the infrastructure and facilities

Look at the Infrastructure. Is the school big enough, with a playground? Are the laboratories equipped with the latest technology and equipment? Is there an auditorium for the creative arts? Are the classrooms well ventilated? Get answers to such queries.

The infrastructure of schools should be properly planned so that it facilitates smooth teaching and learning. The school building, classrooms, playgrounds and libraries play a deciding role. The site is an important concern for educational institutions because the disturbances and distractions affect students' ability to understand.  

Well-equipped laboratories help your child perform laboratory activities effectively. Plus, with a well-stocked library your child gets a chance to explore new books and genres.

7. A healthy and disciplined environment

A few years into their primary education and schools become a much-preferred place for your child. As they have friends here, they want to spend as much time as possible in school. A school has such a huge impact on your child's life. Your child needs to be in a safe place. This way, you guarantee that they are building the right attitude towards life, family, friends, and society. 

Sincere students influence other children to follow the same disciplined pattern in an environment with discipline at its core. Your child will also be conscious of his or her conduct as a result. 

8. Moral Values ​​and Cultural Connectivity

No doubt, all parents think about getting their child admitted to the best school. At the same time, they also want their children to learn about their culture and other cultures. This issue has a deep concern for every parent, especially Indian parents. 

Therefore, they think of a school where the child obtains knowledge of all cultures, right from the initial years. A perfect fusion of cultural attachment is what every parent wants.

So the best choice would be a CBSE curriculum school in Dubai. They teach everything, from the national anthem to the national song. They are well-informed about their moral values and cultural integrity. Studying at a CBSE school in Dubai is a much better option than anything else. 


Don't let challenges of finding the perfect school for your child intimidate you in a foreign country. A top school in Dubai is likely to address all your concerns and serve a great educational purpose for your child.

GIIS communications team

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