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Nursery Montessori Program - A stepping stone to a radiant future

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May 25, 2021
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To keep up in this world there are many skills that an individual in today's world must acquire. From the language (s) you speak to the clothes you wear to the way you talk and how you treat one another. In the 21st century, we are truly living through what is known as the Ripple Effect. In order to cope with the demands of this ever-evolving gigantic society known as the world, everyone needs to ensure they have received an education of note and worth. As much as the world has progressed, certifications still hold importance. Along with this importance of a piece of paper comes the emphasis put on one's personal characteristics and whether it will deter them from or encourage them to be successful.

Should your child receive a comprehensive education?

As an answer to this question, it would be unfair to not mention how the world has not always been about comprehensive education. The most it has done in the past is equip you with a certificate. Even the sports and extracurriculars were just to ensure students had a  balanced childhood. Comprehensive education is defined precisely by our system of education in the modern-day 21st century. Going to school now means imbibing everything that will help one be a global citizen. Especially in times like these, the world is coming closer.

Where do you begin providing your child with a comprehensive education?

Of course Montessori School.

Now comes the real question. If your interest is piqued, I'd like to inform you that there is no other Institution like Of Nursery/ Montessori.

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The reason I make this fact evident even though you may already know it is because recently countries such as Malaysia have made Nursery an option now. It is no longer a compulsion in order for a child to begin primary school. The reasons behind this being that some parents are hands-on and want to teach children everything themselves. Well in simple language, Nursery school is a must. Even at a Montessori level, children between the ages 3-5 are influential. The environment a pre- primary school provides has been developed by professionals who understand the needs of children and how they are subject to growth that guides their mind at that age. At a nursery school, a child learns not only to take control of his motor functions but learns to develop his cognitive skills. His first comprehension of the world begins here. Hence to make sure students are set on the right path, it is important for parents to not only enroll them in Nursery school but enroll them in ‘The Right’ nursery school. The idea of educating your child throughout, from pre-primary to secondary school is slowly dying out with the introduction of a number of competitive institutes around the world.

Now let us further move onto primary and secondary education. 

When moving into secondary school,it is especially with great caution that students select their board. They want to get the most out of their curriculum. Here we have a number of different curriculums available. To name a few, IGCSE, ICSE, IS and  IB are prominent boards. One of the most comprehensive boards, since we are speaking of comprehensive education, is the IB program.

What is IBDP?

The IBDP or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme offers students ages 3-19 to develop academic excellence while developing their social skills. TO be exact the 4 programmes offered are:

1. Primary years programme

2. Middle years programme

3. Diploma programme

4. Career related programme.

Under the IB programme, schools are guided to provide their students with rigorous and modern teaching methods offering schools help with professional development and leadership. The IB  system of education is truly all-encompassing. Although a statement to debate upon it is statistically proven that IB students do better than those who study under a different curriculum. 

The world is changing!

Now that we've established what exactly the IB programme entails, let us discuss a little further the situation of schooling in the city of Dubai - a current center for education globally this city fosters over 100 nationalities with a multitude of schools from different cultures in order for them to cater to nationals and expats all the same.

Dubai - What Attracts Students?

Honestly speaking, Dubai has been added to students' choice of cities for education, very recently. The city has good infrastructure and welcoming people and most importantly affordable tuition fees since they cater to a number of nationalities. These points on their own are enough to entice students and their parents when it comes to a change of city for education or even beginning one's education. 

Because of the mantle of being cosmopolitan and one of the fastest growing city in the world, Dubai is able to offer its citizens an extensive list of job opportunities. The policies in Dubai regarding education have ensured that the price for receiving an education is slashed by almost half as compared to other cities in the world. The list can go, on and on!

IBDP Dubai

Here I would like to address and bring to light an institution that provides an apt IB programme for its students. GIIS Dubai pays attention not only to academics but its students wholesome growth in every area one could think of. GIIS not only promotes it's students to continuously learn but adopts the formula itself. This institution has always been on the forefront when it comes to embracing new curriculums. The IB programme in this institution is offered to students from the age group of 16-19. This program guides a student to not only be independently capable of performing tasks but being able to work in a team environment if and when required. Communication and presentation seem to be two very important aspects of this curriculum

To conclude, the IB programme at GIIS teaches students how to be better connected with the world around them allowing them to not only enhance and improve their own lives but touch the lives of others around them in a positive manner. 

Even study curriculums are filled with morals!

GIIS Author

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