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The Benefits of Montessori Education

GIIS communications team
May 25, 2021
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We at GIIS Dubai, have been inspiring the cognitive, emotional and physical development of every child through authentic Montessori philosophy in a secure and joyful environment since 2002. We have been encouraging our students to captivate the world through exploration, collaboration and creativity through our Montessori nursery, be it at home or school. This form of learning recognizes an internal need for discipline as well as establishes a relaxed environment where the child is exposed to things in an orderly fashion and at the right time. It is here that they feel safe and secure with themselves and learn to adapt to the world around them.

Growing together:

The collaboration between the teaching team and the parents is very essential to promote a healthy environment for children and make their time of the day fruitful. Together we will meet the developmental needs of every child and offer them a variety of facets of both physical and emotional security along with the elements of socialization. Indulging your child in the right school curriculum can reap a lot of benefits in the future. The school admission in Dubai is open throughout the academic year; therefore, there is no deadline to apply.  

The Right Curriculum:

At 3-6 years, our children start becoming aware of their own selves as well as become more independent. This is the foundation of their physical as well as mental development where they can be exposed to immense theoretical as well as practical knowledge. A proper school curriculum can help in identifying and nourishing various skills which are beneficial for both the child and the parents. 

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Learn from Mistakes:

In a Montessori nursery, children learn how to be self-directed. They choose the activities that most appeal to their interests, where they are free to explore knowledge at their own pace. The duty of the teaching staff is to make sure that the children know it is okay to make mistakes while learning. Parents, on the other hand, have to let their children grow from their own experiences. In this kind of Montessori learning process, children have this opportunity to learn in a relatively free environment and to learn and grow from their mistakes. As a result of this supportive effort, this sense of freedom in children creates a sense of responsibility and helps them feel empowered to become creative and independent mature adults.

Parents Engagement:

We recognize parents as the most valuable contributors to their child’s education. Montessori teachers know that is key to their success. We create opportunities to encourage parents to come into the classroom, observe and interact with their children.

Working Together:

The teachers in the Montessori kind of learning classroom understand that each child has a different innate desire to learn when given the right opportunity and environment to do so. Children in the Montessori nursery setting also grow in various behavioral aspects to be able to respect and understand others. Educators and students are like a part of a community that supports each other and learns together. While the teaching staff works as a facilitator, students work together in a partnership as they explore the learning opportunities around them together.

Sense of Community:

At GIIS, we try to create a sense of community and also encourage parents to volunteer and attend parenting workshops. We’ve found that the more parents become part of the GIIS community, the more excited their children are about learning. The time a child spends in a Montessori nursery can be described as the most important time of the day as a child is exposed to various things to grow and learn from. 

As adults, the duty of the teaching staff is to be a correct guiding light for the children and help them in identifying their skill sets and modifying them. Planting a good sense of discipline will foster every child’s good behavior and enable them to grow in difficult environments. We strive to maintain this degree of discipline in and throughout the process of our school admission in Dubai, with our efficient teaching staff.

A Variety of Activities:

We strive to engage children in various activities to maximize their experiences and grow their learning interests not just from the textbooks but also from the world they are exposed to. School admission in Dubai can be a fruitful decision for the parents as it aims at the Montessori learning process to help encourage children in reaching their developmental milestones faster than other children. We at Global Indian International School, aim at taking the right steps together with the parents, for the overall development of their child and be the best at parent satisfaction.

Modern Learning Model:

The traditional learning model expects children to do just as they are told. They are expected to be mature at the right age and take decisions to benefit themselves and their families. Every child has a different learning capability and different talents which nurture at their own pace. Independence, like every other aspect of life, is a learned behavior with every milestone supporting the next.

GIIS communications team

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