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Learn: Why Higher Education is Beneficial for People in Our Society

Harvard University president Drew Faust once said: “Higher education is the strongest, sturdiest ladder to increased socio-economic mobility.” This statement captures the importance of higher education not just for individual development but the overall growth of the country as well. 

Education opens doors to a million opportunities, as well as provides the carpet of financial stability to an individual. No matter your domicile, a decent high school education can take you a long way towards a successful life. This is true even if your high school is in your own country or a foreign country you call home. 

Many high schools in Dubai live up to the expectations of its stakeholders when it comes to imparting good education to students. The most-measured benefit of good higher education is getting admission in a good university in an undergraduate programme of the student’s choice, which will further translate into graduate jobs and salaries. According to Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project, “ On average, the benefits of a four-year college degree are equivalent to an investment that returns 15.2% per year.” 

Furthermore, the monetary benefits of higher education can be seen in the lifetime difference of 65% earning power when comparing graduate salaries and the earnings of those with just primary school education. 

Benefits of Higher Education for an Individual in Our Society:

Helps you Become more Competitive: A good high school education means you are ready to take on any challenge in life. Competition among your peers is needed to succeed in life. Without it, your life is just a rat race. When you’re competing with highly intellectual peers, you tend to embrace the competitive spirit in you and put your 100% hard work into any project you’re supposed to do. 

Boost your Self-Confidence: Once you acquire the skills with the help of higher education, you tend to have more confidence in yourself. Thus, your self-esteem skyrockets. Moreover, higher education prepares you to deal with mental challenges that life throws upon you, inspires you to do better and get comfortable in many uncomfortable situations. The projects you take while pursuing higher education helps you know what it takes to begin something and finally complete it — and that feeling of fulfillment is quite priceless. 

Greater Economic Status: It goes without saying that with higher education comes higher economic status. Your standard of living improves; and, many options become available to you. For example, when you acquire major skills using your higher education degree, you become more valuable to an organization. Hence, you get compensated accordingly.  

Health Benefits: Becoming mentally, physically, and emotionally happy is one of the many incentives you receive while becoming highly skilled personnel. Additionally, the problem of financial insecurity strips away from your life when you start earning more money; hence, you focus on things in life that make you happier and healthier. 

Community Involvement: Giving back to the community and participating in the upliftment of your society are mandatory responsibilities for an individual. Once you start earning well enough, you should often give back to the community in the form of charity, donations, etc. and become a volunteer in some social work. This, in turn, makes you a responsible citizen of the community. 

In the real world, where you’re competing with thousands of talented people for a university placement or a job, good foundational education will mean solid roots that will give students a winning edge among other participants. This, in turn, provides you with substantial rewards and increases your productivity level to the maximum. 

The facts shared above indicate when people attain higher education, they tend to get better career opportunities, increased income, and live a happier and healthier life. Furthermore, individuals living in the mid-east country such as Dubai can start their education from a reputed high school, Dubai, and reap the maximum benefits. 

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