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A Guide to School Admissions in Dubai International Schools

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May 25, 2021
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One of the top concerns of every child’s parent is to find the perfect school that offers all the good things to groom your child to grow into a successful millennial. And the fact that there is nothing called “a perfect school”, makes the task all the more challenging.

In this era, when there are a dime a dozen international schools everywhere, how do you even begin to start your school scouting process? And what if you are looking for school admissions in Dubai? A place that is much different from the place you have come from. A city in a new country that has its own cultural biases and limitations? 

 It’s daunting, however with a little structured approach, you can make things easier for yourself and your child too. Most Dubai International Schools give you the levy to choose between different syllabi and curricula like CBSE, IGCSE, and IB. And then some curricula are influenced by their home countries like the American Curriculum, British Curriculum, UAE Curriculum, and Indian Curriculum, etc. 

 How to Find Out Which Program is Best for Your Child?

 Every child has an innate quality and a unique way of learning and grasping from her surroundings. Some children prefer exploring things through self-direction; they thrive in an environment where they can pick and choose what they want to learn instead of being told what they should learn or how they should do it.  This especially applies to pre-school levels where your child is going to school for the first time.  When you know that your child is more of a self-learner, you would want to look at Montessori programs that are designed for this kind of learning. 

The Global international school offers the GMP ( Global Montessori  Program ) which is a blend between the traditional preschool method and that of the Maria Montessori method. This is a great curriculum designed by GIIS to impact the kind of foundation that is needed for children in the 21st century.

 If your child is in her higher years of schooling and has been studying within the CBSE Curriculum, then you should discuss with your child and figure out if you would want to continue in a CBSE curriculum or opt for a program like IGCSE which is a more globally accepted option though not mandatory.

During school admissions, most Dubai international schools offer at least two or three of these options to their students. Knowing the difference between each of these curriculums can give you a head start while looking for schools.


What is the Difference Between CBSE and IGCSE?

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education): This curriculum is designed by the Indian education system for those children who live in India or those who seek education abroad. CBSE curricula is a structured syllabus that can be taken up if your child is looking at taking up a professional college degree like engineering or medicine. Here, there is more emphasis on theory and the traditional textbook method rather than on methods that are more practical and self-learned.


IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education): This is a curriculum that meets the global standards in education and is one of the most popular curriculums worldwide. It is a good choice if you are looking at pursuing higher studies in Ivy League colleges around the world. IGCSE encourages creative thinking and uses the student’s innate skills to make the learning process more innovative. Rather than theory, here the learning method is more challenging as the students are encouraged to apply the knowledge when learning new concepts and theories.


IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum: GIIS offers the IB curriculum to students between ages 14-16. The IBDP  is one of the best curriculums that focuses on helping students enhance their critical thinking skills. It also emphasizes interpersonal skills and not just academic excellence.

 GIIS (Global Indian International School)  gives their children the much-needed flexibility when it comes to choosing the right program as they offer curriculums like Montessori, CBSE, IGCSE, and IB Diplomas and also provide an option to switch from one program to another. 

Why is GIIS’s curriculum unique?

Global Indian International School has been providing excellent education to children since 2002. Their unique 9GEMS Framework, specifically modified to suit the needs of its international students has been a great platform to adapt to a holistic method of learning.


School Admissions in Dubai

Most school admissions begin a term before the actual academic year begins. The first thing to do is to fill up the inquiry form that is available on the school website. Once that is done, you can expect a call from the admissions coordinator to discuss further concerning the offered curriculum and the choice of curriculum that the student wishes to choose. 

There are options to visit the school for a Campus tour, which I think every parent should opt for, as it gives a clear idea about the safety and security measures, the extent of facilities offered, outdoor spaces for activity-based learning and sports, classrooms, and the general aura of the campus. 


Most of the time, students are directed to write an assessment that takes place during the campus tour, to help the school gauge the grade level of the student. Once the child is selected, an application form needs to be filled along with a few documents like passport copies, photographs, proof of residence, etc. 

The process of school admissions in Dubai should be initiated a couple of months before the start of the term. GIIS’s admission process is relatively simple and since GIIS believes in open communication, there are usually no delays or miscommunication during the admission process.

In Dubai International Schools, the new academic term starts in August every year, therefore it's best to start the process keeping this in mind. Just in case you miss the deadline, GIIS also offers flexibility to students who join in the middle of the term due to any reason. The school’s Bridge program helps the student to catch up with their peers and help them with the previous lessons.

GIIS Author

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