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Which is the best Indian School in Dubai?

GIIS communications team
May 25, 2021
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Dubai is among the many cosmopolitan cities that offer very good education for its international students. Most expats who move to Dubai, do not have trouble finding good schools for their children as it offers a curriculum that is suitable for students from different countries.

The international schools offer different programs like IGCSE, IB, and CBSE based on the student’s previous curriculum. And most international schools cater to children who are looking to join grades pre-primary, primary, secondary, and high school.

A fair amount of Dubai’s population hails from India. And children of such parents might find it surprisingly easy to adapt to some of these best Indian schools in Dubai. And high school students have a choice to choose an international curriculum that will help them smoothly transition into different universities at a later point in time.

Best Indian Schools in Dubai

One of the best Indian schools in Dubai is the Global Indian International School (GIIS). Just like its name, GIIS has truly been a global leader and has won many awards for its contribution to world-class education in the international sector.

GIIS offers an excellent curriculum that can suit almost all students who come from different schools and countries and the students have a choice to either choose the Indian curriculum or the international ones.

Their Montessori program is exceptional and can be a great platform for little toddlers to begin their journey in formal education.

GIIS’s Curriculum

GIIS offers the Montessori plus program which is a unique curriculum for very young students and it also offers CBSE and IB Curriculums for its primary, secondary, and high school grades.

Since GIIS believes in the 9GEMS framework, which aims at the 9 different Gems that are adapted concepts of education, it aims at imparting education that is holistic and integrated.

The 9GEMS Framework includes:

1. Academic Excellence

2. Sports Excellence

3. Visual and Performing Arts

4. Personality Development

5. Innovation and Creativity

6. Entrepreneurship and Leadership

7. Universal Values and Ethics

8. Community and Care

9. Skill Development

With this approach, the students enhance their skills in all these areas and some of these are skills that can be used throughout their life.

The Bridge program is another convenient factor for most children who move to Dubai in the middle of the school term. It helps children to catch up with their lost academic time to match the level of their classmates.

GIIS High School Curriculum

The Curriculum offered for High School is CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), which is a national curriculum offered in most Indian schools. CBSE offers a structured syllabus and is a blend of modern teaching methods along with the traditional textbook method.

CBSE Curriculum for high school students is designed keeping in mind a holistic approach and the 9GEMS framework. This is a great platform for aspiring high schoolers who wish to seek admission to different universities that offer professional degrees like Business Studies, Engineering, and Medicine.

A combination of all these effective approaches helps students in applying their knowledge to various streams and situations. It also enhances critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

Valued Added Programmes for High School

Apart from the regular curriculum, GIIS also offers add-on value-added programmes that give an additional enhancement to their learning curves by concentrating on additional concepts around the core subjects.

STEM: The STEM program concentrates on concepts derived from core subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. In this program, children are given an opportunity to learn more concepts by creating working models and by other experiments. Children are also given access to online Math tools and these tools are a great way to gauge where your child is lacking.


Extra and Co-Curricular Activities

GIIS offers its international students many options for extra-curricular activities. It has different clubs for sports, art, dance, music, singing, language development, and science.

GIIS has continuously strived to provide all–around development to its students and the array of options in extra-curricular activities are great platforms for children to hone their innate skills in every area of their lives. 

GIIS Scholarship Programs

GIIS also offers its deserving students' scholarship programs for grades 1-10.

This initiative’s main intention is to reward students who are great performers by giving them financial aid to study at GIIS. This opportunity is a boon for many children, who show excellence in academics but do not have the means to pay for school fees.

GIIS’s Campus

GIIS's new campus in Meydan is a state-of-the-art facility that is completely digitized and technology-oriented. It has world-class indoor and outdoor sports facilities and innovative and virtual reality labs that help children explore their heart’s content. The campus is also built with the highest standards of safety and is secured using the latest technologies and 24/7 CCTV cameras in all parts of the campus.

Admission process

Once you fill the application in their school portal, you can wait for the admission counsellor to get in touch with you, and then you can book a campus tour and an assessment which your child has to attempt.


The ultimate goal for a school should be to make sure that they impart knowledge that can be used in a student’s real life. The school should also aim at teaching children social consciousness. Most schools charge hefty fees but do not provide the much-needed holistic development every child needs. 

To grow into successful global citizens, students should be taught to take conscious decisions right from a young age and they should be taught the importance of concepts like preservation of their environment and social responsibility and service.

A school that focuses on providing excellent academics along with these other important cultural offerings can act as a stage for your children to succeed in all spheres.

Keeping these things in mind, you can enroll your child in one of the best Indian schools in Dubai.

GIIS communications team

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