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Why is GIIS the Best Indian School in Dubai?

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021

Dubai incorporates universities from 12 distinct countries which have 26 international branch campuses across the UK, Australia, India, etc. Almost 30,000 students attend these universities where the majority of students prefer studying business, engineering, or media & design. 

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority(KHDA) was founded in 2006 and was mainly developed for education and human resource sectors in Dubai, and licensed educational institutes. KHDA thrives in creating a high quality education sector across all private schools in Dubai.

The education system in Dubai comprises both public and private schools, although 90% of the education is contributed by private schools (some of which offer American, British, French and other curricula, such as the French Baccalaureate). For all Emiratis, Primary and Secondary education is free of cost yet it is mandatory for boys and girls of all standards. The medium of instruction in public schools for all subjects is Arabic, although English is used as the second language. 

Education is an important requisite for all children from the age of five to fifteen. Tuition fees at the private schools range from AED 1,725 to AED 107,200 per year. Therefore, Dubai's annual revenue from private schooling fees is AED 5.35bn. About 39% of students pay less than AED 10,000 in tuition per year.

In January 2020, according to the emirate's education regulator, 25,830 of Dubai's 295,148 students  i.e. 8.75% attended schools deemed to be outstanding.

Dubai has 210 private schools including 34 Indian curriculum schools who offer programmes to more than 279,000 students across 15 distinct types of curricula. Their main aim is to guarantee that all students in Dubai have access to high quality education.

Global Indian International School is an exceptional Indian School in Dubai. GIIS tries its best to provide a top-notch learning experience to your child. Its mission is to equip students to thrive in all areas of life. It strongly emphasizes academics, personal growth, values and service to others. GIIS was established in 2006 and since then we have built a positive reputation for it’s transparent and detailed mannerism, as well as its pedagogical  structure. 


The admissions in GIIS are open all around the year. The admission is given mainly on the availability of seats therefore it’s good to get in touch with the school before the academic year begins in April. The admission process for GIIS is very simple. 

The school provides an enquiry form which is available on the school’s official website, the parents can fill the form with all the queries regarding the admission or about the school; The school counsellor team will get back to you, clearing all your doubts as soon as possible. 

The school also provides a school campus tour or a virtual counselling guide which will help you make a better decision about admitting your child here. Once you decide that GIIS is the perfect school for your child, it’s better to submit the admission form along with all the necessary documents as soon as possible. Once your child is shortlisted, the school team will get back to you and guide you with the further necessary processes. 

Global Indian International School Fees

At Global Indian International School, Dubai, a three-term academic year system is followed. For each term, the parents are required to pay the fees at the beginning of the term i.e. three times a year. 

Evidently, the fees for each grade differ in the school but there is a certain amount that needs to be paid every year. Besides this, the transportation facility which is provided by the school for the students has to be opted for by paying an additional amount along with the fees. 

All of these together make up the fees for the students per year. While the Global Montessori Plus programme ranges from AED 15,000.00 to 16,500.00; the CBSE school fees range from around AED 18,000.00 to AED 24,000.00.


To aid deserving students, Global Indian International School Dubai provides multiple scholarships with different eligibility criterias. Firstly there is a Global Future Ready Merit scholarship. This is a noteworthy scholarship that offers an inspiring chance for a major learning experience that will prepare the students to become global citizens and have easier access to the reputable universities and prominent undergraduate programs of their choice. 

The school also provides the Zayed Gandhi Merit Cum Means Scholarship. Through this Merit-Cum-Means scholarship,  Global Indian International School Dubai  is able to extend support through financial assistance therefore making education affordable for parents across financial spectrums. The scholarship is lined up mainly for the students who are residents of Dubai, including existing parents and student fraternity of GIIS, across all standards. Yet another scholarship provided by GIIS Dubai is 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship

This framework is an award-winning holistic teaching methodology that helps students meet the changing needs of the time. This scholarship encourages the students to groom, sharpen their inherent strengths and boost their personalities to make them well-developed citizens. For eligibility, application tenure you can check the school website for more details.

Human Resource

GIIS Dubai Faculty is very diverse and it inducts qualified teachers who are highly passionate to teach and learn along with the students. GIIS makes sure that the teachers have a good teaching experience and are experts in their field, making them a huge asset. At the interview stage, the selection criteria is very strict. 

The evaluation is based on interpersonal skills, past experience and the ability to adapt and improvise. Once the teachers are on board, they need to go for a minimum of eighty hours of training. This ensures that each individual is given a chance to improve oneself by identifying his/her potential therefore helping the organization to grow.


The UAE campus is structured to be resource efficient and contributes towards wellness by providing wholesome experiences.

GIIS has a wide spectrum of spaces that ensures quality campus life for students in a multicultural, diverse environment. GIIS understands how the children are benefited academically as well as personally when they take active parts in both extracurricular and co-curricular activities

This not only  allows them to explore their interests and develop a passion for something outside of academics, but it also teaches them concepts of team playing and good sportsmanship. 

The vast range of ECAs and CCAs appeal to children of all interests and backgrounds. May it be swimming, martial arts, clay making or needlework, GIIS provides options that will appeal to nearly every student on the campus. These events and activities are an opportunity for parents, students and educators to come together and enjoy themselves while we work together in fulfilling our mission as a leader in global education.

It is a constant effort to encourage the students to be a step ahead of the rest. The school provides ‘After School Activities(ASA)’. These activities play a prominent role in holistic development. Under ASA, the school ensures that a safe environment is provided along with a rewarding experience for students to learn new skills. 

ASA mainly includes classes teaching sports like gymnastics, tennis, karate, cricket, swimming, basketball and football; leisure activities like dance, ballet, art and music; academic workshops like robotics for primary students.


GIIS provides top-notch security for the safety of the students and the peace of mind of the parents. With a school like this within your reach, you can plan your trip to the campus to witness the beauty of this school and then secure a seat for your child at the earliest. 

Schools like GIIS understand the need to impart knowledge to students at an accelerated pace. In doing so, they also take into consideration the right skills that need to be taught to help them prepare to their maximum potential for a global scenario when they graduate from school. Hope this article was helpful!

GIIS communications team

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