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May 25, 2021
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Education has become quite progressive. It is no more a linear form of education or educating that the world follows. When I say linear I speak of the standard academic oriented schooling system . Over time, as the world has progressed , we as humans have had to learn to keep up with what it expects from us. For example, the natural resources we use so extensively. Now the modern system of education will teach students to be proactive and plant trees. The modern schooling system will teach your child to be giving and responsible towards the society they live in.

In all rights , this system has changed for the good. With the type of knowledge being imparted in today's ‘School’ we are sure to have a brighter future. There are many topics that teachers may now speak of and educate students about, that they weren't allowed to teach before.

Even education imparted in nursery schools has changed over the years. Faculty have come to realize how influential minds at a tender age of 3-5 are and how each one needs individualistic attention.

Now that we've established the fact that the education system is ever changing, let us get to the main topic of the hour, schools in Dubai. As a matter of fact we speak of Indian schools in Dubai in this circumstance. It is important for us to understand why it is that we as Indians prefer schools of our Nationality even in a different country. It honestly comes down to comfort and compatibility. The comfort for parents is to see their child be part of an institution that practices and holds to value indian traditions and the compatibility of the child with the school. When shifting countries it usually comes down to comfort over compatibility. This would depend on the magnitude of the situation under which one has chosen to educate their child in Dubai.

When looking for an International school in Dubai, parents will often research the best Indian Schools in Dubai. Even though the kids are away from home, they are close. This is seen in all situations. Whether they are looking to shift their child's school mid-way or begin their kid’s education, cultural familiarity plays an important role. 

Does Cultural Familiarity Really Matter?

Now as we have established, the world is at a stage where its ideologies are progressive. Having said this we are still trying to inculcate in young ones these ideologies. The idea of being culturally understanding and accepting is one of the topics. However if logically thought of, a child who has probably spent life till the 4th standard in India may find it a little difficult to gel with a group of culturally different students. In this case, sending an Indian child to an Indian International school would ensure his comfort. At the end of the day comfort and happiness is what promote healthy learning. 

Take for instance a student who is perhaps in the 10th standard. We may assume that it will be a tad bit easier for the individual to cope with this new environment. This would be because their cognitive development is at a higher level. Cognitive development sees an onset in Nursery school. Hence we can say it is a must for a child to attend this institution. This statement has been up for debate as the country of Malaysia has made pre-primary school an option. 

When we speak of enrolling our Indian child in an Indian nursery school in Dubai, I would say the cultural aspect would not make much of a difference. Since children's minds have just started developing, they are taking in every new experience as a new learning curve. The idea of new cultures in this case is new to them and they have nothing to feel uncomfortable about. In fact this will later help them to grow, understand and be more compatible with other cultures.

Without further delay, let me give you an insight into some of the International schools Dubai has to offer.

The demand for Indian Schools in Dubai?

The knowledge and human development authorities in charge of education in Dubai have seen an overall need for a number of more schools owing to the existing and cultural diversity present in the city. This demands more Indian schools. At the end of 2019, Indian schools In Dubai had projected a flat growth rate which was greatly affecting Dubai's education agenda. If we boil it down to statistics, over 26.7% of students (not only Indians ) are enrolled in Indian schools and it doesn't stop here. This number is gradually increasing which means the demand for these Indian schools will have to be met at some point in the future if Dubai plans on evolving at the same rate it is at present. 

Point blank, the reality here is that a lot of Indian nationals like to migrate to Dubai in search of either better job opportunities or to start their young ones’ education so they have equal if not better opportunities. As mentioned before Dubai has an upward growth curve and has tonnes of opportunities at your disposal.

Whether it be changing schools midway or starting fresh, Indian schools are the need of the hour for most parents migrating to or already in Dubai. The Indian education system is held in high regard as some of the most prominent and successful figures in today's world are Indians. Below let me introduce to. you an Indian school in Dubai that is now a Landmark in the education system of Dubai.


The school as the name suggests is an Indian-based franchise of International schools. 

This institution amongst the many others affiliated with the franchise is managed by the Global Schools Foundation. GIIS is a progressive International School that opened in the year 2017 and is located in Al Barsha. The school caters to day-time scholars and is a co-ed institution that follows the CBSE and IB board. They educate students from KG1 to the 6th standard. Through its time, with the awards it has won, the school has shown us that teaching and learning can truly be fun.

GIIS Author

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