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29 Life Skills Activities for Kindergarten Students

Ms. Anjum Ali
Nov 17, 2022
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In the advanced tech-driven world of today, most people skip teaching practical and hands-on skills to their children. Many schools fail to teach young kindergarten students these skills, and many ask, 'what are life skills?'. This is a shame, as basic life skills are considered essential to a child's education. 

Life skills are basically learning experiences that can help spark creativity and curiosity. Indian high school Dubai are known to teach kindergarten students life skills that can help them become independent and adventurous adults. In this guide, you will learn around 29 life skill activities that kindergarten students must learn. 

What Are Life Skills?

Life skills are basically an important area of learning for kids, and many international schools are known to teach these life skills to their students. This set of skills can help guide children to know the difference between right and wrong and can effectively allow them to get through life.

Importance of Learning Life Skills in Daily Routine?

In the changing environment, having life skills is important to meeting life's everyday challenges. To be able to cope with the fast pace  of modern life, young children must be taught life skills for kindergarten students. 

Students require new life skills as they can help them deal with the stress and frustration of life. The reasons why you must learn life skills in your daily routine are as follows:

● You can find new ways of thinking and problem-solving. 

● Kids can recognise the importance of their actions and will learn to take responsibility for what they do and not blame others. 

● It can help build confidence in kids for both spoken skills and for group cooperation. 

● It can help kids to develop a greater sense of self-awareness. 

29 Topmost Life Skills Activities for Kindergarten Students?

As a parent, it can be hard to come up with time to teach creative ideas to your kids. But there are many life-skill activities for kindergarten taught at International schools that can help change their lives. In this guide, you will learn around 29 top life skill activities for your kid who is in kindergarten. 

1. Word Play or Picture Play

This is one of the best kids' life skill activities that your kid can learn in an international school. Wordplay or picture play is a technique where words become the main subject of the work for effect and amusement purposes. 

2. Cooking & Learn About Kitchen Safety

This is another life skill that international school teachers teach kids, who are taught how to cook basic recipes. They also learn about kitchen safety, which can help them be safe when learning to cook food. 

3. Community Resources - Help Children to Memorise Their Phone Numbers And Address and Other Emergency Numbers

In today's age, it is important to memorise phone numbers, addresses and other emergency numbers. With the help of this activity, kindergarten students can learn how to memorise phone numbers or emergency numbers. Teachers will use different techniques while teaching them these life skills.  

4. Teach Children Table Manners (Fold Napkins, Set Plates Etc.)

When you are taking your child outside for lunch or dinner, they must learn table manners. With the help of these kindergarten life skill activities, children will learn all the table manners, including how to use spoons, forks, fold napkins, set plates and many more. 

5. Introduce Children to Tools Safely

Tools are required when something goes wrong, and during an emergency, kids must know how to operate tools safely. This is an activity that can help kids learn about the ways to use different tools and to do it safely to avoid injury. 

6. Gardening Activity (Plant a seed, watering)

Kindergarten kids who like flowers or gardens can take advantage of gardening skills that can help them in the future. This life-skill activity can help kids learn more about gardening, such as watering plants, planting seeds, and many more. 

7. Learn Sewing

This is one of the most underrated life skills that young children can learn in International schools. Sewing is all about fastening or attaching objects with the help of stitches made with thread and a sewing needle. In this activity, kids can learn more about sewing and acquire the life skills that can help them in unexpected times. 

8. Counting Money and Start Young Children With a Piggy Bank

Saving money is one of the essential skills that children must learn from a young age. In this activity, kids learn how to count and save money by collecting it at a piggy bank. 

9. Personal Hygiene Activity (Handwash, Toilet Seat Use)

There is great importance of learning life skills, and it can help save both time and money. Personal hygiene is essential both in homes and public places. In this activity, kids will learn how to use a hand wash, toilet seat and other good practices. 

10. Learn Shopping Skills

This is a life skills activity where students will learn how to shop. This activity is important as people, especially kids, are not able to shop correctly. By teaching them how to choose the best items and checking the price tags can be a skill that will be advantageous when they grow up.

11. Learn Cleaning, Pressing and Hanging the Clothes (Clip Clothespins, Wash Clothes, Folding Clothes)

Under the CBSE Curriculum in International schools, kids learn life skill activities such as how to clean, press, hang clothes, wash and fold them. This is an essential life skill that can help kids become more independent. 

12. Help With Cleaning (Windows, Shelf, Polish)

This is another important life skill activity that will benefit the student and the parents. This activity is about helping kids with cleaning windows and shelves and polishing them to ensure things don't remain dirty. 

13. Learn to Swim

Many parents desire their kids to learn to swim early to remain fit and healthy. This is a life skill activity where teachers teach the students the techniques and ways to swim. 

14. Teach Children "How to request and How to say sorry."

Today's kids are mostly moody and desire to get things early; they have less patience. This life-skill activity can teach kindergarten children in International schools how to request something and also say sorry for their mistakes. 

15. Talk to Youth About Paying Taxes, Credit Cards and Checking Account

Many youths of today are unaware of paying taxes or checking credit or debit card accounts. This life skill activity can help teach them all about taxes and the ideal ways to check their online accounts. 

16. Encourage Older Students to Help Younger Children With Schoolwork

This is one of the most encouraging kindergarten life skill activities that is often followed at international schools. Here, the older students get to help the younger ones with their schoolwork, and this can promote love, respect and teamwork. 

17. Take a Walk and Ask What They Observe

This is another activity involving taking young students on a walk and asking them about the things they observe. This way, teachers can understand more about the student and also know about the things they know. 

18. Bed Making and Changing Bed Sheets

These are underrated life skills that can help kids a lot in their house. In this activity, the kindergarten students are taught how to make a bed, change bed sheets and much more. 

19. Communicate With Children Daily. "How Was the Day?"

This is another activity where teachers communicate with the children daily to know how their day was. This helps them learn what new skills the students have acquired and if they face any problems. 

20. Keep Involved in DIY activities

DIY activities are essential for kids and adults; this activity helps them learn new skills and develop solutions to unpredictable circumstances. 

21. Tying Shoes

Before kids learn life skills, they must know that being able to tie their shoes is also a life skill. This activity can help them tie their shoes without needing the help of parents. 

22. Hammering Nails

This is another life skill activity that kids can learn at International schools. This form of activity, such as hammering nails, might help them in the future. 

23. Wrap a Present

People all around the world often go to various parties or weddings. As a parent, you usually take your kids with you to the wedding, but you must make them learn how to wrap a present. In this life skill activity, kids can learn how to properly wrap a present in case there is no one to help them. 

24. Feed and Care of Pet

If your kids are fond of pets, they can take advantage of this life-skill activity. Here, they will be taught how to feed their pets and also take care of them. 

25. Match Locks & Keys

This is another important life skill that can help kids in critical situations. When your kids learn how to match locks and keys, it can help build their resilience. 

26. Cutting and Peeling (Cut a piece of Bread, peel a banana etc.)

These are normal life skill activities that kindergarten students are often taught at International schools. When your kid knows how to cut and peel food, they will no longer need your help. 

27. Wash Vegetables

Under this activity, kids are taught how to wash the vegetables properly. Learning this activity can allow your kids to help their mother or housemaid wash the vegetables. 

28. Flower Arrangement

If your kid likes flowers, they can learn this life skill of how to arrange flowers properly. Teachers help students during this activity. 

29. Communication Using Toys

This ideal activity can help your kid build their communication skills using toys. Teachers use different toys in this activity or game to help hone students' communication skills. 


The above-mentioned life skill activities are some of the best life skill activities for kindergarten students. Enrol your kids in GIIS Singapore to ensure they follow the best international standard curriculum and learn life skills critical for their success.

Ms. Anjum Ali

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