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11 Activities to Improve Kids' Writing Skills in School

Ms. Jaya Ramesh
Jan 9, 2023
Improving kids' writing skills

In today’s world of smartphones and laptops, do children really need to learn to write? The simple answer is YES!

Writing is important because it's related to having effective communication. Writing is a natural extension of using words, languages, speech to communicate, and read.

It is not easy for kids to master the art at this age but putting them into a habit can help them in the longer run.

Give them a head start with Montessori School Dubai and some simple activities mentioned in this article as you read further, which will develop their writing skills at an early age and improve as they grow.

Let’s dig into knowing why writing is important and it can be beneficial for your child?

Why Writing is Important for Your Child?

Writing is part of our daily life. For eg:- mails, filling forms, letters, messages, etc. It helps us to convey, express, communicate things.

Especially International School Dubai students, have to do many assignments, write essays, exams, etc.

Many companies look for CVs and cover letters while selecting applicants. Writing is an important element of some employees' jobs like writing research reports and newspaper articles and more.

Writing is an important form of communication to communicate, express feelings and evade misunderstandings.

So children should learn from childhood how to write and as they grow they will be able to write effectively.

How to Help Your Child to Improve Writing Skills?

Learning the Art of Writing is all about practising and reading. You as parents encourage them to do various activities that can help them to get into the habit of writing.

Provide them with a good environment in form of the best school like Montessori School Dubai to get the best start.

1. Provide Them all the Resources

Being kids they do not know what they want, so provide them all the resources, accessories to write (Pencil, Rubber, Books, Desk, Chair, Writing pad, etc so that they could write comfortably).

If they have all thing beside them they will not crib. Remember the main goal is to make them comfortable and put them into the habit of writing.

Even if it's a simple task of writing alphabets, numbers, names, etc.

2. Put Them into the Habit of Expressing

When they will learn to express themselves, they will convey things through writing, drawing, sketching, etc.

Expressing is necessary to have mental clarity. Mental clarity helps in writing effectively.

Encourage your child to draw, ask them to express what they have drawn, etc.

3. Take Help of Games

There are numerous age-appropriate games and puzzles that help children with words, spelling, and improving their vocabulary.

For eg:- crosswords, puzzles, flashcards are some fun games to improve their skills.

At Montessori School Dubai, students get to play many fun activities and games which keep them entertained and their learning is taken care of.

4. Incorporate Writing into Day-to-Day Activities

Let them see you writing, and learn the habit of writing from you.

For eg:- Make a grocery list with them, go grocery shopping with them and ask them to tick out once you put a particular item into the cart, help them in doing it.

For eg:- If you maintain a journal and write your daily things, the next time when doing it, ask them to sit with you and let them see. Explain to them how journaling is important and what to write. Help them understand in an easy manner.

Remember they will not be masters in one go. They will learn through regular practice and get into the habit. So make sure you be patient with them.

5. Suggest Note-Taking

Encourage your child to notice things at home or while you go out with them on trips or outings. Ask them to describe what they see, what they feel, what all things they noticed, ask them to recollect.

For eg:- Ask them to describe the boat ride, what they see in malls and how they felt it etc.

Again here the main goal is to help them describe even if they hardly do. Like the time they will learn to notice and describe better.

6. Encourage Writing Favourite Songs and Poems

Ask your child to write their favorite song, poems so that they learn words, rhyming, meaning, and more.

Help them write, each letter, explain them. Let them write one sentence daily or assign simple tasks daily.

This activity is to put into the habit of writing their favorite things so that they have fun doing it.

7.  Read Stories to Them

Grab their favorite cartoon character or attractive graphic book. Read to them slowly and explain them in a fun way.

Help them read by pointing out letters and words. Ask them to read daily few lines. As your child gets older, they will get the habit of reading automatically.

Reading stories to children is the daily routine of Montessori School Dubai teachers.

8. Create Working Sheet

For young children who are just learning to write, create or buy worksheets for them where they can trace letters and words and write daily.

9. Try Different Materials

Writing with a pencil is boring, give them different materials to write. For eg:- Sketch colors, crayons, highlighters, pen, writing pad, paints, etc.

10. Prepare Small Notes

Help them to write small notes using short words on sticky notes and show them how to place them for family members.

Explain to them what it means and how it is important to express love, thank, and show gratitude.

Teachers of International School Dubai ask kids to write small notes for friends, teachers, parents to cultivate the habit of thanking and appreciating.

11. Connect the Dots

Here is one way to get them into thinking. Give them cutouts or show them pictures. Ask them what it means or what the picture conveys, ask them elaborate and think.

Help them make stories out of it. Ask them to write the story of what they see in the picture.

The main goal is to make them write, develop their creative thinking so it does not matter even if they are wrong.

Pointers to Engage in Writing Skills Activities for Kids

● Give them time to learn slowly

● Respond to your child's writing in a positive way

● Avoid showcasing their errors at the beginning

● Praise your child's writing

● Avoid writing for your child

● Read together

● Make it a fun activity for them


Practice, practice, practice! Writing skills develop as time passes. So all these above-mentioned activities are to put your child into the habit of writing. Encourage them daily!

There may be times when they will crib, not do it, get discouraged, give them time and plenty of opportunities as given by Montessori School Dubai and practice some of the other fun activities at home to improve.

Ms. Jaya Ramesh

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