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10 Killer Tips to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Kindergarten Program

Ms. Anjum Ali
Jan 30, 2023

Choosing the best kindergarten for your toddler is a really daunting task for every parent. In a city like Dubai, where the competition is already at its peak and every school offers the best of everything, finding the right kindergarten may take some time.

Nevertheless, these tips will help you understand what to look for while choosing a preschool in Dubai for your small one. 

What is your Philosophy of Education?

Take that into consideration first.

What exactly do you want for your child? Do you want him/her to get his/her hands dirty and have a close look at things? Would you be fine with a rigid, streamlined approach to education or would you prefer an approach that is more flexible and enhances as the child learns? Do you believe in teamwork and collaboration, or would you want your child to work independently?

Learn about the school’s philosophy and imagine your child adapting to that philosophy as a student there.

You are not Just Choosing the School, But the Whole Community for Your Kid

Your child’s school will be his/her second home for the next 12-15 years. He/she will be spending more time at the school than at home, so make sure you choose a kindergarten that you truly believe in and align yourself with. The school feels like “home” for your child.

Teachers are an Integral Part of the School

After parents, teachers are the most important role in the early years of children. Since teachers have daily interaction with children, they tend to have a great influence over young kids as they start learning and exploring. If you want your child to invoke its creative side, speak to the kindergarten teachers and observe if they have creative teaching approaches.

Moreover, check with the school if they are committed to further upgrading the skills of their teachers. Enthusiastic, creative and inspired teachers offer the most fun and encouraging learning environment.

Learning Should be Fun

Some children fear going to school. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a school where other students are happy so that your child feels encouraged to go. While taking a school tour, do visit a few classes or meet some of the students and talk to them, observe them.

If the kids are happy and involved, your job is half done. Always remember, if a child feels the joy of learning, everything else comes naturally.

Go Through the Curriculum

A kindergarten should have a balanced curriculum that allows the child to explore, play and learn simultaneously. Look for a school that emphasises a strong social/emotional programme. The teachers should allow children to communicate, solve difficulties, and learn all the while working together with other kids. The curriculum should focus on the holistic development of the child and not just academic excellence.

Also, check what extracurricular and co-curricular activities the school offers to primary and senior classes so as to have an idea about the future facilities awaiting your child.

Talk to the Parents of Students Already Enrolled in the School

Other parents will give a fair and honest review of the school. They can prove to be an excellent resource while researching a school. There must be so many things that you would never be able to know through the internet or by meeting the teachers, but other students’ parents will be able to help you make an informed decision.

Focus on the Student to Teacher Ratio

When the number of students is less that means every child would get the teacher’s undivided attention. Whereas, a large number of students in a class could lead to your child’s queries being missed.

Therefore, always prefer schools that offer small class sizes. When students are less, teachers can customise the curriculum according to the needs and understanding of their class children. This also helps in keeping children more engaged academically and socially.

Explore the School’s Policy or the Teaching Approaches for Children who need Extra Attention and Care

No two students are the same, some may excel in all subjects and topics, some might perform average. Each classroom has students working and performing at different levels, there is no comparison. But it is crucial to know if the school is willing to help students who might not be able to top in every subject and may need some special attention.

Check the Daily Schedule of the School and Before/After Extra Programs

At the kindergarten level, developmentally appropriate playtime is crucial, with at least one hour of unstructured but monitored playtime being considered optimal. Many schools provide after-school enrichment and sports programs, which can enhance the overall learning experience of the students.

Take a Guided Tour of the School

A campus tour allows parents to judge the school, its facilities, infrastructure, and curriculum better. It gives a chance to get to know the existing students and teachers as well. Parents are also able to raise their concerns and speak directly with the school authorities during the tour.

Global Indian International School is a leading preschool in Dubai offering world-class infrastructure and ultra-modern facilities. The school maintains a small student-teacher ratio, especially in kindergarten, so as to ensure that each child gets proper attention from the teacher.

Moreover, GIIS encourages all of its faculty members to keep on upgrading and improving their skill sets regularly so that the teachers are up-to-date with the new teaching methodologies, as well as are ahead of their peers.

GIIS is one of the top preschools in Dubai because of its award-winning and internationally recognised Global Montessori Plus Programme that helps in holistic child development and boosts academic excellence in students. The specially curated Montessori programme uplifts the confidence of students and helps them evolve as curious and creative learners.

While there are a lot many things to consider before finalising the kindergarten, it is always best to consider these pointers and make a decision on the basis of these.

Ms. Anjum Ali

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