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A Guide to the best kindergarten schools in Dubai

GIIS communications team
May 25, 2021
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Dubai is a global hub that houses people from different parts of the world. It has a plethora of different cultures and is also famous for its world-class international schools. Some schools offer great programs to cater to children who come from different parts of the world.

Right from primary schooling, to high schools, Dubai has no dearth of good educational institutions. With so many options in hand, it’s often confusing to decide which school can be the right fit for your child or what are the programs offered that can be suitable for your child.  And considering the most crucial years of education are the early years, it is every parent’s wish to provide the best education to their child. Global Indian International School offers a wonderful Kindergarten program to its little toddlers and this can be a wonderful start to your child’s education.


Why is it important to find a good kindergarten school? 

Some might assume that most international schools offer the same kind of program to students however GIIS has adapted to new methods of teaching that have the perfect blend between the traditional teaching methods and those of modern and next-generation teaching methods. It’s quite important to find the right kind of program for your child depending on his or her temperament. Having said that,  GIIS’s kindergarten school is designed to fit the needs of every child. This can be a blessing considering the different options that might end up confusing you even more.


Which is the best Kindergarten school in Dubai?

 GIIS has one of the best preschool programs for young children. The age criteria for kindergarteners is 4years at the beginning of the KG 1 term. GIIS’s  pre-primary program is especially impressive and its mission is to help these little toddlers build a strong foundation for themselves so that there is a smooth transition to primary classes.  Being one of the leading schools that offers a unique and award-winning program called the Global Montessori Plus Programme. This exceptional program offers a balanced teaching method that is a good mix of the traditional Montessori Method and that of modern pre-school education.  This unique combination can have a great impact on a child’s overall development.

And since teachers play a very pivotal role in the formation of a child’s educational years, GIIS has a faculty that is highly qualified and experienced. A platform that is powered by all modern approaches like using innovative learning tools can be the perfect platform for a child who is naturally intuitive, curious, and creative.


What is unique about the GMP method?

 The Global Montessori plus program is specially designed by the Global Indian International School to bring to the table, a holistic method of teaching to its children. This approach targets the cognitive skills as well as the expressive and fine-motor skills to help little children develop a new way of learning. The program is also designed in a way where there are activities and events throughout the year to allow students to showcase their innate skills and talents. 

This platform helps children grow their self-confidence and makes them ready to face the outside world.  The children are also taught the importance of community service, awareness of their environments like green initiatives, and concepts like charity. This helps children to develop social skills at an early age and understand different attributes like responsibility and self-initiation.

GIIS Kindergarten Campus

GIIS has a state-of-the-art campus and is powered by the latest technology in terms of safety and security. And the classrooms are designed to encourage innovative ideas among the students and the outdoor spaces are designed to help students hone their skills in other co-curricular activities like sports, art, etc.

9GEMS Model 

The 9GEMS Model is adapted by many successful educational institutions and GIIS strongly endorses the 9GEMS Model based on

1. Academic Excellence, 

2. Sports Excellence

3. Visual Arts

4. Personality Development

5. Creativity and Innovation

6. Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development

7. Universal values, Ethics and Discipline

8. Community Care

9. Life skills development.


The 9GEMS Model emphasizes all these above aspects and brings about holistic development in the kids at an early age. Also, the award-winning GMP program is built based on the solid 5 Pillars which are as follows:

Excelerate Program: The Excelerate program concentrates on helping the child get a good foundation in literacy, numeracy, and language fluency. This helps in a smooth transition to primary school.

Multi-Faceted Learning: Most children have special talents and these innate talents are recognized and encouraged by the GMP approach of learning. Children are also allowed to showcase these talents periodically

iPlay program: GIIS understands the importance of play in a child’s life and the iPlay program helps children in physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

iCare Program: The iCare program brings a sense of responsibility and awareness for children about their surroundings. Their green initiatives help children understand the importance of preserving one’s environment. It also emphasizes on the act of charity and social interaction. 

Future Ready Program: Children are taught different concepts by using next-generation learning styles and are familiarized with age-appropriate and latest technology.


These innovative concepts and futuristic ways of learning give a solid foundation to these little toddlers and help them succeed in primary schooling. GIIS can provide a great platform for young students, especially when they are about to start their initial years of education. GIIS has consistently proven through its many awards that it is an educational institution that truly has a mission to give the best of education to children from all walks of life.

GIIS communications team

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