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A Guide to Scholarships for International Students

Knowledge is power. It is education that illuminates a person’s thinking and perspective about life. Education opens the door to prestigious professions and well-paying jobs. An educated person is held with respect and admiration in society. It is, therefore, every parent’s responsibility to ensure that every child accesses quality education.

However, quality education is expensive. Students, especially from humble backgrounds, feel the pinch the most. It is already hard for them to get basic needs such as food, proper healthcare, and clothing, so the expensive cost of education puts them between a rock and a hard place.

The good news is, there are many scholarships available that the students could apply for to help fund their education.

To get an educational scholarship here at GIIS Dubai, students need to clearly define why they want a scholarship; otherwise, winning it will not mean anything to them. 

Reasons why do students apply for scholarships:

1. To get financial assistance.

Getting a quality education is expensive. Many students cannot afford to finance their school and university studies and could use all the help they could get. The icing on the cake about scholarships is that a student does not need to repay the scholarship money! Now, this makes scholarship funding the best option for needy students. A student can focus on their studies without worrying about paying a student loan that attracts massive interest or being discontinued by the school management for having unpaid fee balances.


2. To gain a quality education.

A scholarship allows a learner to enrol in the most prestigious campuses, like our Global Indian International School (GIIS) Dubai campus. Such schools are equipped with competent and experienced teachers and adequate facilities to foster quality education delivery to learners for their holistic development. If one is not financially able, they only access the available education, which may not be of high quality. But a scholarship helps fund a student’s education in quality schools hence quality international education that is globally acceptable.

3. To gain professional benefits.

A scholarship helps fund a student’s university education giving the student a chance to access knowledge in their chosen career. Therefore, one becomes outstanding in the career of their choice as it also opens more doors for further education. Also, mentioning that you are a beneficiary of a particular scholarship in your resume increases your chances of landing a lucrative job. Winning a scholarship is not a walk in the park. One has to show a significant degree of dedication, commitment, and hard work; therefore, any hiring company will be thrilled to have such a student in their workforce. 

Guide to apply for a scholarship

Now that you are clear on why you need a scholarship, the following is a guide on applying for a scholarship.

1. Research

You need to conduct intensive research on the available scholarships. You first need to familiarize yourself with the different types of scholarships. There are various types of Scholarship, including;

Merit-based scholarships. Merit scholarships awarded to students based on an excellent performance in a specific field. They are categorized into academic merit scholarships or educational scholarships, sports merit scholarships, and artistic merit scholarships.

Need-based scholarships. Need-based scholarships are awarded purely for financial assistance. They are eligible for intellectually gifted students from humble backgrounds.

Military scholarships. These are scholarships awarded to the members of the military and their families.

Gender-based scholarships. These are scholarships for a specific gender.

Subject-specific scholarships. These are scholarships that support a specific field of study

So, once you are familiar with the different types of scholarships, you can now narrow down to the scholarships that suit your preference. List down the scholarships that you are eligible for, then research to determine whether you meet the requirements.

2.  Apply for as many scholarships as possible

Once you have researched the different available scholarships and identified the ones suitable for you, do not limit yourself to only one scholarship application. The more scholarships you apply for, the more you increase your chances of getting sponsored to study on a campus of your choice.

If you apply for a single scholarship, for instance, then the chances are, you may not be lucky enough to get it, which would not be the case if you had applied for more than five scholarships.

3. Do not ignore the small scholarships

You should apply for all available scholarships, not just the ones you consider favourable.  The small scholarships may go a long way in providing for some of your needs, such as food, buying books, or even paying for your rent. As you will be in a foreign country, you need all the help you could get. So you should avoid being choosy on the scholarships you send in your applications.

4. References

You may find that some scholarship application forms require you to include some references. Make sure you list reliable contacts that you can be sure to vouch for you.

Once you include a referee, make sure to give them a heads up to be ready if they are called to provide some information about you. It is wise to list a reference for a person who knows you well. Otherwise, you may include a person who is not familiar with you, and they end up contradicting the information you may have already provided.

5. Avoid Shortcuts

There is no shortcut to getting a scholarship. Therefore, do not let your desire to win a scholarship crowd your judgment and lead to becoming a victim of con men games. You cannot pay money to get free scholarship funding. You need to be patient and follow the right way as per the scholarship regulations.

When you desperately want something, you will do anything to have it, and this might lead you to falling victim to scams. So be careful.

6. Provide required Credentials

Make a list of all the scholarship requirements. Ensure that you have all the required documents before submission and attach them properly before hitting the submit button. If you have extra achievement certificates such as an extracurricular activity certificate, it does not hurt to attach it. Increase your chance of winning the scholarship by attaching all your merit certificates.

It is worth noting that all your documents should be genuine. So you need to be honest and authentic to yourself in your application.

Ensure that you do not submit an application form without the required documents.

7. Submit a Polished Application

Your application is your only chance to make an impression; therefore, you need to make it count. Submit an application form free from grammatical errors. Also, make your resume count. If you are applying for a merit scholarship, you are already an outstanding student in a particular field; therefore, ensure your application reflects that.

8.  Observe Deadlines

Last but not the least, submit your application before the due date. Do not wait for the last days to fill out the application. Because of circumstances beyond your control, you may miss the chance to win a scholarship for missing the deadline.

Arm yourself with quality education to ensure your bright future by landing a quality job. Do not let the lack of finances limit you from achieving all your academic goals. Instead, follow these guidelines to apply for a scholarship and realize all your dreams. 

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