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10 Ideas For Kindergartners To Develop Creative Young Minds

Ms. Anjum Ali
Mar 25, 2022

Formal education begins in the kindergartens of the world.

Most CBSE and other top-ranked schools these days ensure that they give their young students the right kind of kindergarten start to their young lives.

Now kindergarteners might be only toddlers, but the fact of the matter is that one requires a very specialized kind of expertise to be able to deal with children that small.

The ability to make very small children who have left the safe confines of their homes for the first time, not only safe and secure but actually interested in learning and developing the basic concepts of formal education is a very special one indeed.

Let's take a look.

10 Ways In Which Kindergartners Develop Creative Minds

1. Making The Children Engage In Role Play

Children that small is very imaginative as that is the only way that they can make sense of the bewildering world around them.

Something like telling them stories that help them relate to and understand the world around them can help kindergarteners get the right kind of start to their learning process.

Such storytelling sessions can come alive for them with the help of role play, as that makes the children instinctively develop an understanding of what the different characters in a story are about.

2. Having Fun With Objects Of Everyday Use

Everyday objects like newspapers, cardboard boxes, empty plastic bottles, rolls of paper and other such myriad ordinary objects can be used to organize fun activities that can help spark creativity in small children.

At the same time, they get familiarized with objects of daily use, allowing them to better understand and relate to the world around them.

This is the kind of activity that any CBSE school or international can put to good use, for it is not only expensive toys that can help kindergarteners develop their thinking abilities.

3. Outdoors Time

Exposing children to nature outdoors is great not just for their mental wellbeing, but it also helps them become more creative.

Being outside makes children curious, develops their thinking ability, apart from helping them feel energized.

Staying cooped up in classrooms is not something that children that small need too much of.

4. Having Fun With Sponge Paint

Expressing one’s creativity with the help of art, especially painting, is as old as mankind itself.

Give the children paint, plenty of paper and some sponges and tell them to have fun painting whatever comes to their fancy. If they can paint any specific objects that are even better.

5. Playing the Name Game

Asking toddlers to name as many things as they can remember or identify is a great way of honing their cognitive abilities.

It is also a beginning to their formal process of learning about things and objects by identifying them with specific names.

Asking children to identify real-life objects with geometric shapes like circles and rectangles is a great example of this.

6. Learning By Sketching

Get the toddlers some paper and sketch pens and encourage them to go ahead and sketch.

For starters, they could lie down on a long piece of paper and an adult could trace their body on it, which they could later endeavor to use the sketch pen to shade in the details.

This again is a great way to sharpen a child’s sense of perception of the physical world around them.

7. Get Them To Learn To Socialize With Children Their Age

Get children that small to interact and learn to socialize with children their age.

That will help open their minds to the whole concept of how to forge friendships and relationships and thereby understand how one’s world functions.

The more time that toddlers spend with others of their age group in school or at home the better it is for them.

8. Provide Them With A Happy And Secure Environment

Children need to be given a happy and secure environment for them to thrive and learn. This is true of both home and schools.

Every effort should be made to shield them from any kind of stress as that can have a long term negative impact on both their mental and physical development.

9. Collaborate With Children, Don’t Control Them

When it comes to encouraging children that small to learn, the adults in their lives should act as facilitators and enablers and not force kids to do things a certain way.

They have to be allowed to attempt to do things on their own, make mistakes and learn.

It is the job of the adults to guide them and keep them out of harm’s way and not prevent them from learning in their own way.

10. Show Them By Example

Nothing motivated children to learn something than showing them a live example of it.

For instance, one could demonstrate the principle of flight by making a paper aeroplane and showing the children how it can be made to fly.

It will encourage them to try and make paper aircraft of their own and in the process learn a bit about the whole idea of an object being made to fly.


Getting kindergartners to learn about the ways of the world is a fascinating experience. However, it is important to go about it in the right way.

Unlike older children and adults, toddlers need a lot more care, understanding and empathy to get them to understand what is required of them.

The above methods are tried and tested ways of helping toddlers develop their cognitive abilities and grow in their understanding of the world around them.

There is nothing more satisfactory than helping children that small to find their feet in the world and grow and develop to be confident and intelligent young boys and girls full of potential.

Most kindergartens these days have the right kind of qualified teachers and instructors to help their students get a good start in life.

That being stated, the parents too can play their part by following the above examples.

Ms. Anjum Ali

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