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Best Role Play Classroom Activity Ideas

Ms. Jaya Ramesh
Dec 6, 2022
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When it comes to best role play classroom activity ideas, An Indian school in Dubai lead the way. The role play classroom activities carried out at these schools play a vital role in the growth and development of young children going to these schools. Let us take a look at what these might be-

What Are Role Play Activities?

Role play activities involve the students taking on the role of a person or act in a manner that is appropriate for a given situation. Role play can be an individual or a collective activity with the scenarios being enacted varying in complexity. By indulging in role play students can simulate real life situations allowing them to understand how to conduct themselves accordingly, thereby learning important life-skills. 

Benefits Of Role-Playing Classroom Activities

There are several tangible benefits of role-playing classroom activities. Let us look at them one by one-

● Practical experience of real life situations- Role playing is the only way that children can obtain a sense of real life situations.

● Learn of career options- Enacting roles of pilots, police officers, doctors and so on give children a sense of the kind of career options available to them as adults.

● Developing a sense of right and wrong- By essaying roles of different kinds of characters children can get a sense of right and wrong. A fireman rescuing someone, for instance, would be the good guy and a thief the bad man.

● Learning human relations- Performing group role play can teach the children how to interact fruitfully with their peers-

● Break the tedium of classroom- Engaging in role play provides relief from the monotony of classroom studies.

● Helps develop language and communication fluency-By performing role plays children get to practice their language skills and improve their communication ability.

● Helps inculcate problem solving abilities- By exposing children to new and novel situations through role play, one can help enhance their problem solving abilities.

Tips For Successful Classroom Play For Students

It is important that children enjoy role playing so as to make it easy for them to learn the right lessons from the process. Here’s how that can be ensured by nursery schools in Dubai-

Making role play fun- Small children are intrinsically drawn to fun activities. So, it is imperative that they be made to undertake fun activities that both entertain them and teach them.

Giving them rewards- Nothing motivates little children more than rewards. A treat at the end of a role play activity can motivate them quite a bit.

Make them perform relatable roles- It might be more relatable for them to perform relatable roles like that of a parent or teacher rather than esoteric ones they don’t relate to.

Make them perform exciting roles- Children are fascinated by pilots, astronauts, police personnel and comic characters and it might be a good idea to use such themes in role play.

Group role play- Making small students perform role play in groups with their friends will help bring the best out of them. 

Praising the participants- Nothing pleases, motivates and encourages little children more than high praise for their performance at role playing.

Role-Play Activities For Classrooms

There are several role play ideas for classrooms. Let’s look at a few-

Short Role Play

Tea Party- Little children can really have a great time organizing a make believe tea party.

Supermarket- Small children can easily enact a supermarket scene as that is one place they surely would have visited with their parents.

Cops and Robbers- This is a classic role play that the kids would have carried out with their siblings at home.

Long Role Play

Having a Conversation on the Phone- Young kids can perform a role play that lets them mimic the conversation of an adult.

Hospital- Children can have great fun trying to run a hospital as role play complete with  nurses, patients, doctors, operation theaters and so on.

Cooking and Baking- Children are used to seeing their parents cook and bake at home and can mimic that activity at school by way of role play.

Educational Role Play

Learning Math- One can make school children learn math by performing role play where concepts like addition and subtraction can be clarified by creating groups of children and making them add and lose members.

Learning Geography-Role play can be used to make children understand geography by making them dress up as people from different countries.

Learning About Food- Children can learn about various kinds of food by pretending to be different food items and learning about their properties.

Funny Role Play

Nothing attracts children’s attention more than something that is funny and light. For instance, making children participate in a funny skit where they essay diverse characters not only enhances their interest level, but also makes them imbibe useful information.

Conversation Role Play

Teaching children the art of conversation by making them engage in role plays that use conversational skill as a medium of instruction is known to really have a very beneficial impact in the growth and development of children. Making students read out passages from litearray classics that contain meaningful conversation between characters that can be essayed by different individuals is a great way of teaching young students the art of conversation.


It is a known fact that human beings learn far more by bonding with each other than they do by reading any text. Making children learn by way of role playing is a scientifically proven way of making them.


What are the best ways of preparing children for role plays?

The best ways for preparing children for role play involve them having a lot of fun and getting rewarded for participation.

What is the best example of role playing classroom activities?

The best example of role playing activities in a classroom are the ones that are most fun. This could range from super heroes and cops and robbers to enacting a hospital or a railway station scene. 

What are the types of role play?

There are many types of role play-Long Role Play, Short Role Play, Educational Role Play, Communication Play, Dramatic Play, LocoMotor Role Play and so on.

What are the rules of role play?

The rules of role play are such that they help children learn in a structured and goal oriented way. Every activity carried out should result in some learning for the children participating in them.

Does role play help in learning the English language?

Yes, it definitely does. One can for example dress up children as different letters of the alphabet and get them to represent different objects or animals beginning with a certain letter.

Ms. Jaya Ramesh

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