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Reasons Why Private Kindergarten School Costs are Expensive, but Worth Your Child's Future in UAE

GIIS communications team
Nov 1, 2021
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UAE is a major attraction for expats from around the world. It is a modern place to reside and work in.

It is not only rich in oil but for the past years, Dubai has expanded itself into one of the world’s most attractive and habitable places. It has the biggest shopping malls, the best brands, and the tourism and travel in Dubai are looked forward to by people across the world.

Dubai does not levy any taxes on the citizens, however, education for expats is not tax-free and can cause a hole in the pocket.

When to Apply for Early Education in the UAE States

UAE international schools always have full occupancy. This means you must start applying at least a year prior to the academic year to get on the waiting list of your preferred school for your child. This means you will want to figure out the admission procedure, the documents that may be required, understanding the fee structure, researching about schools, etc.

Most schools start taking students from the month of June and are open throughout the year depending on the number of available seats and expansion of the school.

A Blend of the Best Education Models in UAE Kindergarten Schools

● Kindergarten and primary education are mandatory in the UAE. Given the expat population, private and international schools have a well-equipped kindergarten section for your child for providing the best learning experience and environment. Most of these may follow the Montessori curriculum blended with unique early education methods like the GMP method with its five pillars of education.

● At secondary levels as well, UAE schools offer different models including International Baccalaureate (IB), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), American Curriculum, etc.

● The learning experience of students is exceptionally important since the students develop and thrive in this system. Hence, it is very important for you to see which curriculum will work best for your child in the Indian kindergarten schools of Dubai. This is the reason that most private schools in the UAE may cost a bit higher because they are providing the best learning experience for your child’s growth.

Hence, it is very important for you to see which curriculum will work best for your child in the Indian kindergarten schools

A Rich Diverse Culture for Students Lead to a Tad Higher School Fees

If you are an expat, try finding an international school that invites diverse cultures. This will mean your child will not experience a cultural shock while going to school since UAE can be very stringent about policies about food, drinks, festivities, fasting, language as well as conservative clothing.

Try to find a school where your child can learn from diverse cultures but also feel welcomed to practice with their homeland experience in an important learning environment especially if you are an expat.

Private schools in the UAE are exceptionally welcoming and provide a platform to express and learn one’s own culture. In order to avail of this environment, the school fees may be a tad higher.

A Platform for Parents to Learn about the Best Practices Enabled by Private Dubai Schools

Understanding and visiting school profiles, talking to parents who are expats, getting onto forums on Reddit, Facebook, Telegram and chatting about how a particular school involves learning and inclusivity are important.

Read school brochures, go through their websites and also email them to provide you with a virtual tour in order to get a better understanding.

Some schools may be willing for your child to try out a day at kindergarten and explore if it fits their needs. Some international schools in Dubai go to the extent of providing applications where parents and teachers can all converse in a community.

All these features are not available otherwise making it a slightly expensive affair but assured quality.

Modern State of the Art Infrastructure in UAE Schools to Heat the Summer Blues

Dubai can be one of the hottest places from April to July given its environment. Keep in mind what your child may need in those months since they will mostly be indoors in an air-conditioned atmosphere. Getting adequate physical activity becomes a concern then.

In such cases, exceptionally well-equipped infrastructure becomes important for your child’s growth where they can engage in play and physical activities despite not having a complete outdoor experience.

State-of-the-art infrastructure equips students to grow both physically and mentally. This is a huge investment for schools, which is then reflected in the fee structure. But there isn't anything more important than your child’s health in times when obesity and sedentary lifestyles are becoming the true enemies of the young.

A High Fees, but Better Results in UAE Schools

Kindergartners are a very sensitive age for children. Their entire life depends on how they grow up to be adults between these years.

Most schools take kindergarten admissions when your child is above 3years and 8months. This means that private schools automatically take on the responsibility of providing the best learning experiences:

● The best quality education whether kindergarten or secondary comes with the leading teaching modules and patterns that private schools follow whether it is Montessori, British, American, CBSE, International Baccalaureate, etc.

● UAE schools focus not only on academia including STEM as well as STEAM but also on social skills, values like being able to find their individual personality, empathy, curiosity and to build enthusiasm during the learning process. A good kindergarten school is equipped with child-friendly mediums, toys, activities and infrastructure that is engaging.

● Safety and security are one of the priorities not only of a parent but a good private school as well. Most schools will be well equipped with strict procedures, and safety measures like CCTVs to ensure the safety and protection of your child.

● Kindergarten schools in UAE use technology in their day-to-day work whether it is data automation to reduce human labour or data analytics to gauge the performances of their students. Or, it is the use of artificial intelligence, virtual reality to engage children in experiencing learning rather than shoving it down their throats. From a young age, when these students become technology and digital natives, one of the most demanded skills in today’s as well as future times, it becomes a cakewalk. Technology and digitisation are of key importance. Make sure there are smart classes, portals and applications for parents and teachers to interact and monitor the growth and progress of students.

● Finally, these schools also inculcate soft skills and values of community, shared and lived experience, sensitising them to themselves as well as others so they are in attunement with their highest selves making them perfect leaders of tomorrow.

Dubai Indian School Fees for Kindergarten Students in UAE

● Dubai Indian School fee is not free for all in UAE and chances are as an expat you will have to spend quite a bit. Dubai Indian school fees for kindergarten and primary education can be anywhere between AED 10,0000 to AED 40,000 on average. You would want to look at your costs and figure out what suits both your pocket and your child. Dubai school fees may be higher given the fact it is the capital. On average, for a private school, you might have to shell out between AED 40,000 to AED 100,000.

● A lot of times, employers have policies where they pay for your child’s education or have a set amount for their employees' children above which you can arrange.

● Look at scholarships, schemes for single girl children, twins, siblings that schools may be offering.

● While looking for an Indian kindergarten school in Dubai, it is also imperative you look at travelling costs since it is a very busy place and the commute can hinder the student’s development. It is ideal to look for a school either near your place of residence, or employment. Else, find a good school of your choice and reside accordingly. Most schools also provide transportation facilities that you might want to inquire about.

● Some private schools also provide a flexible payment method of fees in the UAE because paying in one go can be difficult and expensive. Schools thus, provide options of paying in installments and in different flexible plans.

● A lot of credit companies have also started a credit card facility that can be availed by parents to pay for the child’s education as well in UAE.

● You may also want to consider long-term plans with your bank and figure out an appropriate investment plan that will help you transition into schooling from kindergarten to primary, secondary and higher education. You may also want to look at loans, fixed deposits, etc.


UAE and Dubai have ever-increasing schools especially for kindergarteners, and as an expat you must keep an eye for the best that your child can experience. Look at the achievements of schools, facilities they provide like transportation, food, etc.

Don't wait too long to get on the waiting list of these schools. Be an active part of your kindergartner's early education and their life, even if you are a working parent and help them find the courage and strength to become individuals with resilience, humility, confidence and curiosity in a modern place like Dubai.

Do your research thoroughly and play a collaborative and proactive role in their learning.

GIIS communications team

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