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Parent’s Guide to Find the Best International Schools in Dubai

GIIS communications team
Nov 1, 2021
International Schools

Here is an ultimate parent’s guide to finding the best primary schools in Dubai.

Dubai is a fantastic location for education, with a wide range of international schools catering to a diverse, multicultural, and multilingual population. Parents make every effort to select the finest school for their children based on a variety of factors. The ever-increasing number of international schools in Dubai makes choosing the correct one more difficult, but it is critical.

International schools have a long history of being considered outstanding educational institutions. These primary schools in Dubai believe that education should emphasize imparting happiness and welfare, as well as developing capabilities useful for the next generation to lead humanity in the correct direction.

Unlike many schools that employ the standard teaching style, international schools break the monotony and use innovative coursework to promote hands-on learning. They allow kids to learn through a practical learning experience that utilizes all five of their senses, which aids in the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social growth of the students.

Here are a few things to look for while selecting the best Indian international school for your child.


Sending your child to an International School is a great way to broaden his or her horizons by exposing him or her to a variety of cultures. It's just as vital to know about the world as it is to be able to bring different groups into your classroom.

An international school is a location where students may contribute to the global community as part of it. As a result, please inquire about the diversity of their student body. It's an excellent technique to determine which Indian International school is best for your child.

It's also crucial to have a diversified group of teachers. Teachers contribute their knowledge and expertise to the classroom. The workforce is encouraged to test their limits. They bring in best practices from around the world and explore themes that affect students locally as well as globally.

Encouragement of Liberal Thinking

A primary school is a place for children’s academic development as well as a learning platform that helps children to become emotionally intelligent. Look for a school that focuses on your child's emotional development.

A good school will also help children instil values like equality and oneness among their community. A good primary school's ultimate vision is to ensure that its students are happy and confident beings. It should concentrate on their overall growth rather than just academics.

Students must be able to think critically about their thoughts and actions. Schools should also emphasize the development of a student's talents, as well as a strong proclivity for inquiry and the pursuit of information.

Qualified Faculty

Without a doubt, the faculty is a crucial consideration while looking for primary schools in Dubai. You can't imagine enrolling your child in a school with a faculty that isn't qualified and experienced. You should inquire about the teachers' experience and training. An Indian International school's high point is a faculty that is student-centered, engaged, and talented.

Interact with the teachers. It will assist you in better understanding the curriculum and evaluating the faculty's skills and experience. Ascertain that they can push your child to step outside of their comfort zone and think critically.

Modern Infrastructure

Look for a primary school in Dubai that offers a variety of educational options in addition to standard teaching methods. Smart classrooms, which are now found in many schools, allow students to learn virtually, making learning more instructive. At the same time, a reputable elementary school should provide children with engaging and enjoyable activities.

The Child's Holistic Development

The overall growth of a child is just as vital as the facilities and educational standards. It is critical to provide children with chances that allow them to develop under pressure.

An important component of a school's program is ensuring a child's development outside of the classroom through extracurricular and cultural activities.

The school you choose for your child should promote critical thinking, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and self-esteem, as well as assist the youngster in becoming a 21st-century citizen.

Fee Structure

It is a crucial criterion to which parents must pay attention. If a school is out of your price range, there seems to be no use in digging deeper into its features. The list of Dubai schools with fee structures that vary can be quite a many, allowing parents to select the ideal international school from a wide range of possibilities.

In addition to a primary school's tuition expenses, the cost of transportation, extracurricular activities, and other incidental fees should all be factored into one's budget.

Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are essential. As a result, an ideal Indian International school will encourage students to engage in extracurricular activities. It also aids students in fostering their creativity. Taking learning to a higher level also aids in the development of interpersonal and communication skills in children.

It is an important consideration to make when looking for primary schools in Dubai. You can choose amongst several primary schools in Dubai by looking for extracurricular activities that are beneficial to your child's growth.


Finally, after checking all of the categories above, it's critical that your child enjoys the school you select for him. In this case, your child's perspective is crucial because he is the one who is using the school's resources to learn and grow. Involving your child in the search for a school will provide you with valuable insight into what he requires and desires from a school.

In the Emirates, international schools abound, nevertheless, there are only a few affordable schools in Dubai. Consider what kind of experience you want your child to have while choosing a school for them.

What type of educational philosophy is best for your child? Should they be enrolled in a system that is similar to your native country's educational system? What is the reputation of the schools you're thinking about enrolling in? Do they provide the extracurricular activities that your child enjoys?

Making a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves in a school is your best bet, then calling around. Oh, and be patient, this is not a simple process!

GIIS communications team

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