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11 Simple Activities to Build Self-Confidence in a Child

Mr. Antony Koshy
Jan 26, 2023
Self-confidence in children

Self-confidence is the foundation of all success and achievement in life - Brian Tracy

Confidence is vital in any individual’s life. When it comes to kids who are starting their life and taking an official entering to primary school, for them it's quite important because their future depends on how well they carry confidence.

Confident children are equipped well to deal with any kind of situation like peer pressure, responsibility, frustrations, challenges, emotional turmoil etc.

But how do we develop confidence in children and what is the key factor in developing a child’s confidence?

Let’s understand it together!

1. Ensure Your Love is Unconditional

The best way to assure them is, to praise them always for their work, praise them in front of others even if it's a small thing, do not criticize them when things go wrong, instead, pamper them all the love and make them understand things.

They will feel confident to open up with you and share their fears and worries.

2. Positive Self-Talk

Being a parent you should avoid negative talk or criticizing your child. Instead, engage in positive talk and help them practice the same.

The primary students and their minds are like sponges, they need a good environment and positive self-talk in crucial years of their life so that they grow into healthy individuals.

Teach them positive affirmations. Ensure them that they will learn it slowly and ask them not to give up.

3. Assign Tasks to Them

Assigning them a task means that you believe in them which automatically boost their confidence.

Give them age-appropriate tasks now and then, praise them if they do it well and reward them. If they fail to do it, teach them in a polite and loving way.

4. Spend Time with Them

Spending time with them means playing with them and being involved in other activities they do. These things help them believe that they are important and worthy of your time.

Teachers of Dubai International School implement this strategy in the classroom as well.

Spending quality time also matters for eg:- Take them out, eat with them in a restaurant, enjoy with them in-game zones, do activities that allow you and your child to enjoy time together.

5. Be Their Role Model

Children learn from their environment and the people around them. Children will mirror what their parents do, so set a good example in front of them.

Be their role model, show confidence in everything you do and let them learn how to handle things from you .

6. Ask for Their Advice or Opinion

Asking children for advice or opinions on age-appropriate situations help them feel valued and make them feel that they are important and worthy. It builds confidence in them and they also learn that it’s okay to ask for advice or opinions.

Teachers of Primary School Dubai spends quality time with students to know their interests and have personalized conversations with each to know them better.

7. Teach Them How to Set and Achieve Goals

Children are too young to set goals and achieve them.So teach them how to set age-specific goals, how to achieve them by taking smaller steps daily.

Once they have achieved goals help them understand the improvement in them, what they were earlier and what they are now.

Chances are that they will not understand at one go but make sure you repeat this mantra so that they learn the essence of it over the period.

The main goal of doing this is to help them gain confidence and achieve goals for themselves in future.

8. Put Them in Art Classes

Putting them in dance, acting or any kind of art class as it is the best way to help them boost their confidence.

If your child has stage fright they will learn to overcome it slowly. Acting classes are best to make sure your child learns to speak confidently in front of others and expand their comfort zone.

Teachers of Dubai International School encourage kids to do roleplay or incorporate drama games into the classroom so that they learn to be confident.

9. Make Them Feel Special

At home put their best photo wherever they spend most of their time or portray their artwork or frame things they have prepared on walls to make them feel special and important.

Teachers of Primary School Dubai post pictures of their students, showcase their artwork to appreciate them and their work. Such simple things increase a child’s confidence!

Most importantly, avoid comparing children to others because it creates doubts in them, affects morale and lowers their confidence.

10. Give Importance To Their Choices

Allow them to do things the way they want. Let them choose things for themselves

For eg:- let them wear clothes of their choice, buy things as per their choices. Giving them the power to decide, boost their confidence.

11. Help Them Overcome the Fear of Failure

Teach them that it is ok if they fail for the first time and mistakes are perfectly fine as long as you are learning and not repeating them again.

Help them to overcome the fear of trying new things or fear of failure as it affects their fullest potential and confidence.


Self-Confidence is essential in today’s world and it shapes a child’s life tremendously.

Helping your child instill self-confidence by providing them with a positive environment will be the best gift for them.Primary School Dubai practices confidence building activities. 

Pick a few strategies from above and start implementing them. Look for all these things while finalizing the school for them.

With the love and support of the people around them, your child will grow into a confident individual.

Need more such strategies? leave your comment below!

Mr. Antony Koshy

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