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10 Ways To Develop A Positive Attitude In Students

Mr. Antony Koshy
Mar 29, 2022
Develop Students' Positive Attitude

Dubai has one of the best schools in the world including many top-ranked IB schools in Dubai as well as international private schools.

Like students elsewhere, the students of Dubai have a lot on their plate with regard to their curricula, examinations, peer pressure and an overriding concern about how their future would shape up.

It is important that students be advised and counseled about developing a positive mental attitude towards life. Given below are 10 tips about how to achieve that as opted by top Dubai international private schools.

10 Tips To Help Students Develop A Positive Attitude As Followed By Top Schools In Dubai

1. Provide A Good Example To Follow

Students are an impressionable lot and tend to be influenced by the kind of attitude that their parents, teachers and mentors themselves exhibit.

It is, therefore, very important that these people set a very positive example with regard to one’s attitude towards things in general.

They have to be shown that it pays to be equanimous and calm notwithstanding the ups and downs that one faces in one’s life.

2. Stop Them From Developing Negative Thought Patterns

It is quite easy for youngsters to slip into a negative thought pattern, on account of studies related issues, competition with peers and so on.

It is important for parents, teachers and mentors to spot any signs of negativity displayed by a student and take steps to prevent it from taking root.

Instead, they should be taught to view everything with a positive and hopeful frame of mind.

The best way to do that is to tell them to substitute a negative thought with a positive one, every time it occurs.

3. Teach Them The Power Of Positive Self-Talk

The youngsters need to understand the power of positive self-talk to keep them from harboring any negative emotions.

They can think of the positive things that happen to them every day and dwell on those rather than on anything negative.

Every day they should remind themselves of the positive things happening in their lives.

4. Reward Them For Their Achievements

The students need to be rewarded for their achievements as a means to keep them motivated and striving for more.

This is something that both teachers and parents can participate in equally. These achievements could be related to academic goals, extracurricular activities and so on.

Some of this is built into the systems with leading international private schools and IB schools in Dubai.

5. Get Them To Play A Sport

Sport by its very nature draws out the best in students in terms of a sense of competition, camaraderie, team spirit and goal achievement.

They should, therefore, be encouraged to take up a sport and try to excel at it. That is bound to make them feel better about themselves and develop a positive attitude towards life.

6. Teach Them Social Skills

School going children often have to contend with an inability to interact with others in a manner that is calm, composed and rational on account of the fact that they are still growing up and in the process of maturing physically and mentally.

It, therefore, is a good idea to help them acquire and learn social skills that will help them manage peers and others well. This will make them feel infinitely more confident about life.

7. Indulging In Exercise

It makes sense for youngsters to exercise regularly and thereby stay fit mentally and physically.

One could do anything from cycling and running to yoga and visiting a gym to keep oneself in fine physical shape.

Regular exercise makes one calm down and relax, which leads to a positive attitude in life.

8. Meditation

Meditation is known to bring about a change in the way one’s brain functions making it calm as well as positive.

Students should be encouraged to set aside some time to practise meditation for a short while every day. There are several easy methods of meditation that one could learn to practice.

9. Keeping A Happy Atmosphere At Home

Children who have an unhappy environment at home will find it difficult to be positive in life.

Any child who sees strife at home quite frequently is not likely to have a positive attitude towards life.

It is, therefore, important for parents to give their children a happy, calm and serene atmosphere at home.

10. Talking To Students

It is important that one talks to students from time to time and check on how they are faring.

It is important for the adults in their life to find out if they are facing any issues concerning their studies or anything else.

Often, students get into a bind over something and need the advice of an experienced adult-a parent, teacher or mentor to help them overcome whatever is bothering them.

That will help put them on the path to a positive attitude all over again.


It is very important for students to be taught very early in their lives that they need to have a generally positive attitude in life.

That will teach them to grapple with the ups and downs of student life, very well indeed.

Being at an extremely impressionable age, it makes every sense to impress upon students that cultivating a negative, pessimistic or complaining attitude towards life, will trap them in a very unhappy spiral of failure leading to depression, leading to more failure.

Developing a perennially happy and positive attitude on the other hand leads to a virtuous cycle of achievement and performance leading to further achievement and performance.

The role of parents, teachers and mentors in ensuring this cannot be understated.

They have to be actively involved in getting students to do the things that inculcate a positive attitude in life. The examples given above are very fine examples of that.

The present times are especially tough for students, with social media subjecting them to all kinds of pulls and pressures.

They need to be taught to prioritize what is important and real and not get swayed by things that add no value to their lives.

That way, they will have a firm head upon their shoulders and be largely positive in life.

Top IB schools in Dubai and international private schools in Dubai ensure students are motivated at every step in order to encourage them to achieve their academic and other goals with confidence and grit.

A positive attitude stands students in great stead in their academic life and allows them to cope with whatever comes their way with fortitude and confidence.

Mr. Antony Koshy

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