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The Impact of School Environments on the Wellbeing of Children

Ms. Jaya Ramesh
Dec 28, 2021
School Environments

If we ask to recall the best years of your life?

Then most of them will recall their childhood days.

Isn’t it?

As the childhood or Nursery School memories are special and remain for a lifetime. The most obvious reason is that these places are emotionally connected and provide unique first-time experiences.

The Kindergarten Starters are a very crucial period because children's growth rate is high, physically and intellectually. In these early years a child's personality, social sensitivity and creativity are shaped. It is seen that their development process which takes place in this period greatly affects subsequent years. It is also seen that they develop 60 to 70% of learning ability in the preschool period.

A healthy holistic learning environment is important to trigger healthy behavior in children. Therefore a healthy learning environment should be provided which will allow them to enjoy the best of their childhood.

Preschool Education

Preschool or Kindergarten Starters is for children between the ages of 4-5, where they learn to interact with other children, develop their verbal skills rapidly.

Nursery School acts as a stimulant where different co-curricular and extracurricular activities are performed using both indoors and outdoors to deliver preschool education in the form of play. Though Preschool children learn to enjoy being with a wider social network of children.

Therefore in order to give children a better start in life, select a preschool that gives the child opportunities to discover, develop and learn. A high-quality education environment contributes to a child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional development.

Nursery School activities and their related developments

● Painting: It leads to High curiosity

● Visual arts: It improves their Imagination

● Storytelling: It develops their Language 

● Music:- Improves Listening Skills

● Playing with others:- It develops their social skills

Benefits of Preschool or Kindergarten Starters

● Mental development (higher IQ, practical reasoning)

● Oculo-manual coordination

● Social development (more interactive)

It helps kids with all these skills:

● Reading, writing and other literacy activities 

● Basic maths Numeracy

● Animal name, Nature, Body parts and other science basics.

● Other Learnings in the form of Identification of objects, Observation, seasons name, telling the time, taking good hygiene care etc

● Social and emotional skills like cooperation, manners and self-reliance.

● Vocabulary, Communication skill

It is found that children who are given high-quality education during early childhood years have a higher chance to become healthy and successful adults in society.

Importance of Positive Learning Environment in Nursery School

It starts with Home

Positive early learning environments start at home so it is parents responsibility to create a positive social and emotional environment that is built on love and care.

Teacher’s Role

Children explore and learn, only when they feel secure and comfortable. They only trust their caregivers when they know their needs will be met. Therefore it becomes extremely necessary to find Nursery School where teachers establish relationships by being consistent, responding to social and emotional cues, knowing their strengths and weaknesses and supporting them.

That's when true nurturing happens which leads to responsive, effective interactions and engaging environments.

Impact of Kindergarten Starters

It is revealed that the quality of the physical and social environment affects child development, especially kindergarten children who are easily influenced. As they spend most of their time with other children and people around.

The research focuses on the preschool environment and quality that can impact child behavior, participation, performance, productivity and overall development.

So, therefore, select preschools which are carefully designed keeping in mind the kindergarten children needs.


Research has observed that children absorb all the things around them and they learn best when they feel comfortable enough to explore their environment. In a positive and nurturing environment, students show their authentic selves and paint the world with their unique style.

A positive learning environment is essential as it enables kids to be inquirers and explorers which help them to grow into strong, successful and confident adults.

Positive Kindergarten Starters environment is the foundation that promotes early learning and development in all domains.

How Should the Nursery School Environment Be?

● Children learn more through exploration and investigation, especially from things in their surroundings. Preschool should be attractive, exciting where they can learn and play using various resources and by performing activities.

● Children understand better when they perform activities and if it's done through social interaction or plays then it stays in their minds forever. In most preschool spatial arrangements of the room are done in such a way where they can easily perform activities.

● Most Kindergarten Starters should have free structure and a changeable environment so that they can keep on experimenting with new activities to make it fun for little ones.

● There should be less than 15-20 children in each class so that teachers can give equal attention to each child.

● Preschools should conduct various activities to give practical experiences to children and should be well-organized in order to regulate each child’s behavior.

● Nursery School should be spacious enough where kids can roam, perform their activities wherever they feel and have sufficient displays which can be perfectly placed so that children can see it from any corner and should be in their reach.

● The preschool environment should encourage children talents and creative potentials and improve linguistic, mental, social, emotional, and motor skills.

● Playing is a part of children's nature and therefore preschool should have many playful activities which can help them to develop physically and mentally.

● Not to forget the safety and security of children which is very important.

● It should have both indoor and outdoor areas where children can explore. There are some Nursery schools that have quiet zones (reading, listening, writing), messy zones (water, sand, clay, painting, nature area), and active zones (play, music and gross-motor skill activities).


There is a strong relationship between the school environment and students’ well-being. Playing is a child's most important activity and therefore preschool should have many playful activities to stimulate the child’s imagination, promote intelligence, muscular development and develop various skills like imagination, creativity, social skills etc.

If you are looking for a supportive and child-friendly environment school, GIIS Nursery School scores on several parameters such as physical, mental, instructional and discipline along with engaging kids.

Ms. Jaya Ramesh

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