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Benefits Of Extra Classes For Students

Ms. Jaya Ramesh
Jan 2, 2023
Benefits of Extra Classes

As the deadly epidemic keeps on throwing unexpected challenges, everyone has gone on a big loop of remaining indoors.

The significant flare-up of the virus has forced most educational institutions' doors shut.

Moreover, the uncertainty does not allow students and teachers to have an outstanding grip on the curriculum.

While Dubai's education system has undergone a massive transformation, students' future is seemingly brighter.

Most of the students opt for the CBSE curriculum as it will provide magnificent benefits in their future.

In other words, having graduated from the CBSE board paves the way for securing admission to the top colleges.

So getting admission into the best colleges will make the career options more refined for the students. This article will discuss the benefits of taking an extra class

Why is it Essential for Students to Take Extra Classes?

Many parents think that associating students with extra classes gobbles up their leisure time.

But that is not the case as extra courses provide an opportunity for extra practice. We all know that formal classes have minimal time.

Sometimes, it becomes highly impossible for teachers to spread the requisite knowledge in the given time.

Since knowledge gained from formal classes is regarded as temporary, extra classes are essential.

Enrolling your child in different classes will help them review and practise whatever they have learnt previously. Moreover, they can acquire detailed knowledge and have a better understanding.

On the other hand, social life is crucially important for every individual. So extra classes provide an environment for students who are way different from the formal educational system.

For instance, extra classes for preparing for university entrance exams will consist of students from diverse backgrounds.

Dealing with so many people from a diversified background will effectively help in improving your child's social skills.

Tutors will introduce your child to various suitable learning methods.

Benefits of Extra Classes

The ongoing epidemic has curbed the traditional methods of learning. Even though alternative learning methods have been introduced, the drawbacks of the digital divide still exist.

Since education will stop for none, students and teachers have to cope with the challenges.

However, this uncertainty has left the parents and students with deep worries about their future.

Nevertheless, there are considerable ways to mitigate the issue by incorporating extra classes.

Check how extra classes have proved to be beneficial.

1. Learning Environment Devoid of Any Pressure

Unlike formal education in school, extra classes do not pressure the students.

They are provided with tailored support by the tutors and given ample time for delving into new course material.

The learning environment of extra classes is devoid of any pressure as the students can take as much time as required.

2. Focused Attention

Teachers and personnel providing extra classes can give focused attention to every individual.

Even though the extra classes are conducted in groups, they ensure that every student can understand.

With focused attention, students are ensured that they are supported. Moreover, emphasis is provided on significant areas of academic concern.

3. Eliminates Worry

Formal education in the best international schools in Dubai is instilled with excellent facilities and is undoubtedly effective.

However, many children find the academic curriculum extremely difficult, which delivers emotional turmoil. As a responsible parent, you need to ensure that this is never the case.

The only thing that can save your child from this trouble is assigning them to extra classes.

Acquiring assistance from specialised personnel will help the students feel more secure and confident about themselves.

Besides, they will be able to grasp the knowledge and materials, which will pave the way for better academic results.

4. Personalised to Suit the Learning Style

Formal education or rote learning might not always encourage a child to study and learn.

As a result, the students will not be able to perform well with this powerful technique and will run behind.

But with the alternative of extra classes, students can explore various learning methods.

Small tests after every chapter will help assess how the students can understand. This also helps in going back to the previous topics which have already been covered.

A thorough revision is best suited for effective learning procedures.

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5. Works as an Alternative Source of Encouragement

Unlike formal education in schools, extra classes pave the way for acquiring encouragement.

Students are offered incentives for performing well in their tests. In other words, students taking extra classes are provided with words of encouragement if they perform well.

The minutest of things encourage the students to remain motivated and carry on with their studies similarly.

Moreover, other students acquiring extra classes will grow their competitive nature, thereby trying to outperform one another.

Sometimes, the other students also offer help when there is difficulty with specific topics.

6. Procures Extra Knowledge Beyond Textbooks

Extra classes provided by the best international schools in Dubai hire specialised personnel for teaching students. The personnel will have experience in other fields other than teaching.

While communicating and associating with the teacher, students can learn about other things as well. So this provides the opportunity for students to gain knowledge beyond the formal textbooks.

Parting thoughts

Extra classes provide a more secure way of learning for your child.

In other words, it paves the way for academic results in the long run, which makes their future brighter.

Consider making your child more resilient in these times of trying by associating with extra classes.

Ms. Jaya Ramesh

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