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1 Minute Self Introduction : A Guide for Students

Nov 8, 2023
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Managing to make a minute-long introduction about oneself is something that will stand anybody in good stead in life. This is especially true of students who have their whole life ahead and need to impress people in academics, extracurricular activities and later on at the time of facing professional interviews. 

This is something that primary schools in Dubai and international schools in Dubai well impress upon their students. 

Why Self Introduction is Important?

Teaching effective self introduction to students is very important as it is something that they will be required to use again and again in life. For students it acts as an ice-breaker and a means to make a good first impression on fellow students and teachers. 

As they say-well begun is half done. This is something that primary schools in Dubai are well aware of. Dubai school communication skills come quite handy for students. No wonder then that international students in Dubai can give such a good account of themselves in various situations. 

A minute-long introduction can help participants in extracurricular activities like sports, theatre, elocution and so on get to bond and know their co-participants better, leading to enhanced performance. 

A confident and precise introduction can help make a fabulous impression on people interviewing a student for a job. Somebody making a professional elevator pitch which is an enhanced version of a one-minute pitch may end up with a lucrative business contract.

What is a 1-Minute Self Introduction

A 1-minute introduction involves a student or anybody telling people their name, age, family background, place of residence, accomplishments, hobbies and interests. 

It is almost akin to a product advertisement with the difference being that the person making the introduction is promoting himself or herself.  Given how important and useful a 1-minute self introduction can be, any parenting tips for student introduction are always more than welcome.

Self Introduction for Students - Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that can be deployed by students to perfect self-introduction:

1. Write down a small brief about yourself and learn it by heart. This will give you the confidence to speak about yourself fluently. 

2. Practice a minute long self introduction with your parents, siblings and friends.

3. Observe how others introduce themselves and try to pick up whatever you find useful.

4. Read books and watch television and movies for cues about how one conducts oneself in social situations.

5. Students would do well to listen to any tips that their parents might want to share as they have all been there and done that. 

6. Students planning to enroll in professional colleges may want to undertake coaching that guides them through things like one-minute introductions.

7. Begin by smiling and extending a greeting towards the audience. This will win them over and make them well-disposed towards you.

8. Weave in an interesting anecdote to make your pitch interesting.

9. It makes sense to focus on your strengths when introducing yourself. It will make you feel confident.

10. Don’t try too hard to impress. The more naturally you will communicate, the better you will come across.

11. Try and summarise your message at the end to get your main points across.

How Does GIIS Dubai Assist Students in Developing Their Self-Introduction Skills?

When it comes to boosting self-introduction skills in Dubai, no place is better than GIIS Dubai. For one, its teachers ensure that one’s English language skills become exemplary.  

Also, the fact that students have to participate in a multitude of academic, extra and co-curricular activities requiring a self-introduction to multiple team members now and then, makes them quite confident in their skin about such things. 

The school also provides specific coaching when it comes to honing their students' communication skills, including teaching them how to introduce themselves in diverse situations. Holding mock sessions is one of the most effective ways of achieving that.


A one-minute introduction is something that everyone is called upon to do at some point or the other in their lives. It is, therefore, a great idea to get children started quite early at this vital skill. 

The role of one’s parents and teachers is quite vital in this as they possess the requisite life experience to guide them. The tips provided in this article provide a fair idea of how students can go about polishing and honing their 1-minute self-introduction skills.

H2: Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Specific Situations Where A 1-Minute Self-Introduction is Commonly Required For Students?

There are several such situations. For instance, a new student in a school would be expected to introduce himself or herself to their teachers and classmates. Students who are made part of a sports, drama, elocution or debating team may also be required to introduce themselves. 

A student may need to attend interviews for college admission, which again would require self-introduction.

What's The Best Way To Practice A 1-Minute Self Introduction?

The best way to practice a 1-minute self introduction routine is to carry out mock drills with the help of teachers, parents, siblings and friends.

How Can Students Tailor Their Self-Introductions For Different Audiences or Situations?

Students can tailor their self-introduction style according to what the target audience is interested in. For instance, if one needs to introduce oneself to the members of a sports team, one should volunteer information about one’s sporting acumen. 

On the other hand, if one is getting interviewed for college placement, one should draw attention to one’s academic credentials. 

Is It Important To Maintain A Positive Tone In A 1-Minute Self Introduction?

It is critical to maintain a positive tone in a 1-minute self introduction as the time required to create a favorable impression is so little. A positive and pleasant tone not only helps create a favorable impression on the target audience but also gets them to listen more intently.

What's The Difference Between A Self Introduction And An Elevator Pitch?

A self-introduction is about one’s self, whereas an elevator pitch is about a product or service. A self-introduction may be carried out by a student in myriad situations, whereas an elevator pitch is more commonly used by marketers or business owners. Students may be required to learn to make elevator pitches if they are studying business or undergoing an MBA.

What Should Students Do if They Run Out of Time During A 1-Minute Self-Introduction?

The best thing to do in such a situation is to quickly summarise the main points and the main thrust of one’s message in a manner that can be easily understood and appreciated by the target audience.


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