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Expert tips to do well in Board exams for students of CBSE Schools in Dubai

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021
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About CBSE Board

The Central Board of Secondary Education which is recognized by the government of India prioritizes experiential learning which includes written, oral and practical methodologies. CBSE has an advantage over other boards in Dubai. It is a national level indian curriculum and is available to both private and public schools. Students studying in CBSE school in Dubai turn out to be well groomed academically as well as non-academically. 

The curriculum promises academic excellence through innovative learning methodologies through student-friendly and student-centric paradigms. Their commitment to imparting knowledge in the best possible way, through best possible means, finds success in the outcomes of their efforts. The CBSE results have been consistently outstanding, with students scoring excellent grades in both Class 10 and 12 Board Exams, nationally and internationally. 

CBSE students are offered exceptional benefits like flexibility in choosing the field of their interest, which instills a sense of confidence and enhances their capabilities.For this reason the CBSE curriculum is one of the most preferred curriculum in schools.

Following are some tips on how to prepare for board exams


1. Make notes for last minute revision

As the exams approach, every student of CBSE schools in Dubai or from a  private school in Dubai  prefers to start revising. Though revising is an very effective technique it just doesn’t refer to the recollection of concepts the students have previously studied but it includes reviewing of concepts to improve retention, understanding and analyzing. Revision refreshes the concepts and increases confidence in students. Revision helps the students make stronger arguments and impressive answers. 

A revision also helps the students to improve the quality of their answers and include all the crucial points which others may tend to miss. CBSE schools in Dubai recommend making notes that will help students to revise their portion well.

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2. Need for attempting every question in the exam

In the CBSE board exams, it is important to attempt every question as for the boards there is no negative marking. While attempting the lengthy board examinations there is a mild possibility that the students might forget an answer even when they have studied everything. At this time, instead of worrying, it is important to attend the question by writing answers closer to the concept even if it might be wrong. 

This attempt to write the answer may give the student few marks unlike zero marks when left unattended. These questions are more like guesswork therefore the students should not waste much time on these questions and attempt them at the end of the exam.

3. Prioritization of questions

CBSE schools in Dubai and private schools in dubai help students to focus on important questions  which can help them in time-management, do well in exams, and efficient organization by prioritizing questions. This enables the students to write good quality answers and complete the exam before time. 

This technique can be followed by choosing and answering the questions the students are already well versed with. This will reduce their anxiety, build confidence and help them attempt the majority of questions in less time period. Finishing the paper before time enables the students to cross check every answer, ensures that they haven’t missed any questions and gives them more clarity about the exam. 

The CBSE school in Dubai encourages the students to practice more mock and preliminary exams so that the students get used to this pattern. Attempting sample papers familiarizes the students with exam patterns helping them to prioritize the questions easily without wasting a lot of time.  

5. Writing precise answers

When the students are over prepared for the examinations they seem to go out of track while answering the questions and tend to write more than necessary for short answers. During board exams, it is important to write precise answers. Otherwise the short answers or questions with less weightage can take more time than necessary. 

It is important to put the right efforts at the right place. It is better to write short answers with crucial details which should be based on the marks. In the end, the teacher who is checking the paper won’t be able to give more marks than the question carries for a detailed answer. It is necessary for the students to understand and apply this.

6. Avoiding panic

Staying calm and avoiding panic is one of the most important things students should adopt. Although due to the pressure to do well, the students may panic and get anxiety attacks but staying calm during the examination makes a huge difference. Embracing fear and anxiety will help in relaxation and hence concentrate on studying, revising and doing better in the examination. 

Why Indian Parents prefer enrolling their students in CBSE Schools in Dubai?

The Indian parents feel reconnected to the indian roots when their students opt for the CBSE curricula. Even if the parents decide to go back to India there will be continuity in education and they won’t miss out due to the cross-country relocation. 

Indian schools in the United Arab Emirates assure the parents about their children’s education and since CBSE has a very high demand as it caters well to the parents as well as students needs, following are the advantages the CBSE curriculum provides which attracts the indian Parents and Students:

● Standardised textbooks and curriculum will help the students to prepare for the entrances of  major university examinations.

● Caters to the students’ academic and non-academic pursuits and maintains a balance enabling the students to think critically and become compassionate individuals to give justice to their chosen field. 

● Includes learning among students which inspires them to be high-achievers and opt for fields like Medicine and Technology.

● Teaches the students to become ethically upright individuals following universal models of humanity and instills values of ethics, discipline, respect and kindness.

● Emphasis on professional skills, extracurricular activities with vocational skills that gives  students a well-efficient education. 

● The schools also provide meticulous learning activities that provoke the students to think critically. This aids the students to find their area of interest and do well in it.  

Apart from these reasons, CBSE provides many other facilities which benefit the students, much to the relief of their parents.


‍The schools in Dubai use this CBSE approach to enhance the experience of the students through great facilities and opportunities and help them excel in whatever they do. Students  are given access to national and international platforms to exhibit their talent, they are also encouraged to participate in competitions and events which will allow them to showcase their knowledge and capabilities. 

The schools ensure that the students focus more on learning rather than stressing about exams and scoring good marks. They make sure that the students have realized and accepted that examinations are a mere method to confirm what the students have learned and not confirming their abilities. 

Hence the examination tips make sure that outcomes  are rewarded for the students' hard work. The alumni of these schools have gone on to make a mark in the fields of their choice - starting venture capital companies in various countries to being part of the space programmes in the US. 

GIIS communications team

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