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What sets apart Indian International Schools in Dubai?

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021
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To thrive in the context of an ever-changing global society, children need to be more prepared through their educational years in the current scenario as compared to two decades ago. The fast pace of growth seen across the world can seem overwhelming for a lot of parents, but that is only because the scope of their own education was limited by a variety of factors. 

In the past two to three decades, technological advancements have taken leaps that would have seemed impossible to most. 

The invention of better quality phones, for example, has meant that certain children never have to undergo the learning curve of moving from the bulky personal computer to a sleek and compact smartphone. 

Therefore, it is imperative that the children of today are educated in such a way that they continue to be self-reliant lifelong learners to keep up with the accelerated pace of advancements that will be seen in the near future. 

With its modern curriculum and adaptive learning approach, indian international schools in Dubai offer a transformative learning environment to ensure that its students are more than efficiently prepared to take on the varied challenges they will face in their future.

Why is Dubai well-equipped to impart high-quality education?

In the United Arab Emirates, cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are home to a number of expatriates from all over the world. As a result, it makes for the ideal schooling environment for students who can grow up to be actively contributing members of the international society. The students living in this advanced metropolis need to be able to have healthy social interactions with people from different backgrounds and nationalities if they are to flourish in a diversifying cultural environment. 

Keeping this in mind, the UAE’s Ministry of Education has emphasised providing a world-class education to all children to ensure that they are able to pursue ample opportunities that help them grow professionally as well. The city’s well-developed and modern infrastructure is also seen in its schools and other educational campuses. 

By offering specialized extra-curricular activities and innovative value-added programs, schools like this are a testament to Dubai’s endeavour of providing outstanding education to each and every child. Listed below are some ways in which these schools in Dubai ensure the holistic development of its children.

Four ways in which good schools make students’ lives more enriching

Dubai schools are always striving to provide the latest advancements in teaching strategies and tools to its students. This makes sure that schools leave no stone unturned in preparing their students to be lifelong learners with an added emphasis on ensuring that their overall growth happens at an accelerated pace. It does so by offering the following educational experiences:

1. World-class facilities

The educational campuses of Dubai international schools are  well-equipped at providing a high-quality learning experience for its students with state-of-the-art facilities. Students in every age group have access to the right quality infrastructure that only enhances their academic and co-curricular experiences. 

Some of the best schools have culinary labs, kiddy gyms, kids pools, etc for its preschool students and well-stocked libraries, spacious auditoriums, art studios, music studios, science laboratories, etc. for its primary to high school students.

Schools should make sure that students' needs are fulfilled in every aspect of their learning stage. 

Keeping the nuances of child development in mind, Dubai school campuses also take care of minute details such as ensuring that kids are exposed to ample natural sunlight and making sure that the indoor air quality is optimally controlled with the right temperature and proper ventilation. It even places emphasis on students’ safety and security, and some schools even provide digital IDs to all its students through which the school authorities can know their latest location on the school’s campus

A strong network of CCTV cameras across the schools ensure that children’s safety remains the highest priority.

2. Beneficial extracurricular activities

In order to help students attain holistic development, these schools place equal emphasis on honing their non-academic skills and talents. It encourages students to identify and grow their potential with the help of extra-curricular as well as co-curricular activities. Extra-curricular activities such as Soccer, Karate, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Swimming, etc. are aimed at developing children’s skills in improving teamwork and collaboration with their peers. 

They also help children learn how to push their limits in a safe and supportive environment where failure is merely viewed as a stepping stone towards being successful. Other co-curricular activities such as the Music Club, Debate Club, Dance Club, Elocution competitions, etc. are aimed at harnessing student’s natural passions with the right guidance of teachers who can mentor students every step of the way. 

By achieving the right balance between academic learnings and extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, a school can provide the apt learning environment to make students be better prepared to remain self-confident about their own abilities after graduating from school.

3. Special Events

With the overall development of children being at the core of every school in Dubai, the school organises a number of unique activities in each academic year. The school organizes several events that allow children to showcase their skills and talents on a public platform where they receive support and encouragement from their fellow peers, parents and teachers. 

In order to teach students the values of compassion and giving back to society, schools also organize events like community service where students get hands-on experience on how they can do their bit to make someone else’s lives better. 

4. Engagement with parents

Parents are an integral part of a child’s learning experience. Hence, schools have been actively encouraging parents through multiple activities to keep them up-to-date about their children’s daily performance in school. 

Through one-on-one sessions with their child’s class-teachers, parents can understand the improvements their child is going through and it also allows them to bring up concerns that they might be noticing in their children outside the school. 

The use of technology to communicate with parents more efficiently is a common practise in most of these schools. Parents are also invited to special events such as the Annual Day to witness their children showcase their unique skills and talents. Such events ultimately contribute to children’s development as they receive positive affirmations from their parents.


Indian International Schools in Dubai are committed to ensuring the cognitive, emotional, physical and psychological development of all its students. As these schools have their own international presence, parents can be assured that they understand the need to impart quality education to their students such that it enables them to thrive in the age of globalization. 

If you are looking for Dubai school admissions, then you should ideally start the process a term before the academic year begins.

GIIS communications team

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