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The Play Way Method - Techniques and Benefits

Feb 7, 2023
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The Play Way method is a renowned system of educating very small children taking their first steps in the world of formal education.  It is based on the premise that learning is best done through play and exploration. While this system of education is largely used in the case of early childhood education, it can also be used in primary and secondary education. Nursery schools in Dubai and the best Indian schools in Dubai are known to use this method of teaching very small children.

What is Play Way Method?

The Play Way method of education assumes that play is a natural way for children to learn about and understand the world around them. It relies on the fact that children learn best when they actively participate in their own learning. This method involves encouraging children to learn via hands-on activities, exploration and games, instead of through traditional classroom teaching. The idea is to create an engaging and interactive learning environment that fulfils a child’s natural curiosity and creative urges.


The teacher’s role is that of a facilitator who guides and supports the child in learning and developing, rather than dictating a specific course of action. He or she is encouraged and empowered to take an active role in their own learning, which allows them to make choices and explore their interests.

What are the types of Play Way Method?

There are quite a few types of the Play Way method. Let’s look at them one by one-

● Role-playing games- This involves the children essaying different roles like those of doctors, teachers, shopkeepers and so on to develop social and emotional skills.

● Block building- This method involves children using blocks of different shapes and sizes to get an understanding about problem solving.

● Outdoor play- This involves children engaging in physical activity outdoors. Things like running, jumping and climbing help them develop their motor skills.

● Creative play- Creative play encourages children to discover their creative side by using materials like paint, clay and drawing tools to express themselves.

● Storytelling- Storytelling has always been around and is a wonderful way of teaching children about different concepts and to help develop their language and communication skills.

How effective is the play-way method of learning in the early years of education?

Nursery schools in Dubai and the best Indian schools in Dubai are known to deploy this method of teaching the very young.The advantages of the play way method of learning are many. Let us look at this in some detail-

● The fact that the Play Way method emphasises learning through play and exploration, encouraging children to learn at their own pace and in a way that they find meaningful and engaging, makes it very effective.

● There is definitive research to suggest that the play way method of education helps children develop a range of skills including cognitive, social, emotional and physical ones. It helps them develop problem-solving, creativity, language and numeracy skills.

● The play way method is known to give a fillip to the children’s social skills like communication, cooperation and teamwork. It also helps them to develop their emotional skills and enhance their confidence.

What are the Benefits of Play Way Method of Teaching?

The play way method of teaching has been universally adopted as the best way to provide early education to very small children. There are several reasons why it is so-

Engaging- The Play Way method is known to be a most engaging one, on account of its being both engaging and interactive, thereby managing to sustain children’s interest in learning.

Holistic-The Play Way method leads to holistic development of children incorporating their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Better Learning-Since the Play Way method of learning is a fun way of learning it helps small children learn and retain information more effectively.

Instils Confidence-The Play Way method is the best way to help little children build confidence and self-esteem, because it allows them to learn at their own pace and in a fun way.

Teaches Children Social Skills- The Play Way method teaches children to learn collaboration and teamwork in the process sharpening their communication and social skills.

What are the Techniques of Teaching Play-Way method?

The techniques involved in the Play Way method of teaching are as follows:

● Activity based- Rather than rely solely on books, this kind of learning is activity based, leaving a more lasting effect on the students.

● Hands-on experience- The Play Way method of learning involves a hands on experience about how to go about understanding a concept. If children need to understand what a  certain fruit is, one might show it to them and ask them to eat it.

Playing games-Playing games is a great way to teach small children. They could, for instance, be asked to match names with pictures of animals.

Art projects- Art plays a great role in firing up the imagination of young people. They could, for example, be asked to paint objects and things of daily use that are green in colour. These could include fruits, vegetables, grass, bed covers, clothes or anything else green in colour.

What are the Principles of Play Way Method of Teaching?

The Play Way method of teaching follows a set of principles of its own. These are as follows-

● Make learning fun.

● Make learning interactive

● Make learning experiential

● Make learning involve games.and other outdoor activities.

● Letting the children learn at their own pace.

● Not burdening the children


The Play Way method of teaching is acknowledged and used around the world to initiate very small children into International  schools, learning and education. This method of learning is meant to inspire small children to understand the world by experiencing it in a fun and interesting way. The idea is to encourage them to satisfy their natural curiosity by real life experiences in a very enabling environment that inculcates a lifelong love of learning in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Use Of Tools In Play Way Method?

Yes, the Play Way method of education does use tools to aid the learning process in small children. Some prime examples of that are puzzles, educational toys, building blocks, musical instruments, arts supplies, sand, clay and water.

What Materials Are Used In Play Way Method?

Since this method of education is activity based there are a lot of materials which are put to use to make that possible. These include blocks and building materials, art supplies, play props for role playing, toys and games and outdoor play equipment like swings and slides.

Why Play-Way Method Is Important In Today’s Life?

The Play Way method is important in today’s life because one is valued for the practical skills one brings to the table and not so much what one has read or learnt from books. The Play Way method is based on the same philosophy.

Explain One Example Of Play-Way Method

Using building blocks to explain mathematical concepts to small children is a good example of the Play Way method in action.


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