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Personality Development Activities for Children

Feb 5, 2024
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When it comes to personality development for kids, there is nothing better than personality development activities. This is something that is well-recognized by international schools in Dubai and primary schools in Dubai. Let us look at what personality development activities for children entail in some detail.

What are personality development activities & how is it helpful for Children’s Development?

Personality development activities are things that kids can do that can help them learn and grow better. These could range from reading and solving puzzles to storytelling and solving puzzles. The idea behind these is to empower children with the ability to express themselves well and grow their self-confidence. Doing so can work wonders for their long term development and turn them into fully functional and capable individuals.

What are fun ways to teach personality?

When it comes to helping children to develop their personality, one should try and make it fun and relatable. For instance, if you want to encourage them to read a book by a celebrated author, you could share an anecdote from the author’s life to make things interesting. 

If you want them to learn about relationships, you could make them enact a play where different children play different characters like that of a father, teacher, parent, sibling and friend. 

They could likewise be taught fairplay by making them play sports in a competitive but fair manner. They could be taught about kindness by making them welcome new students in the class in a friendly and helpful manner. 

There really are many fun ways of making children develop their personalities in a very organic manner. The  international schools in Dubai and primary schools in Dubai are fine exponents of the art of developing their students' personality in fun ways.

Why is personality development important for children?

Personality development is truly important for children as that can help them do well in their lives ahead. A well-developed and confident personality can help open doors to success in the lives ahead. 

That is why teachers and parents need to nurture and develop children in a manner that they blossom into sorted, competent and capable individuals. Child development activities, therefore, are an integral part of most international schools these days.

Top Most Engaging Personality Development Activities for Children

Let us look at eleven of the most engaging personality development activities for children-

1. Reading - Nothing opens up a young mind more than the magical world of reading that helps transport it to different worlds offering valuable insights into life itself.

2. Storytelling - Storytelling is ingrained into the human psyche from the earliest times. Encouraging children to participate in storytelling expands their minds, fires up their imaginations and makes them better communicators.

3. Art (Drawing and Painting) - Drawing and painting are something that mankind has done since the age of cave developers. Encouraging children to take it up helps them express themselves better and may also act as a cathartic activity that helps the little ones communicate their fears as well as joys.

4. Sport - Engaging in sports exercises the minds and bodies of children, while teaching them valuable lessons of teamwork, competition, camaraderie and fair play.

5. Solving Puzzles - Solving puzzles or trying to correctly align all the sides of a Rubik’s cube can help a child develop great problem-solving skills.

6. Public Speaking and Debates - Getting children to speak publicly and participate in debate not only rids them of stage fright but also develops their confidence hugely.

7. Role-play activities - Role-play activities teach the young ones about how to conduct themselves in different situations and how to manage and navigate their relationships.

8. Showing them by example - The most significant factor in the development of impressionable minds is the way that they see the adults in their lives conduct themselves. It is, therefore, important for teachers and parents to set a fine example for the children to emulate.

9. Encourage them to socialise -  Humans are social animals, and it makes sense to put the children in social situations at home and school where they get to interact with their fellow students, teachers, relatives, neighbours, and friends that they play with at the neighbourhood park and so on. The more they are put in social situations, the more they learn.

10. Make them read inspirational quotations - There is a treasure trove of inspirational quotes out there. Exposing children to them can have a very positive long-term impact on them. 

11. Show them how to be kind- Teaching children the value of kindness will last them in very good stead in their lives. This is something that should be taught to them in the classroom and at home by way of their interaction with others.Thanking somebody who does something for you, being polite in the way that one talks to one another and being gentle with pets are some of the things that children need to learn very well.

How do International schools like GIIS help children in personality development?

International schools like GIIS help children in personality development by first of all providing them with a very enabling environment on the campus with regard to infrastructure and providing them with great teachers who mentor them all the way. 

Apart from that they help the students learn, grow and develop through a combination of academics and extracurricular activities. They also work closely with parents to ensure that every child gets what they need to develop their personality in an optimal manner.


Personality development is the most important part of a child’s growth and development as that determines how successful he or she will be in life. It is no less important than academics for a growing up child and that is why most schools these days focus on holistic education that develops a child mentally, physically, socially and spiritually, and not just academically.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are personality development games for children?

Personality development games are any set of activities that stimulate personality development in children.

What are fun ways to teach personality?

Fun ways of teaching personality should not feel like a chore and should be more like play for children, allowing them to seamlessly incorporate the lessons of personality development.

What are the 4 types of child personalities?

The four types of child personalities are:

1. Choleric - Dominating and strong-willed personality.

2. Sanguine - Expressive, playful and socially active.

3. Melancholic - The analytical kind of personality that is also very private and polite.

4. Phlegmatic - The thoughtful, careful, helpful, loyal and non-confrontational personality.

What is self-play for children?

Self-play for children involves playing on their own but under the watchful eye of the parent. This allows them to develop their imagination, hone their problem-solving ability and teach them the virtues of patience and resilience.

What is a personality test for children?

Any test that can help assess or gauge the emotional, cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal skills and abilities of a child is a personality test for children. These are usually carried out with the help of a parent or guardian.


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