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Inspire your child to do better in best school in Dubai with these amazing tips

GIIS communications team
Dec 23, 2020
Parenting Tips

The future of humanity depends on the youth of today. Tomorrow’s leaders will be shaped by the education we provide them today. Which is why it is imperative to give our child a good education and inculcate a habit of hard work right from the beginning of their educational journey.  

Parents and teachers can do many things to shape the curious minds of children in the right manner. Parents' and teachers' collective effort can play an instrumental role in guiding students and inspiring waves of transformation and educational growth in students.

With the ready availability of information and growing influence of social media, childrens’ attention span is getting lower, and it is becoming extremely difficult to get children to excel in learning at the school level. Many children grow up on social media trends which more often than not disparage education, thus making them drift away from the path of education illumination. 

There is nothing wrong with children finding their passion outside of the classroom, but basic education will always be a necessity in every age and stage of their lives. Here is what parents and teachers can do to motivate students to perform better in schools for a brighter future. 

1. Hands-on Involvement

It is key to be an active participant in the child’s academics. Even if they have been enrolled in the best school in Dubai, what’s happening post-school at home is also of great magnitude. If the parent pays attention and gives constant feedback to their children’s school performance, it will make them more committed to their work. 

Asking questions about school, friends, events etc will send the right message that parents care about their child’s progress at school. It is good to help them with their homework, attend parent teacher meetings, and engage in constant dialogue and acts of encouragement and reassurance with children. Doing this will assure the child that their parents will always be there for them when they need help. 

This token of awareness will further play an instrumental role in boosting their confidence and encourage them to do better. Taking them on field trips and visiting areas which are academically important, will also go a long way in increasing their interest in studies.

2. Reward Them for their hard work

Be sure to reward the child for all their efforts in doing the best they can, no matter what the end result may be. Showing them all the love and appreciation that they deserve for studying and doing well in exams is not an easy task and is sometimes very pressurizing. Make them feel proud of their accomplishments, make it known to them that they have come a long way. 

Whether it is their favourite meal, ice-cream, snack, chocolate, a video game, or even a privilege, it is the best way to acknowledge their work without spoiling them. This will provide them with motivation to work even harder and continue with the same resilience and spirit they have started with. 

More importantly, give them a break and that much-needed time off that your child evidently needs. Student life should not be about learning alone, a child needs to indulge in self-care and rest time too. It is your job as a parent to ensure that your child has a balanced life and a supportive learning environment. . Sometimes, a high-five, a hug, praise, and kind words can also go a long way -so do pamper your young ones with it. 

3. Assure Them That It Is Okay To Make Mistakes

To err is human. Parents should make it known to their children that making mistakes is okay. It is a parent’s job to reassure their children that they should not be too hard on themselves for the occasional blunders they have made in their student life.

It is almost impossible to achieve straight A’s and/or perfect scores on every test even if they are in the best school in Dubai. Assure them that life is unpredictable and has its highs and lows. Sometimes, some things may occur when we least expect them to. It’s completely natural to experience complications and disappointments. 

Setbacks are normal and should be treated as such. What matters most is that they pick themselves up, dust the dirt off their shoes, and get ready for another round of hard work. After all, student life can be pretty exhausting and intimidating and your child needs to be prepared for it. All that matters is trying - so encourage your child to put in their best foot. Encourage them in this direction.


4. Consider Getting Outside Help

If the child’s grades and scores are not up to par and the parent expects more from them knowing his or her capabilities and potential, they can always consider getting outside help. A tutor can really help in getting the best out of the child. 

Due to their experience and technical know-how in the education industry, they might know the different methods/styles of teaching and learning that they can pass onto the child, to make them sharper and smarter and excel in even the most difficult curricula at the best school in Dubai

Parents can also ponder about hiring an older student to help their children with their school work. This will be an inexpensive affair and it may also increase the likelihood of the child listening to their tutor as they will be about the same age. This can also reduce some load off the parent’s shoulders and help them relax.

5. Keep Their Anxiety Levels in Check

Children often do not recognize their anxiety for what it is. Instead, they may think there is something wrong with them. Sometimes they might even think they are weird, weak, out of control, or even going crazy, which is not healthy. 

Let them unwind and take their time to cope up. It is not ideal for a school going child to experience this much stress. Given how common anxiety and depression is amongst the youth today, it is very likely that your child might experience the same if they ignore their mental health. 

A child can perform well in class when they are in the best mental and emotional shape. Make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on your child and stay away from setting unrealistic expectations. Additionally, you can also encourage your child to seek emotional help from counselors in school if needed. Plus, assure them that no matter what they are going through, you’ll always be there to listen.


6. Be Their Companion, Their Friend

Parent’s should create a positive learning environment for their children by being friends with them. It is also vital to talk and listen. If parents treat their children as their friends, they will feel inspired to talk, share, and explore their everyday experiences and stories without any hesitation. 

Doing this will help parents become more involved in their children’s life and they will also become more aware of the obstacles that their child  may be facing in school.

Whether it is bullying, or difficulties in grasping new topics, slow learning, social challenges, emotional problems, and so on - parents will be better equipped to assist their children with any school-related burnouts they may be going through as long as they keep the communication lines open. 

All of these challenges can disengage a child academically and demotivate them. By being there for their child emotionally, parents can play a pivotal role in ensuring that their child has all the support they need to thrive in their academics and in life. 

7. Be Gentle, Treat Them with a Lot of Care


Treat children with respect, and with utmost care. Do not push them too hard. Always remember to be gentle with them as they are still young, innocent, and naive. 

Be harsh with children only when absolutely necessary. Being unnecessarily strict with your child may be counterproductive and it may lead to unpleasant consequences for both you and your child. 

Do not use violence, threats, shouting, and scolding as a resort to train or discipline your child. You might deteriorate the situation even more and shatter your child’s self-confidence by engaging in such practices. So rest easy, and be considerate in your dealings with your child. 

To conclude, the methods we have suggested in this article can help your child grow into a happy individual who finds joy in everything they do. The main goal should be to make learning fun, fascinating, and interesting for your children. Thus being a support system to the child is very important. Make sure that you follow the tips we have outlined here to experience first-hand the positive results of our suggestions.

GIIS communications team

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