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Excellence in Education: GIIS Dubai’s Leading School Nurture Holistic Development

Jul 25, 2023
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What Makes GIIS Dubai A Leading School for Holistic Development?

At GIIS Dubai, we remain firmly committed to providing a nurturing and holistic learning environment for students. This endeavor helps us foster the overall growth and development of our students to be global citizens of tomorrow.

If you are looking for school admission for your kid to a good international school, then you ought to check out GIIS Dubai. As a leading school, we believe that education extends beyond textbooks and examinations. It encompasses the physical, emotional, and social well-being of every child. And this is the USP we seek to develop with our expertise in holistic education. 

Our distinguished faculty embraces innovative teaching methodologies. These promote critical thinking, creativity, and skills in solving problems. We offer a robust curriculum that integrates academics, sports, arts, and extracurricular activities. Such versatility helps to nurture well-rounded individuals.

The crown jewel of our innovative academic architecture is the 9 GEMS framework. This dynamic model works to help students emerge as leaders for life. For this, we inculcate a sense of entrepreneurship, creativity, and the ability to explore amidst a sense of intrigue.

Students get access to cutting-edge facilities and cutting-edge technology at GIIS. We place a premium on character building. We aim to empower students to become compassionate, responsible global citizens. Our personalized approach to education ensures that each student’s unique talents and interests are recognized and nurtured. This step enables them to unlock their full potential.

At GIIS Dubai, we are committed to shaping confident and culturally aware individuals. We strive to help them excel in an ever-changing world. This makes us a preferred academic destination for holistic development.


A Day in the Life at GIIS Dubai

A fun-packed and active day awaits a student at GIIS Dubai. Here is a peek into some traits that define a typical day at school for a student.


a. After School Activities

Students get an encouraging activity to be exposed to new skill sets and abilities through the After School Activities (ASA) at GIIS Dubai. These include karate, swimming, basketball, and tennis classes. Other than sports, we encourage students to try out leisure activities like art, dance, and ballet.


b. Comprehensive Education

Right from nursery to high school, we follow a Comprehensive educational framework for our students. We have collected the best of Western and Eastern academic teaching principles. This has culminated in the award-winning 9GEMS framework. It gives importance to students' lives beyond mere academic excellence. It lets students explore their capabilities in sports, skills, and values. As a result, GIIS Dubai students end up becoming aware and active global citizens of tomorrow.


c. Extracurricular Activities

We have made it mandatory for students to participate in at least one of the many exciting options in Extracurricular activities at GIIS Dubai. Some ESA options include basketball, chess, karate, cricket, and many other popular sports. We have dedicated spaces that help the students to sharpen their skills on their chosen ESA.  


d. Co-curricular Activities

We encourage students to go for at least one out of the several options in co-curricular activities at the school. The school has a robust and active debate club, dance club, music club, and a Nikon club. This brings out the well-rounded characteristics of a student’s personality. It helps them look beyond academics and books to shape a more holistic personality.


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Global Indian International School Dubai

Are you looking for school admission to a good Global Indian International School Dubai? Then do factor in these pointers to make the right choice.

[1] Curriculum and Accreditation

Check if the school offers a reputable and globally recognized curriculum. Options like IB or CBSE are smart choices. The curricula should be tailored to your child’s needs. A well-structured curriculum lays the foundation for a comprehensive education. This prepares students for future academic challenges.


[2] Teaching Faculty

You need to look for experienced and qualified teachers. They are skilled at providing a nurturing and challenging (yet exciting) learning environment for students. A dedicated and skilled faculty inspires students to explore their potential. They help in fostering a love for learning and academic excellence.


[3] Language Support

Gauge the language of instruction used in the school. Does the school offer language support programs to assist non-native English speakers? If so, then, it is likely a good selection. Effective language support helps students develop strong language skills. With this, students can integrate seamlessly into the school community.


[4] Facilities and Resources

As a part of your due diligence, you can assess the school’s infrastructure and technology facilities. They work together to boost your child’s learning experience. These resources enrich students’ educational journey.


[5] Class Size and Student-Teacher Ratio

Pick schools that offer smaller class sizes. The favorable student-teacher ratios facilitate personalized attention and individual growth. Students thrive in such an environment where teachers can provide tailored support and guidance.


[6] Cultural Diversity

Don’t forget to check if the school promotes an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity. This USP allows your child to experience a global perspective. Exposure to different cultures enriches learning and promotes empathy. As a result, the student is prepared for a connected world.


[7] Extracurricular Activities

Evaluate the range of activities offered to students. They will foster well-rounded development beyond academics. A diverse selection of extracurricular activities cultivates talents and builds character in the student. Hence, they are an essential point to check when you set out to pick a Global Indian International School Dubai.


[8] Parent Involvement

Look for a school that encourages parent involvement. This will positively impact student success.


[9] Safety and Security

Prioritize a secure campus with safety measures in place. This ensures your child’s well-being. A safe environment instills confidence in parents and enables students to focus on their studies.


[10] School Reputation and Alumni Success

Research the school’s track record and inquire about the success of its alumni in higher education and careers. A strong school reputation and successful alumni showcase the institution’s commitment to excellence in education.


GIIS Dubai Campus - An Overview of A Leading School in Dubai


The state-of-the-art campus at GIIS Dubai places a premium on quality and all-round education. Our campus serves as a catalyst for nurturing young minds. All resources and facilities work towards a single aim - fostering a conducive atmosphere for academic and personal growth.

Our dynamic and skilled staff makes sure to impart world-class learning and skill development. This way, we seamlessly blend academics, sports, arts, and extracurricular pursuits. As a result, our students remain motivated to explore new frontiers and embrace creativity.

At GIIS Dubai, we celebrate cultural diversity and promote global citizenship. We present students with a well-rounded perspective. Safety and well-being are paramount. Hence we have invested actively in a secure campus and have comprehensive safety protocols in place.

As a leading international school in Dubai, we are dedicated to fostering a love for learning. This enables students to become compassionate and resilient leaders. Our commitment to excellence and a student-centric approach sets us apart.

These USPs make GIIS Dubai a preferred choice for holistic education in the region.


Types of School







Kindergarten covers Pre-KG, KG-1, and KG-2

School grades cover Grade 1 to Grade 12 


Admission & Fee Structure

You can fill up the assessment form for the student on this link. Then, our student counselors will help with scheduling an assessment either face to face or online. You can pay the admission fee post the assessment.

Next will be document verification for the student and parents. You can pay the tuition fee upon successful document verification and the admission deposit confirming the successful admission of the child to the school.

Lastly, we will guide you through the KHDA registration process, which is mandatory for all students here in Dubai.


The fee structure is as below

Fee Structure Academic Year 2023-2024
Grade Term Fee KHDA Fee Yearly
I Term II Term III Term
Grade 1 6,211.80 8,282.40 6,211.80 24,706 20,706
Grade 2 6,564.60 8,752.80 6,564.60 25,882 21,882
Grade 3 6,917.70 9,223.60 6,917.70 27,059 23,059
Grade 4 7,270.50 9,694.00 7,270.50 28,235 24,235
Grade 5 7,623.60 10,164.80 7,623.60 29,412 25,412
Grade 6 7,976.40 10,635.20 7,976.40 30,588 26,588
Grade 7 8,329.50 11,106.00 8,329.50 31,765 27,765
Grade 8 8,682.30 11,576.40 8,682.30 32,941 28,941
Grade 9 9,388.20 12,517.60 9,388.20 35,294 31,294
Grade 10 9,388.20 12,517.60 9,388.20 35,294 31,294
Grade 11 10,447.20 13,929.60 10,447.20 38,824 34,824
Grade 12 10,447.20 13,929.60 10,447.20 38,824 34,824


Facilities & Infrastructure

1 – Kindergarten

● Montessori Lab

● Library

● Al Bustan

● Kiddy Gym

● Outdoor Play Area



2 – Primary & Middle school

● Immersion Center

● GCIE - Robotics and Maker Space

● Computer Science labs

● Library

● Art Studio

● Music studio

● Nikon Studio

● Science laboratories

● Auditorium

● Wi-Fi enabled campus

● Clinic and Day care


Address & Contact Information

GIIS Dubai

Address - Near Al Manar Islamic Center, Al Meydan Road, Dubai

Email - admissions3.dxb@globalindianschool.org

Phone - 800GIISDXB (800 444-7392)

Site - https://dubai.globalindianschool.org/admissions/enquiry-form


Student/Teacher Ratio

15:1 (for 2 - 3 years old children)

20:1 (for 3 - 4 years old children)


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Frequently Asked Question

What Role Do Parents Play In A Student’s Education At GIIS Dubai?

At GIIS Dubai, we firmly believe in building a strong partnership between parents, students, and educators. Parents play a crucial role in supporting their child’s educational journey. They can make a difference by actively participating in school activities. They should attend parent-teacher meetings and stay informed about their child’s progress. We value parent involvement. This is important because it enhances communication and collaboration. This advantage enables a positive and nurturing learning environment for our students.


What Co-Curricular Activities Are Available At GIIS Dubai?

GIIS Dubai offers a rich selection of co-curricular activities. They cater to diverse interests and talents. We offer sports like football, swimming, and basketball. Students can also learn about arts such as music, dance, and drama. With these co-curricular activities, students have ample opportunities to explore their passions. Additionally, clubs and societies encompass robotics, debate, and Nikon club. They help students to enhance their skills and embrace a well-rounded educational experience.


How Does GIIS Dubai Ensure Academic Excellence?

GIIS Dubai is committed to academic excellence through a combination of these 3 factors

- exceptional teaching practices

- a robust curriculum, and

- personalized learning.

Our dedicated faculty employs innovative teaching methods. This helps students receive individual attention and support. Regular assessments and continuous improvement measures further empower students to excel in their academic pursuits. This way, we equip students with the tools they need to thrive academically and beyond.


Does GIIS Dubai Offer Scholarships?

Yes, GIIS Dubai provides scholarships to deserving students. Meritorious students who display exceptional academic achievements or outstanding talents are prime candidates for scholarships. These scholarships aim to recognize and reward students’ hard work and dedication to their studies and co-curricular pursuits. Scholarships are awarded based on a transparent and merit-based selection process. They serve as a testament to GIIS Dubai’s commitment to nurturing young talents and fostering academic excellence.


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