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WOW - Weekends of Wonder

GIIS, Dubai is an Indian school in Dubai has introduced an exciting and innovative program called WOW – Weekends of Wonder. Meant not just for students, but the entire family, this unique programme focuses on improving the quality and learning outcome of family time spent together over weekends

Weekends of Wonder at GIIS Dubai

Designed to make family time constructive and fun, the WOW programme by our international school in Dubai includes an array of exciting activities for the entire family like Swimming, Yoga, Meditation, Karate, Photography and Culinary arts, to name a few.

Moreover, some weekends at our Indian high school in Dubai will be packed with entertainment for all with events like music concerts and sports competitions for parents. And who doesn’t enjoy Movie Time with Family? Our primary school in Dubai will also be showcasing handpicked age-appropriate movies for students that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

In today’s fast paced environment, it is crucial for families to slow down and cherish the little things around them and most importantly cherish family time. The WOW programme by GIIS, one of the best schools in Dubai, does exactly just that! It has been designed to promote healthy activities and learning amongst children and their families. Open to all students, anybody can get their family enrolled for these fun weekends.

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