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NIkon Photography Club - GIIS Dubai

Nikon Photography Club

Nikon Photography Self-expression in education plays a significant role in helping a child’s growth and development, and Global Indian International School, Dubai has always focussed on incorporating holistic teaching methods to nurture their students.

NIkon Photography Club - GIIS Dubai

GIIS is the first Indian high school in Dubai and UAE to introduce photography in both campuses. GIIS is one of the best schools in Dubai and has partnered with global leader in imaging solutions, Nikon, to offer regular photography training and workshops to their students. Photography strengthens focus and patience to boost creativity and observation skills in young minds. It also enhances self-expression and confidence among children.

These essential life traits help shape them into better global citizens of tomorrow. These classes are purely meant to enhance every student’s creativity, confidence, and focus. Through regular exposure to photography equipment under expert guidance from Nikon, the students will gradually gain a complete understanding of the medium as well as the technology.

This helps students express themselves better and develop visual perception empowering them to explore a whole new world of their own. Incorporating this creative subject is a beautiful way to augment various mental and visual abilities in students from a young age. This also opens doors to upcoming and growing careers in the field of photography, if the children are inclined to pursue the same at our primary school in Dubai.

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