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How to Apply for Scholarships in Dubai?

The modern and beautiful Arabic architecture and the diverse environment thanks to the expat population, not to mention the fantastic malls and the vast number of recreational activities, make Dubai a dream destination. Studying at our Dubai campus is an equally exciting opportunity for students.

However, it may be difficult for the most deserving students to fund the expensive education in Dubai, causing any available funding.

There are various ways one can fund their studies in Dubai:

1. Scholarships. Scholarships are payments made to support students' education based on their academic achievement and other talents. One does not repay the scholarship money.

2. Parental support. Some parents are relatively wealthy and can easily sustain their children through university education in Dubai without any help. Their children don’t need to apply for scholarships.

3. Self-support.
Some learners fund their university education single-handedly. It could be through money from an inheritance. Or some financially poor children, once they receive their letters of admission, sometimes take time out of school to work and save up enough money to sustain them in the university.

4. Student loans. Banks and financial institutions are finally warming up to the idea of granting loans to deserving students to pay for their university education. The loan is paid once a learner is through with their education and can afford the payment instalments. Of course, the loan is repaid with an interest that varies depending on the bank.

Therefore, one must research intensively on various banks and their interest rates before settling to avoid future financial troubles. 

The best way to fund your education is to apply for scholarships if you are from a poor background. The scholarship will allow you to access quality education in your dream city, Dubai. The good news is that you do not have to repay the scholarship money or keep on worrying about repaying a student loan. Hence, you can solely focus on your studies. There are various scholarship levels in Dubai. They include -

● Postgraduate Scholarship
● PhD scholarship
● Fellowship scholarship
● Research scholarships, among others.

So, How Do You Apply for Scholarships in Dubai?

The following is a guide on how to apply for a scholarship in Dubai-

Step 1:  Select the Scholarship level

All the scholarships awarded in Dubai are available on one page. So when you log in to the web page, you will find a list of all scholarship levels. You should click the scholarship you want to apply for depending on the status of your education. For instance, if you recently completed your high school education, you should select the undergraduate level of scholarship and so on.

Step 2: Select the Year of Application

Once you have successfully selected the scholarship level, the next step is to choose the year you want to apply for the scholarship. Is it the next academic year 2020-2021? Click on your preferential year.

Step 3: Select the Name of the Scholarship

After you have successfully selected your scholarship preferential year, you will be provided with a list of all the available scholarships for that year, for example, many of our scholarships like the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship and Dr Abdul Kalam Scholarship. Choose the name of the scholarship you want to apply for.

Step 4: Fill in the Required Details

Every available scholarship differs in its requirements depending on the organization funding the scholarship. Therefore, a student should carefully follow the instructions provided and provide the relevant information.

Step 5: Submit your Application

After you have keenly filled in the details, and proofread the work to ensure that you have not made any careless mistakes, click on the submit button. Take time to go through the application before submitting it to avoid careless mistakes that could affect your university scholarship funding.

By following these steps, you will have successfully applied for a scholarship in Dubai. But the question is, how do you increase your chances of winning a scholarship in Dubai?

Below are a few tips to help increase your chances of winning a scholarship

1. Apply for as many scholarships as possible

There is no limit to the number of scholarships in Dubai that you could apply for, so apply for as many as possible. Limiting yourself to a few options reduces your chances of landing a scholarship. You may not be lucky as many other applicants eye the same scholarship as you are.

It is also essential that you do not ignore the small scholarships. For instance, if a particular scholarship offers a small amount of money that is not enough to cover all your university expenses, apply for it anyway. The money will come in handy when it comes to paying tuition fees or buying books, and even in paying for your house rent.

2. Be keen on who you list as your reference

In your application, you may come across some scholarships that require you to list several referees. The person you name as a reference can either increase or decrease your chances of winning a scholarship; therefore, you must be careful about who you submit as your referee.

Make sure it is a person who can vouch for you. Also, ensure that your referee is a person who knows you well to avoid the chances of the referee contradicting the information you may have already provided.

Once you submit your application, ensure that you alert your references to prevent them from being caught off guard and ruining your chances of getting the  scholarship that you’ve applied for.

3. Being thorough in writing your application

Ensure that you submit an application form free from grammatical errors and use formal and globally recognized language. Be careful with your word diction.

Ensure you write an appealing resume highlighting all your achievements. Make sure your resume counts. Before submitting your application, have a trusted friend read through your application. They have a better chance of identifying the mistakes that may not have caught your eye; this ensures that you submit an error-free application.

4. Attach all your credentials

Make a list of all the scholarship requirements. Ensure that you have all the required documents before submission and attach them. If you have extra achievement certificates such as an extracurricular activity certificate, it does not hurt to attach it. Increase your chance of winning the scholarship by attaching all your merit certificates.

It is worth noting that all your documents should be genuine. Do not sugar-coat any information or provide false information as this will only reduce your chances of being considered.

Ensure that you do not submit an application form without the required documents.

5. Observe the deadlines

Most scholarships, including our scholarships at International school in Dubai, provide an application deadline. Be an early bird. Submitting your application early signals how serious and determined you are in getting the Scholarship.

Do not be one of those students who submit their applications long past the set deadlines and expect to be considered.  So be timely in the submission of your application. 

A scholarship in Dubai is a life-changing opportunity. It gives you a chance to study in the best international schools and have access to quality education and increased career and job opportunities. So follow the step-by-step guide on applying for a scholarship in Dubai and increase your chances of winning the scholarship through these tips.

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