Why choose Global Indian International School

GIIS is a multi-award-winning school in Dubai, offering a curriculum that nurtures 21st-century skills. It is one of the few Dubai international Schools offering such a curriculum.

School of the Future

It is a multi-award-winning Indian international school in Dubai with an international outlook offering a curriculum that nurtures 21st-century skills. It is one of the top schools in Dubai offering a unique blend of holistic learning, well-qualified faculty, modern infrastructure and emphasis on cultural diversity.

GIIS School Dubai: Holistic Educational Approach

9GEMS at global Indian international school Dubai truly innovative as its balanced, age-appropriate and adaptive approach to student development which makes them well-evolved personalities.

We emphasise on academic excellence, but also focus on other aspects of student growth at dubai Indian school including sports excellence, skills development, leadership skills, artistic skills and universal values. These competencies help in vocational and career progression during school years.


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Remarkable Global

Our extraordinary global community is one of the things that makes GIIS, Dubai such an amazing place for students to learn, grow and develop into future global citizens. Each member of our community contributes to its vibrancy creating a remarkable synergistic effect for the best private school in Dubai.

Hear what parents have to say about us

Parent Testimonial - Rajiv Sawhney
Methodologies like collaborative learning with peers from around the world will equip my daughter with the right knowledge and skills to excel in future.
Mr Rajiv Singh Sawhney
Father of Sarah Sawhney
"The schools emphasis on fair competition and recognising talent has instilled confidence in my son to excel."
Hisato Yuto
Father of Taiju Yuto