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Cambridge IGCSE

Our two-year IGCSE education at the Higashikasai Campus is an internationally recognised programme which gives a jump start to international curricula like IBDP.

What is IGCSE?

The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the world’s most popular international curriculum for 14 to 16 year olds. Offered in nearly 2,300 schools in over 130 countries worldwide, this internationally recognised programme is the equivalent of GCSE in the United Kingdom and the International GCE 'O' Level Examinations.t

The Curriculum

Critical thinking, enquiry-based learning and problem solving are the most significant learning outcomes of the Cambridge IGCSE programme. It is a good balance between retaining local relevance and embracing the international outlook, and subsequently lays the groundwork for lifelong learning.

Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum with subjects that are diverse and relevant enough to encourage learners to have a solid foundation in English, Maths and Science. It also encourages learners to  become confident in working with information and ideas.

Cambridge IGCSE provides a broad study program that covers subjects from a variety of areas: Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Creative, Technical and Vocational.

The subjects that we offer are:

First Language English
Second language: French / Hindi / Japanese
Sciences - Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Environmental Management
Business Studies


For students of Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP), this is the first step towards choosing International Curricula as their mode of higher study.

The Cambridge IGCSE aims to cultivate the development of critical skills in students, including creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving. In doing so, the programme lays the vital groundwork for subsequent lifelong learning.