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What are the best teaching methods adopted by Dubai International Schools for their students?

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021
Teaching Pedagogy

Give any student a crazy situation with rules, challenge them to solve it and see what their mind creates. When the student's brain is challenged with a right question it helps them to hold on to their creativity and create an environment which doesn’t fear failure but encourages them to try again; A new door of imagination is opened and  innovation is welcomed.

The best Dubai International Schools have adopted a similar approach towards education. The International Schools in Dubai are best known for their unique approaches to education. GIIS Dubai doesn’t prefer learning in a structured, strict environment. The staff just doesn’t stick to a strict curriculum, instead they try to educate the students through real experiences, therefore preparing them to be happy, balanced, productive and innovative people of the future. 

The schools in Dubai understand that Innovation is the identification mark  of the future. The growing minds of the new generation come up with new innovative ideas. They are of the opinion that creativity is the act of turning imaginative ideas into reality, characterized by the ability to understand the world in new and diverse ways, to discover the hidden connections between unrelated phenomena and generate solutions. 

International Student Exchange Programmes

The international schools in Dubai provide an exceptional opportunity to its students through international exchange programmes, events and competitions with students from schools across the globe. Due to the pandemic, the virtual high school has introduced a virtual class experience which includes associating with students around the globe. 

This programme helps the students to learn about the cultures of their peers, and also understand new perspectives. The exchange programmes also enable the students to learn new languages. The virtual exchange programs can bring enriching experience to more students. 

Wide range of opportunities

The international schools in Dubai provide many opportunities for their students which widens their horizon and unfolds a new world for the students. This increases the students' curiosity and their quest for knowledge. These opportunities are also available in the online forum. These unlimited  opportunities  efficiently help the students to gain knowledge and increase their interests in various activities.  

Teaching Self-Led Learning

The international schools are set up on strong virtues and values while focusing on all-around development, creativity, and entrepreneurship through their various programs. For different standards, the schools provide a different set of events and activities that help students become independent learners. This includes:

● During their kindergarten years focusing on analytic, expressive, cognitive, and motor skill development, as well as a sense of social responsibility, cultural awareness, and environmental consciousness.

● Maintaining a  balance between imagination and depth of perceiving at basic levels through Spiral Learning Methodology.

● Cognitive, emotional, and spiritual development in their secondary years.

● Providing students with robust opportunities through interdisciplinary teaching hence provoking the students to apply knowledge, principles, and values in High school.

Encouraging the students to Read more

They want their students to become successful and knowledgeable in future. Therefore they encourage their students to read and explore different genres of literature. The schools believe that reading is a foundation for learning and educating. Certain schools provide their students with reading suggestions and sources, this gives the students a headstart on what to read. Reading helps the students learn about the outside world, understand basic life lessons. 

It also stimulates imagination and critical thinking. Reading different genres can help the students find their areas of interest and know more career options and people in that career. The teachers encourage the students to discuss their reading with their classmates which helps the students to learn more about their classmates interests. 

Encouraging the students to acquire social and emotional skills

Many educational researchers have implied that social and emotional learning plays a critical role in the students' success. Students’ who have scored high in social and emotional skills are more likely to be successful while others are known to have struggled in life. 

High scorers are known to be more engaged in school activities and find learning fun hence they enjoy what they do and transform themselves into lifelong learners. 

They also become an asset to their local community hence becoming better citizens. They always have a positive social behaviour and are mentally prepared to be successful in their lives. Following are qualities that the international schools in Dubai try to inculcate in their students as to empower them socially and emotionally. 

1. Self-awareness: A student projects self-awareness when he/she is able to recognize the effect of his/her emotions and thoughts on how they behave. It also indicates their ability to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Self-management: This learning category describes the ability of the students to manage their own stress along with management of their own impulses. 

3. Social Awareness: In this category the students are placed by their ability to exhibit and feel empathy towards people from various backgrounds. 

4. Relationship skills: This skill is exhibited when the students are able to foster positive relationships and to identify with people from a variety of social backgrounds. 

5. Responsible decision making: This skill is set to be acquired when the student is able to make good and timely decisions about his/her own behaviour. These decisions may include a variety of topics like examining their own health and security along with that of the others demonstrating an understanding of social norms, and grasping the various consequences and outcomes that might arise as a result of these  actions.


Working on Group Projects

International schools in Dubai encourage it’s students to participate in group projects. Group tasks enable the students to acquire life skills which include division of tasks, working in collaboration with group members and emphasising on teamwork. Group work is very advantageous to the students. 

It teaches them to express themselves in a better manner, patiently listen to the ideas of their teammates along with completing the work assigned to them. These schools make sure that the teachers guide the students in any activity when necessary. Group projects enhance the students' communication skills, positive interaction with teammates and their personality . 

It gives them opportunities to learn and understand new concepts and come up with their original innovative ideas for presentations. The group members also learn to maintain professionalism among the members while learning more about their teammates. These projects may also lead to discovery of the students' new interests. 

Extra-curricular & Co-Curricular Clubs

International schools in Dubai have introduced a wide array of clubs and departments, may it be sports, hobby or recreation. These clubs encourage the students to introspect and  find their hidden abilities. The sports activities include cricket, football, chess, basketball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, soccer, etc. 

The students also indulge into the rich culture of Art, Dance, calligraphy, singing, language/ science clubs etc. Some schools also provide elocution clubs, Model United Nations(MUN), Debate clubs, these activities fill students with confidence, ready to face the world.


The international schools in Dubai provide many such activities to discover the hidden talent of the students studying in the school. The above mentioned specialised programmes and activities are just a small sneak peak of the expertise of innovative thinking that these schools bring into the teaching for the benefits of all the students. 

There are many other activities and programmes that the schools in Dubai provide. To know more about these schools which cater to the needs of students as well as parents you can check out their websites. You can also learn more about the school by visiting  their campus. Enrolling into one of these schools may be  the best choice you will make. It will obviously give more opportunities to your child and make them ready for the future.

GIIS communications team

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