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What Are the Benefits of Earning an IB Diploma?

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May 19, 2021
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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is the world's most Innovative Education System for 16- to 19-year old students. Founded by a team of foreign teachers in Geneva, Switzerland, in the early 1960s, it is a two-year-long programme which focuses on the social, interpersonal, and intellectual growth of the students. 

Recognized by institutions for their comprehensive and effective education, IB world international schools motivate students from around the world to educate themselves as part of their learning journey, reconsider their assumptions and test their beliefs. Students can receive the IB diploma after completing the school curriculum. They have to fulfil all the criteria. It is a major credential of university applications as well as other uses.


A couple of IB diploma advantages for students:

● It motivates students to think and creates self-awareness. IB initiatives wish to empower learners. To explore and develop their own identities, both personal and professional.

● Participating in such educational programs will let students get into the top universities. IB Diploma Program offers the chance to carry out original research work. It will give you more opportunities to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

● Students can learn a new language and become aware of different cultures. 

● Students can interact with diverse cultures and regions.

● Many countries like Japan, the USA, Spain, Malaysia, South Korea, have a settlement with the IB.

● The goal of the IB curriculum is to change children and youth as they grow. They teach via complex phases of study, intervention, and contemplation. Teachers support and motivate students to build the learning techniques they need. It is important for both educational and behavioural achievement.

● IB acknowledges the various ways that people come together to create sense in the world. IB education enables teenagers for a future of study, and in partnership with the team.


The uniqueness of IB Diploma:

● A benefit of the IB program is that it is helpful in the university admissions process. It can be helpful even after you get into college. Your IB lessons will help you in your universities to assess placements.

● Based on the school result of your IB training, you will be eligible for higher-level programs. You may gain direct credit for the IB courses, which will save you time and resources to get your degrees. Texas has also enacted legislation for IB students. It lets these students get admission to colleges in the state. 

● An IB diploma may be beneficial to you if you are willing to attend college outside of the United States as there are diverse academic structures and paths to studies in other nations. It is difficult to get an entry into these colleges. The IB diploma's foreign acceptance will help close this void.

● Spain, Italy, and India are some countries that accept the IB diploma for admissions. Moreover, several universities are offering scholarships only for holders of IB diplomas. At the same time, there are extra prerequisites that you will need to fulfil for each country and education. An IB diploma can be a great support in the process.

● The autonomous initiatives that are part of the IB curriculum are also exciting. There are not enough chances for a normal high school student to spend his/her energy on subjects. You will pull out your best skills in such a way that a normal student does not.

GIIS Author

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