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What are Some Safety Techniques For a Safer School Campus in Dubai

Ashok Deepan
Dec 22, 2020

School safety is a must. It is every school’s responsibility to ensure they provide a safe learning environment for the students, staff, and teachers. If you are a part of the school’s staff or are a part of the school’s faculty, you have a responsibility to make sure that goal is reached.

Here are some of the safety measures that you and everyone else on staff should follow if you’re looking for ways to improve school safety. Explore these ideas and figure out which ones will work for your school.

Safety Measures Everyone Should Follow in School:

Limit Access

It’s a good idea to limit entryways to schools in Dubai. Mark the main entry to the school. Make sure there are signs around so visitors can find their way around to the main entrance. If there are any outside access doors, lock them. Have your staff regularly check those doors to make sure the locks still work. Are there any signs of tampering? Have the locks been propped open? If there are any such signs, then they must be replaced right away. You must also have periodic inspections performed to make sure that the windows aren’t damaged, too.

Monitor the Parking Lot

Have a security system that monitors the parking lot. You might also want to have a staff to oversee people who leave and enter the campus. Just having them there is enough of a deterrent for some potential criminal elements which might want to gain illegal entry into the premises through that entry point.

Monitor Common Areas

Look over the common areas at school. These include your cafeteria, the hallways, and playgrounds. You’ll want to have video surveillance in these spots as well. A security system that records everything in these areas is an excellent precautionary measure. If any of your security team spots someone acting or behaving strangely, then you can take actions to address the situation. And in case something happens, a security system that monitors these areas can help track the movements of someone with a suspicious behaviour throughout the school. Your staff can remove that threat with ease since you have security systems that tell you where the person is or where that person plans to go.

Promote Partnerships

School-community partnerships are also an excellent way to improve your security measures. These partnerships mean that you and your students can count on their help to keep the children safe even when they step outside the school property. Building partnerships with the local police or the neighbourhood watch programs or any other community organizations that are willing to help will ensure that other adults are watching over your students, increasing their safety and security levels.

Consider Security Officers

Do you have enough security officers at school? Or do you only have security guards manning your entry or exit points? You might want to increase your security staff to have someone guarding the school at night as well. Even if you haven’t re-opened for in-person classes, it’s a must that the school property is protected against potential criminal elements who might come in and vandalize, damage, or steal the property or school equipment and supplies.

Monitor School Visitors

Are there any visitors to the school lately? Even if in-person classes haven’t resumed yet, make sure you have someone monitoring the visitors who come to the property. Some of them might be parents taking a tour of the facilities to check if it’s a school that they’ll want to send their kids to. Some of them might be teachers getting things from their offices or desks. Some of them might be conducting some of their classes from one of the rooms in the school. Just make sure you have security staff to monitor anyone who comes and goes from the property. If something goes wrong or missing, the authorities will have a good list of people to ask and interview.

Ask for Threat and Risk Assessment

Look for service providers that assess school properties, procedures, and systems for threats and risks. That way, you can pinpoint any weaknesses in your system and start to work on improving those. You can take measures to eliminate any of those risks to provide the students with as safe a learning environment as possible.

Provide a Covid-19 Response

The global pandemic has led to massive changes in education. Schools have implemented distance learning to counter the risks of the coronavirus. But that’s not enough to ensure the safety of your students. What measures are you taking to keep your school free from the virus? What actions and policies do you have in place if someone at the school contracts the virus once you open for in-person classes? What guidelines are there for the students and staff? You’ll want to make sure those are seen to, as well. Parents will want to know more about your covid-19 response efforts. For instance, what learning tools and systems do you have to keep the classes going for your students so that their learning won’t be interrupted?

Align Policies

What is your stand on homework? These days, too many schools give out assignments to children, thinking to keep them busy and occupied at home. However, the relentless pace of the assignments and tasks have weighed heavily on the children and their parents. The global pandemic has affected communities and families worldwide and being sensitive to the thought that some of your students might be affected in the same way wouldn't go amiss. Make sure your staff knows this, too. While homework is good, please don’t go overboard. There’s only so much a child can do in a day and being at home doesn’t mean that they have all of those hours to spend on assignments and tasks. Some of these children might be helping out at home, too. Make room for that. Adjust your policies on homework if you must to reflect your stand.

Offer Psychology and Counseling Help

Some of your students might be suffering from stress and anxiety from the shift to e-learning. Some of them might have a hard time adjusting to the routine, not seeing their friends every day, and more. Some of your staff and teachers, too, might be exhausted to the bone from trying to keep everything together. Make sure your students, teachers, and staff have the help and support they need. Provide counselling and psychology services. If they feel like they need to talk to someone, then those services are there to listen. With so much going on in the world right now, they might be affected in ways you aren’t aware of. Maybe one of their family members or friends contracted the virus and got sick. Perhaps they’re worried about getting sick themselves or getting fired or retrenched. Having these services available will help ensure that your students, teachers, and staff keep a healthy and positive mental attitude.

These are just some of the measures you can take to improve your school’s security levels. More than providing physical safety, you want to look after your students, teachers, and staff’s well-being and mental health. Give these ideas a try and see which ones give you the best results.

Ashok Deepan

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