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Parents Guide to Finding the Best IB school in Dubai

GIIS communications team
Jun 21, 2021
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Parents try their best to choose the right school for their children based on a range of variables. The ever-increasing number of schools in Dubai makes it a difficult and challenging decision, yet arriving at the right decision is important. 

Apart from the school, choosing the right curriculum for parents can be challenging. For parents who desire the best education for their children, they choose IB school according to the education offered by the school and the needs of the student.

Here are some guidelines that help choose an excellent IB school for your child.

Let's learn about the deciding factors

1. Find a wide curriculum

The syllabus is probably the most important factor you need to consider when choosing IB schools. Most IB schools offer a flexible but comprehensive curriculum. All IB schools are not the same and do not offer the same curriculum; therefore, you should know about your child's desired IB program and check its quality and availability in IB schools in Dubai.

2. Diverse communities

A major part of sending your child to the IB School is to expand his or her horizons with cultural diversity. As important as studying about the world is, it is equally important to  be able to bring various communities into your classroom. 

An IB school is a place where students contribute as members of the global community. Therefore, please find out how diverse their student body is. It is a good way to find out which IB school is suitable for your child. 

Having a diverse group of teachers is also important. Teachers bring their learning and experiences to the table. The staff is propelled to push their boundaries. They bring in best practices worldwide and discuss topics that concern students locally as well as touch global concerns.

3. Has a Skilled faculty

There is no doubt that faculty is an important aspect in the search for IB schools in Dubai. You cannot think of getting your child admitted to a school that does not have a qualified and experienced faculty. You need to find out about the experience and training of the teachers. A faculty that is student-centred, active and talented is the high point of an IB school.

Go to school to interact with teachers. It will help you understand the program better and assess the knowledge and experience of the faculty. Make sure they can challenge your child to come out of their comfort zone and think right.

4. Cultivates liberal thinking

For students, a school is a place for intellectual development and a place where they learn how to be emotionally intelligent. Look for a school that will focus on the emotional development of your child. The overall vision of a good school is to ensure that its students are happy and confident individuals. It should focus on their overall development and not on just academics.

Students must have the intelligence to reflect deeply on their ideas and actions. Schools should also focus on developing a student's skills, having a strong inclination towards inquiry, and quest for knowledge.

5. Modern infrastructure

Look for an IB school in Dubai, which also includes other types of education apart from traditional teaching methods. Nowadays, incorporated in many schools, smart classrooms enable students to learn virtually, these facilities make learning more informative. At the same time, a reputed IB school shall be equipped with engaging and fun activities for students. 

6. Search for interactive activities

Physical activities are important. Hence, an idol IB school will encourage its students to participate in extracurricular activities. It also helps the students to promote their creativity. Bringing learning to a new level also helps students develop interpersonal skills and communication skills. 

While searching for IB schools in Dubai, it is an important factor you should keep in mind. Checking out for extra-curricular activities that work for your child's development will help you choose between IB schools in Dubai. 

Advantages of studying in an IB school

Apt at creating opportunities for shared learning and collaboration, IB School operates within a global community. Students get a unique education that helps them develop strong academic, social and emotional characteristics. 

IB school students are also likely to perform well academically. They often perform better in other programs as well and are often more likely to be recruited by top universities around the world. Let's have a look at benefits of studying in IB school in Dubai:

1. An internationally-oriented system

The International Baccalaureate operates in a global context. It raises the understanding of different languages ​​and cultures and explores globally important ideas and issues to prepare students for active participation in a global society.

2. Interdisciplinary teaching

The instruction method used for IB is interdisciplinary, which helps students develop into individuals with an international mind-set, and be a global citizen in every way.

3. Risk -taking ability

Students of IB are trained not to be afraid of uncertainties. Students learn to be expressive enough to defend their beliefs, and are encouraged to independently explore new strategies and ideas.

4. Knowledge and information

The IB system enables students to explore concepts and issues that have local and global significance. It helps them to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of various subjects.

5. Feel of Real-World Conditions

The IB programs provide a comprehensive, conceptual and connected curriculum. The system encourages students to develop critical and analytical skills to apply in a real-life situation while dealing with any situation.

6. A holistic approach

The best thing about International Baccalaureate programs is that it emphasizes education beyond the confines of the classroom. And the focus is on the overall development of students. The system encourages them to be competent. 

To wrap it up

Students develop strong academic, social and emotional characteristics in an IB school. Let your child join one of the best Indian schools in Dubai. Hope the list of antecedents will help you make the right choice.

GIIS communications team

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